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Top 10 Most Popular Pod Flavours

Top 10 Most Popular Pod Flavours

Searching for the best pod flavours to use with your pod vape? Here's a list of our most popular pod flavours for our Viggo Series pod system, which you can purchase directly from our online store.

Top 3 Viggo Vape Pod Flavours

In no particular order, here are our top three most popular pod flavours for our Viggo Series pod vape:


One of our top selling pod flavours is our refreshingly cool and crisp Menthol Pods, which are sure to take your taste buds for a ride. Each draw is as cool as it is fresh, yet smooth enough to vape all day. If you're a fan of menthol, you're going to love this icy cool e-liquid.


Vaper Empire Tobacco Pods Classic Tobacco is just one of the many vape pod flavours we offer here at Vaper Empire for our Viggo Series pod system.

Our Tobacco Pods are filled with classic tobacco flavour. Authentic, strong, and silky smooth. They're perfect for smokers who are ready to quit the habit by switching to vaping. Each pod contains the equivalent of approximately 600 puffs, which is equivalent to roughly 50 tobacco cigarettes. That's over two packs per pod!

Whole Leaf Tobacco

One of our top sellers, Whole Leaf Tobacco Pods mimic that smoky burn of real tobacco while delivering that familiar throat hit. For a taste that's reminiscent of real tobacco and traditional cigarettes, try our Whole Leaf Tobacco.

You can browse and buy all of our Viggo Pod flavours online here.

The Other Top 10 Viggo Pod Flavours

While Menthol, Tobacco, and Whole Leaf Tobacco comprise our top three best-selling pod flavours, these next seven flavours aren't far behind. If tobacco and menthol aren't your jam, then check these other top flavours out:

Watermelon Mints

One of our latest pod flavours, Watermelon Mints, has quickly become one of our most popular with our customers. Fresh-picked mint leaves and juicy watermelon combine to create this daily-use vape juice that tastes like a cool breeze on a warm summer day. It's no wonder Watermelon Mints has quickly captivated Viggo users around the world.


Yet another fruit flavour makes it into the list of our customer favourites with Blueberry Pods, which are bursting with the sweet flavour of freshly ripened blueberries. They're sweet as they are delicious and if their smell doesn't entice you when you crack open your first pod, the tasty vapour certainly will!

Berry Crush

Viggo Vape Pod Value PackOrder a vape pod value pack and receive free pods with every order!

Berries and menthol make this iced vape juice flavour one of the most refreshing on the list. Berry Crush Pods combine freshly ripened berries with ice-cold menthol to create a cool and refreshing vape juice that's perfect for a hot summer day.

Caramel Tobacco

Soothing tobacco sweetened with a light touch of golden caramel make our Caramel Tobacco Pods one of the tastiest tobacco flavours ever imagined. It took our expert mixologists a lot of work to perfect this flavour and we're pleased to offer it to our customers. Try it -- we're sure you'll love it.


There are no bad apples here. Our Apple Pods taste like biting into a batch of freshly ripened green apples. Not too sweet. Not too tart. These Apple Pods are just right and many of our customers agree, which is why they're one of our most popular pod flavours to date.

Orange Crush

Who would have thought that so many vapers would love our orange soda-flavoured vape juice? We did, which is why our team of expert mixologists worked hard to bring this delightfully fizzy soda-flavoured e-juice to life! With a splash of menthol, this sweet and fizzy vape juice makes for the perfect treat. But don't let it fool you, it's just as good as an all-day vape. Orange Crush Pods are so good you might wonder why you ever vaped anything else!

Creamy Custard

Dessert e-liquid lovers can't get enough of our Creamy Custard Pods, which combine generous lashings of creamy custard with smoothly blended vanilla to create an e-juice so delectable it's almost naughty!

About Viggo Pods

Viggo Pods are designed to work exclusively with our very own Viggo Series pod system. Pods are available in packs of three and can be purchased in individual packs or in pod kits that contain multiple packs. Each pod is filled with 1.8ml our very own premium e-liquid and provides approximately 600 puffs. Pod flavours are available with and without nicotine. Pods containing nicotine use proprietary nicotine salts, which are designed to provide an improved throat hit, better flavour, and faster absorption.

The Viggo Series pod system and all other Vaper Empire vaping products are available for purchase from our online vape store. Place your order today and our team will ship it to you express in as little as 3-5 days!

31 May 2021

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