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E-Liquid Value Packs

E-Liquid Value Packs

Bang for your Buck

With our selection of e-liquid value packs, more bang for your buck will taste that much sweeter!

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  1. Artisan Collection - 6 x E-Liquid Value Pack
    6 for price of 5 (Choice of 6 flavours)
  2. Classic Collection - 12 x E-Liquid Value Pack
    12 for price of 10 (Choice of 12 flavours)
  3. Classic Collection - 6 x E-Liquid Value Pack
    6 for the price of 5 (Choice of 6 flavours)
  4. VIGGO - 3 Month Kit: 24 Pods
    8 x 3-Packs for the price of 6 (Choice of 8 flavours.)
  5. VIGGO - 6 Week Kit: 12 Pods
    4 x 3-Packs for the price of 3 (Choice of 4 flavours.)
  6. NEW
    V-Pack II - 3 Month Kit: 80 Cartomisers
    16 x 5-Packs for price of 10 (Choice of 4 flavours)
  7. NEW
    V-Pack II - 6 Week Kit: 40 Cartomisers
    8 x 5-packs for price of 6 (Choice of 2 flavours)
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Premium E-Liquid Value Packs

The quality of the e-liquid you vape is a crucial factor that determines the overall experience. That said, we also understand the importance of getting the best possible value for money. That’s why we offer a selection of value packs to help you stay within your budget when stocking up on e-liquid and V-Pack II cartomisers. Select the pack you need and you’ll be able to choose your preferred flavours and nicotine concentration; once you confirm your order, we’ll process and dispatch it as soon as possible.

Classic and Artisan E-Liquids

We proudly offer our premium Classic and Artisan collections to help you use your e-cigarette to its utmost potential. If you want to stock up on some boutique flavours from our Artisan range, pick up a set of 6 and you’ll only pay the price of 5. For those who want more of the old favourites, our Classic e-liquids are available in a set of 6 or in a larger set of 12.

These value packs are the most cost-effective way to top up your supplies with premium Vaper Empire e-liquid. We recommend ordering a large batch every few months and before you completely run out, as this ensures you get the best possible value and always have enough supplies at the ready. Our e-liquids are compatible with all Vaper Empire devices bar the V-Pack II.

V-Pack II Cartomisers

Vapers who use the V-Pack II will need to stock up on cartomisers instead of individual bottles of e-liquid. Our value packs make it easy to refill your device with a fresh cartomiser that’s pre-filled with your favourite flavour of e-liquid. Our 6-week sets come with 8 packs – each pack contains 5 cartomisers, so the set contains a total of 40. The 3-month kit comes with 12 packs or a total of 80 cartomisers.