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Who is Vaper Empire?

Vaper Empire is a worldwide leading online retailer of Premium Vape DevicesElectronic Cigarettes and Handcrafted Nicotine E-Liquids. With an unparalleled range of e cigarette designs and flavours, we provide the very best hardware for people looking for an alternative to smoking. Our products let you regulate your nicotine intake, unlike harmful tobacco cigarettes.

We are dedicated to offering long-term smokers with an alternative to tobacco. We believe Vaping is a viable alternative providing that it can supply users with the primary ingredient that keeps them smoking – Nicotine. We have taken the necessary steps to give smokers a viable choice just like citizens of the U.S.A. England, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Portugal along with many others.

Is vaping legal in the United Kingdom?

Yes, vaping in the UK is currently legal. You must be 18 or over to buy e-cigarettes or e-liquids in the UK. For the latest from the UK government, you can read more here.

Can I buy Nicotine E-cigarettes in New Zealand from Vaper Empire?

As a Vaper in New Zealand, you can purchase Vaper Empire products. The New Zealand government is at the forefront of embracing vaping as an alternative to smoking and continues to push leading legislation to allow vaping and stop smoking once and for all.

Is a prescription required for Nicotine E-cigarettes in Australia?

As a Vaper in Australia, as of 1 October 2021, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) requires you to maintain a valid vaping prescription. If you do not currently have a vaping prescription, then please read our dedicated Nicotine Prescription Australia (FAQ) page for more details on how to obtain one.

Who are Vaper Empire Products for?

From the complete beginner to e cigarettes and vaping, to the long-time enthusiast, we have just what you need. If you're just getting started then fear not. Simply buy an all-inclusive e cigarette starter kit from our vape store. These include everything you need from rechargeable e cigarette batteries and power cables to e-liquids and designer e cig carry cases. If you are impressed with your e-cig, you can purchase further e liquid nicotine refills and batteries through our store. The quality of our vaping products, combined with fabulous savings of using e cigarettes, will definitely guarantee your satisfaction. 

Vaper Empire is proud to be part of a new and important revolution and believes that Vaping has a very important role to play in modern society. We are finally happy to provide long-term smokers with an alternative to traditional cigarettes.
Professor Ann McNeil, Kings College, London
Professor Robert West, University College London
Professor John Britton, University of Nottingham

Where can I use my Vaping Device?

At present, there are no universal laws prohibiting the use of our products so technically in many places they can be used pretty much ANYWHERE. Location specific policies may prohibit the use in some public spaces, such as inside of a restaurant, bar or the cinema. Obviously, this is at the discretion of the proprietor and varies by region.

How does a Vaping Device work?

Vaping is not a tobacco product and does not produce smoke. Unlike conventional smoking which involves the burning of tobacco and the inhalation of the resultant smoke vaping has a completely different mode of action. A vaping device contains a battery which heats up and vapourises E-Liquid (which may or may not contain nicotine). This resulting vapour is then inhaled. It is important to note that Vaping is not a tobacco product and does not produce any smoke.

How old do I need to be to buy from Vaper Empire?

Vaper Empire is completely against marketing our product to minors and we have a strict over 18-year-old policy.

What is ‘Vaping’?

Defined as 'The process by which one inhales vapour from a personal vapouriser (or e-cig)’.

Is Vaping similar to Smoking?

Vaping uses completely different technology to smoking. Whilst smoking involves the burning of tobacco and the inhaling of dangerous 'smoke', vaping uses a battery to heat E-liquid which is then turned to vapour that is then inhaled.

Is Vaping bad for me?

As the technology is relatively new, long-term clinical trials have yet to be published. It will take many decades before any conclusive data can be assessed on the exact impact of vaping on health. However, smokers finally have the ability to make an informed choice TODAY on whether they believe vaping is a better alternative for them to consume nicotine. To decide whether vaping is a better alternative for you it is important to compare it to smoking and break down the science.

Let us give you a brief overview of the Dangers of Conventional Smoking. The burning of tobacco has been proven to produce over 4,000 chemicals of which 70 are Cancer Causing along with 100's of other Poisons. Here are a few of those you may have heard of: Benzene, Cyanide, Arsenic, Formaldehyde Polonium, Tar.

According to the World Health Organisation, Tobacco has been responsible for 100 million deaths throughout the 20th century and if the trend continues that number could be up to a billion deaths by the end of this century. This is a frightening statistic that highlights the dangerous reality of tobacco. Unlike nicotine E-Liquid, tobacco is readily available to the population and people are able to access nicotine in a form that is known to be destructive to health.

Vaping on the other hand involves the inhaling of 3 primary components Propylene Glycol (also PG), Vegetable Glycerine (also VG) and Nicotine (if requested) along with small amounts of food flavourings. PG and VG are both widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries and are relatively inert. They are used in other approved preparations for inhalation such as Asthma inhalers and Nicorette mist. 

Whilst it is unlikely that Vaping is entirely healthy, it is becoming widely accepted amongst the scientific community that vaping is significantly less harmful than traditional tobacco. We have added several unbiased, reputable videos below that will give you further information.

BBC – Trust me I’m a Doctor – Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Professor Peter Hajek – Experts on Camera - E-Cigarette research

See our Blog Page for updates on research and interesting articles on legislation and the progression of Vaping.

Can Vaping help me to Quit Smoking?

Vaper Empire products should certainly not be considered a Cessation device and is only an alternative to tobacco. Vaping is simply another method of accessing nicotine. Due to the nature of E-Liquid it is possible to have greater control of your nicotine intake so it is possible to reduce or increase your nicotine as you wish.

Can I use Vaping Products when I’m Pregnant or Breast-feeding?

Nicotine products should not be used whilst pregnant or breast-feeding. We would also suggest that non-nicotine products should be avoided until long-term studies prove vaping to be perfectly safe.

How often do I need to recharge my Vaping Device?

Vibe Battery - Typically every 2-3 days

V-Twist and Vantage (900 mAh) Batteries – Typically every 2-3 days

Venture (1500 mAh) Battery – Typically 3-4 days

V-Pack II - The V-Pack II battery will last approximately the same time as a new refill cartomiser. So Approximately 300 puffs which is around a day's usage for a typical previous smoker.

Vantage (650 mAh) and Viva Titanium (360 mAh) Batteries - The batteries on these products are 650 mAh and 360 mAh respectively. The battery life will depend on how frequently it is being used but they tend to last about 1/2 days before they need to be recharged. Typical time is around 6 hours of constant use, which equates to a day for most typical smokers.

How many Different Flavours are available?

We are constantly inventing new flavours, offering over 40+ flavoured E-Liquids for use with our various products, which include the Vibe, V-Twist, Vantage, Viva and V-Pack II models. Our current e liquid range includes Classic Collection flavours such as Tobacco and Tobacco RY4 (Hints of Caramel and Vanilla), Menthol, Coffee, etc along with our more complex Artisan Collection flavours like Old Port Royal and Twice on Sundae.

Which strength of E-Liquid is suitable for Me?

The Nicotine comes in 5 different strengths, Zero (0mg), Low (6mg), Medium (12mg), High (18mg), Very High (24mg). Ordering the right strength nicotine is super important because it’s going to ensure a smooth transition over to vaping. The strength of the nicotine you should choose depends on your previous smoking habits. This is a rough guide:

Low Strength (6mg) - Ideal for social smokers and people who smoke occasionally. Gives a mild, pleasant nicotine hit.

Medium Strength (12mg) – This is easily our most popular nicotine strength as it provides a robust throat hit but doesn’t overshadow the taste of our flavours at all. Suitable for those smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day.

High Strength (18mg) - Ideal for smokers who are closer to a pack of cigarettes a day. The throat hit is pretty strong here so only recommended for relatively heavy smokers.

Very High Strength (24mg) - Suitable for Long-Term Heavy smokers who are a smoking more than a pack a day frequently. Regular smokers will find this strength overpowering so unless you’re in this category this strength definitely isn’t for you.

Usually the ideal strength for you does take a little experimentation and if you're new to vaping then it won't take long to establish what works for you. When you get the right mix, you can always order 2 different strengths of the same liquid and mix your perfect balance of nicotine. This is really simple and can also be used to reduce nicotine levels.

What is E-Liquid made of?

E-liquid is made of 2 principal solutions:
A) Propylene Glycol (PG)
B) Vegetable Glycerin (VG).

These 2 solutions are used widely in society today. PG is commonly used in Asthma inhalers whilst Vegetable Glycerin is used as a food additive, for food flavourings and is contained in many food products sold and both are regulated. The other main component that may be added is nicotine (in varying concentrations). Nicotine is very addictive and non-smokers should not purchase Vaper Empire products. The concentrations of pharmaceutical grade Nicotine consumed in E-Liquid (without the combination of 4,000 chemicals as in tobacco) has been deemed 'something on a par with the effect you get from caffeine' Professor John Britton, the leader of the tobacco advisory group for the prestigious Royal College of Physicians.

The final components used in E-Cigarettes are food grade flavourings in very small quantities. These make inhalation more palatable and are a very important component of vaping. Although the flavourings are not detrimental to ingest there is no long-term research on the effect of inhaling these components. As mentioned previously the true impact of vaping will not be known for many years and smokers have no choice but to rely on current studies to choose whether vaping is an appropriate way for them to enjoy nicotine.

What is the percentage ratio of PG/VG in Vaper Empire E-Liquids?

Our Classic range is made up at a PG/VG ratio of 80% (PG) / 20% (VG). Our Artisan range is made up at a PG/VG ratio of 50% (PG) / 50% (VG).

How long will a 10ml Bottle of E-liquid last?

Of course this depends on your frequency of vaping. For a standard 10-a-day smoker we suggest a 10ml bottle will last approximately 5-7 days.

Which Flavours are available for the V-Pack II?

The V-Pack II uses replaceable refills called cartomisers. The V-Pack II comes in 8 current flavours. These are Tobacco, Whole Leaf Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Apple, Watermelon, Mango & Blueberry.

How long will a Single Cartomiser for the V-Pack II last me?

You get approximately 200 puffs from each cartomiser which is equivalent to 15/20 cigarettes. So for most people, a cartomiser will last around a day. Please see Tips and Advice to get some clear information on preparing your order.

How long will my Delivery take?

As an overseas company, without physical vape shop locations, all our products are supplied from our facilities in the United Kingdom using super-fast, 3 to 5-day, Premium Express delivery service on every order.

For detailed information about our shipping, please see our Shipping Information page.

How do I contact Vaper Empire?

Contact us via e-mail on: [email protected] or phone 1800 VAPERS (1800 827 377),  9am to 4.30pm EST Monday to Friday, for any enquires.

How do I know when my Order has been Finalised and Processed?

Once you have placed your order you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you have any problems please contact us via e-mail on [email protected] or phone 1800 VAPERS (1800 827 377),  9am to 4.30pm EST Monday to Friday, and our friendly customer service team are happy to help.

For more advice on ‘Product Maintenance & Tips’, click here.

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