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V-NIX Series

V-NIX Series

Balance & Ultimate Control

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The V-NIX: Balance & Ultimate Control.

Let us introduce you to the Vaper Empire V-NIX Series Device.

V-NIX Series Vape Pen

V-NIX Series vaping pens are designed to work best with Vaper Empire premium e-liquid and are compatible with the full range of bottled e-liquid flavours that we offer here at Vaper Empire, all of which can be purchased through our online vape shop.

Control Your Vapour With V-NIX Vape Pens

With a V-NIX vaporizer pen, the power to control your vapour output rests comfortably in your hands. Each V-NIX device is equipped with adjustable airflow and variable wattage technology that allows you to fine-tune your vapour production to fit your preference.

How To Adjust Your Vape Pen's Airflow

An airflow collar located at the base of the tank allows you to quickly adjust the airflow by simply twisting the collar. We recommend starting in a neutral position and then adjusting it to match your vaping style. Depending on what your style is, there are pros and cons to increasing and reducing the airflow:

  • If you prefer mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, we recommend starting in a neutral position and then restricting the airflow until you've reached the setting that is optimal for your vaping style. Restricting the airflow will provide you with a mouthful of warm vapour accompanied by intense flavour.
  • If you prefer direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping, our recommendation is that you begin in a neutral position and then slowly increase the airflow until you've found the position that works best for you. This will provide you with cool vapour that's comfortable to inhale.
  • If you're chasing clouds, we recommend opening the airflow all the way to the highest setting. The flavour will be less intense, however, the clouds of vapour that you inhale and exhale will be quite the spectacle.

How To Change The Wattage On Your V-NIX Vape

Changing the wattage on the V-NIX is easy. To change the wattage on the device, ensure that the device is in off mode. If it is turned on, simply click the power button three times to turn it off. Once it is off, hold the power button to cycle through the different wattage settings. The LED on the device will indicate the current wattage setting while the device is in use.

  • 1st LED Light = 10.5W
  • 2nd LED Light = 12.0W
  • 3rd LED Light = 13.5W

By adjusting the wattage, you are effectively altering the temperature at which the V-NIX's dual coil atomiser heats the e-liquid. Adjusting the wattage allows you to control the temperature of the vapour produced, the strength of the throat hit, and the intensity of the flavour.

  • Increasing the wattage results in warmer clouds of vapour, a stronger throat hit sensation, and an increase in the abundance of vapour.
  • Lowering the wattage reduces the temperature of the vapour and provides a cooler, smoother puff when inhaled.

The impact of wattage on flavour can differ depending on the type of e-juice that is being used. For instance, you may find that our Menthol E-Liquid vapes better at a lower wattage while our dessert flavours work better at a higher wattage.

The V-NIX offers users a variable wattage range of 10.5W to 13.5W.

Best Vape Pen: The V-NIX

The V-NIX Series pen vape is an elegantly constructed e-cigarette with a lightweight and durable body constructed from solid stainless steel. It's powered by a 1300mAh vape battery that fully recharges in approximately one hour. The large 2.0ml vape tank has multiple transparent windows that allow you to see exactly how much vape juice is left so that you immediately know when it's time to refill the tank with your favourite Vaper Empire e-liquid. Inside the tank is a replaceable dual coil atomiser that combines the finest quality organic Japanese cotton with ample coil surface to create an extremely satisfying vape. Replacing the coil takes seconds and replacement coils are readily available from our online store.

With the V-NIX, you can enjoy a satisfying vaping experience time and time again thanks to its highly efficient reusable design that allows you to refill the tank and recharge the battery to continue vaping without the need for a new device. Make the best of your vaping experience with a V-NIX vape kit, available in two kit styles: Standard and Deluxe.