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VIGGO Series

VIGGO Series

Simplicity & Satisfaction

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  1. VIGGO Series Vape Pod Starter Kit in Black
    Includes Complete Device + 3 Pods
  2. VIGGO Series Pod Vape Battery in Black
    Includes Series Replacement Battery
  3. VIGGO Series Deluxe Vape Pod Starter Kit in Black
    Includes Complete Device + 9 Pods
  4. VIGGO - 3 Month Kit: 24 Pods
    8 x 3-Packs for the price of 6 (Choice of 8 flavours.)
  5. VIGGO - 6 Week Kit: 12 Pods
    4 x 3-Packs for the price of 3 (Choice of 4 flavours.)
  6. VIGGO - Watermelon Mints Pods (3-Pack)
    Juicy Watermelon with Kissable Fresh Mint.
  7. VIGGO - Berry Crush Pods (3-Pack)
    Crazy Good Mix of Berries, Cooled by Menthol.
  8. VIGGO - Whole Leaf Tobacco Pods (3-Pack)
    The Original Taste of Tobacco.
  9. VIGGO - Tobacco Pods (3-Pack)
    Field to Blend. Authentic Fine Tobacco.
  10. VIGGO - Menthol Pods (3-pack)
    Teeth Shattering Menthol Blast.
  11. VIGGO - Flat White Coffee Pods (3-Pack)
    Espresso, Smooth & Creamy. A Café Culture Icon.
  12. VIGGO - Apple Pods (3-Pack)
    No Bad Apples. A Little Tart, but Mostly Sweet.
  13. VIGGO - Blueberry Pods (3-Pack)
    Berry Ripe Blueberries. More than a Handful.
  14. VIGGO - Orange Crush Pods (3-Pack)
    Fizzy, Zesty Orange. Pure Sunshine.
  15. VIGGO - Caramel Tobacco Pods (3-Pack)
    Rich Tobacco Drizzled with Gooey Caramel.
  16. VIGGO - Creamy Custard Pods (3-Pack)
    Thick Lashings of Creamy Custard. It's Naughty.
  17. USB-C Power Cable (For VIGGO)
    For VIGGO Series Device
  18. USB Wall Adapter (0.5 Amp)
    For VIGGO, V-Pack II & V-NIX Series Devices
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The VIGGO: Simplicity & Satisfaction.

Let us introduce you to the Vaper Empire VIGGO Series Device.

VIGGO Series Pod Vapes & Vape Pods

VIGGO Series pod vapes are designed to work exclusively with VIGGOpods, both of which are available for purchase right here at Vaper Empire's online vape store.

Explore the VIGGO Series Pod System

With the rise of pod vaping, Vaper Empire introduces the VIGGO pod vape system, which features an innovative draw-activated vaping mechanism that makes it incredibly easy to use, a 3-mode variable voltage button that allows you to customize your vaping experience, and an elegant soft-touch matte black metal 400mAh rechargeable vape battery that provides enough power to last the average vaper an entire day and fully recharges in just one hour. This is the best pod vape that you'll ever experience. This is the VIGGO vape pod system.

The VIGGO is backed by a 90-day limited device warranty. You can purchase the VIGGO Series as a standalone vape battery that does not come with pods or as a starter kit or deluxe starter kit with pods. VIGGOpods can also be purchased separately and are available in various flavours and nicotine strengths.

Best Vape Pods: VIGGOpods

VIGGO brand vape pods are available in various flavours, including Orange Crush, Tobacco, Creamy Custard, Whole Leaf Tobacco, Menthol, Blueberry, Flat White Coffee, Caramel Tobacco, and Apple. Each pod is filled with premium Vaper Empire e-liquid, which is TPD-tested and made using only the finest ingredients. We manufacture all of our vape juice inside of state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities and we use only pharmaceutical-grade nicotine in their production. VIGGOpods are available to our customers with or without nicotine.

VIGGOpods can be purchased from our online vape shop. They are available in packs of 3, 12, and 24 pods. The 24-pack contains enough e-juice pods to last three months. The 12-pack contains enough e-liquid pods to last six weeks.

Best Pod Vape: VIGGO by Vaper Empire

Vaping should be easy, which is why our VIGGO Series is designed to be exactly that. With the technology to automatically detect when it's in use and to produce vapour accordingly, the VIGGO sets itself apart from many e-cigarettes on the market today. Add to this a powerful all-day battery, fast recharge time, high-quality pods in various flavours and strengths, and a compact design that allows for it to casually fit into the palm of your hand or slide into your pocket or purse and it's easy to see why many vapers consider the VIGGO to be the best e-cigarette the vape industry has ever seen.

The VIGGO Series pod vape system is available exclusively from Vaper Empire. We've been serving customers globally since 2012, providing the best vaping products and customer service that the vapour industry has to offer. Our product range includes e-cigarette starter kits, nicotine e-liquid, and vaping accessories such as coils, vape tanks, and carry cases.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What Is A Vape Pod

vape pod is an integral component of a pod vape system that contains the atomiser coils and e-liquid. The pod is a type of e-cig cartridge that is designed to be attached to a pod vape battery, which supplies power to the pod's atomiser coils in order to turn the e-liquid inside of the pod into vapour. VIGGOpods are non-refillable, which means that they are not designed to be refilled and are instead intended for single use. Once the e-juice contained within a VIGGOpod has been depleted, the pod is discarded and replaced with a fresh pod. Vape pods are also known as e-cigarette pods, e-cig pods, vape juice pods, and vaping pods.

How much nicotine is in a vape pod depends on the amount of nicotine that has been infused into the e-liquid that the pod contains. At Vaper Empire, we offer our pods in various nicotine strengths, including nicotine-free.

What Is A Vape Pod System

Vape pod systems are e-cigarettes that are composed of two main parts, the pod and the device. The pod holds the e-liquid and houses the heating element while the device houses the battery that provides power to the heating element. The VIGGO Series is an example of a pod system, as it is designed to work with Vaper Empire's own brand of premium vape pods known as VIGGOpods. These types of vapes are typically known for being compact, as is the case with the VIGGO, which is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. These types of vaping devices provide a level of convenience and ease of use that is similar to that of single-use vapes, but with much less waste. Unlike single-use devices, pod systems like the VIGGO Series are rechargeable, allowing them to be reused numerous times. For the best pod vaping experience, vape with the VIGGO and enjoy the best premium e-juice that Vaper Empire has to offer.

How Long Does A Vape Pod Last

You will know when to replace a pod by determining how much e-liquid is left inside of it. Once the e-liquid inside of the pod has been depleted, it is time to change the pod. To replace a pod, simply disconnect it from the battery and insert a fresh one. Once the new pod has been connected, the vape is ready to once again be used. Exactly how long a vape pod lasts is determined by usage. If you vape often, your pod's e-liquid will be depleted faster than it would be were you to vape infrequently. With VIGGOpods, it's easy to tell when it's time for a fresh pod because the section of the pod that houses the e-liquid is constructed from a transparent material that allows you to see exactly how much e-juice remains inside of it without the need to detach it from the device. We selected this design in order to help reduce the chances of vapers experiencing dry hits that can occur when there is insufficient juice left in the pod.

How To Use A Pod Vape

While pod vapes differ from one manufacturer to the next, using them is often quite similar. With the VIGGO Series, simply charge the battery using the provided USB charging cable, attach a VIGGO pod to the battery once it's charged, and place the pod-end of the vape gently between your lips and begin to inhale. The VIGGO will automatically detect that it's in use and begin producing vapour. It's that simple.

Step-by-step process to using our VIGGO Series:

  1. Charge the device battery using the USB charging cord.
  2. Attach a prefilled VIGGO pod to the device by sliding it into the device opening.
  3. Press your mouth against the pod's mouthpiece and begin vaping.

Are Pod Vapes Worth It

Vaping with a pod system that uses prefilled pods like our VIGGO Series provides a vaping experience similar to that of using a disposable vape, only with the added benefits of being less costly to use and significantly less wasteful. With a single-use vape, the entire device along with the battery inside of it is discarded once it's finished, whereas with our VIGGO pod vaping device, vapers can recharge and reuse their device numerous times, providing a more efficient lifecycle while reducing the cost of vaping.


Have questions, need answers? You can reach our customer support team by telephone at 1800 VAPERS (1800 827 377), by e-mail at [email protected], or by live chat by clicking the blue icon in the corner of the screen.