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VIGGO - Blueberry Pods (3-Pack)

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Berry Ripe Blueberries. More Than A Handful.

Bursting with flavour, experience the sweet, juicy explosion of a mouthful of just ripened Blueberries. Lucky for you, there are plenty packed into our Blueberry VIGGOpods. Don't feel guilty, puff away and let plumes of berries fill the air. Who doesn't enjoy the smell of sweet serenity!


1 x Blueberry Pods (3-Pack)

1 Pod = Equivalent of approx 600 puffs


Blueberry VIGGOpods are oh so juicy, sweet and delicious. Close your eyes, take a puff and you just might think you're eating the real thing! Each puff is infused with the fresh flavour of one of the world's most popular fruits. Berry lovers will fall in love all over again with this elegantly crafted blueberry e-liquid from one of Australia's favourite vape companies. Enjoy it as a dessert or puff on it throughout the day, the choice is yours.

Vaper Empire has been making premium e-liquids for a decade and we know what it takes to create perfectly mixed vape juice flavours that truly satisfy. VIGGOpods are made with our new nicotine salt formula, which is specially formulated for improved nicotine absorption, throat hit, and flavour. All of our e-liquids are manufactured to EU standards inside of state of the art cleanroom facilities. We use only premium ingredients and we stand behind the quality of all of our e-liquids.

VIGGO vape pods are sold in packs of three 1.8ml pods and are designed exclusively for use with our VIGGO Series pod vape system. VIGGOpods feature a leak-free, high capacity design that provides enough e-liquid to last the average vaper multiple days. This is vaping done right. This is vaping with Vaper Empire.

We ship all orders express, ensuring fast delivery to customers across Australia and New Zealand. Order now and receive your pods in as little as 3-5 days!

E-Liquid Contents: - Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerin - Flavouring - Nicotine Salt (Optional)
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