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All Clearomisers & Coils

All Clearomisers & Coils

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Australia's Best Vape Atomizers, Replacement E-Cig Coils & Tanks

The importance of your vape's components

Vapes work differently to cigarettes, and do not produce smoke. The attached battery is used to heat up the vape coil inside the e-cigarette, which in turn heats the e-Liquid within the atomizer (also known as a clearomiser) and produces the vapour that you inhale. As such, the e-cig coil and atomizer are integral to the function of your vaping device, and they play a large role in the quality of each puff. That’s why we design and craft our components to the highest standards – it’s our commitment to give you nothing but the best products with the convenience of an online store.


Replacing vape coils and atomizers

Even high-end atomizer wicks and coils slowly degrade over time. They will still work, but it can start affecting the quality of your vaping experience: overuse often makes it more difficult to inhale the vapour, and the full flavour you can get from the e-liquid can diminish. For this reason, we provide some general recommendations as to how often you should replace your vape's coils and atomizers. This is only approximate, as the optimal timeframe will vary based on the volume and frequency of use.


The Vibe
Clearomiser Coils                              Replace every 2 – 3 weeks

The V-Twist
Clearomiser Coils                              Replace every 2 – 3 weeks

The Vantage
V4 Disposable Clearomiser                 Replace every 2 – 3 weeks
V5 Clearomiser Coils                         Replace every 2 – 3 weeks

The Viva
Clearomiser Coils                              Replace every 4 – 5 weeks

The V-Pack II
Please note that the V-Pack II uses pre-filled cartomisers that last around 300 puffs. Simply replace these when depleted.


What are vape coils, tanks and atomizers?

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, the coil is an integral component which heats up the e-liquid stored within the vape tank. While the term atomizer originally referred to just the coil, the term vape atomizer has been expanded in use to now reference the entire tank or cartridge, which holds both the coil as well as the e-liquid. As such, the term clearomiser (also spelled clearomizer) is now synonymous with terms like atomizer, cartridge, cartomizer, and tank.

Ordering spare coils and replacement atomizers in bulk

We’re committed to providing you with the ultimate in value and convenience, which is why we recommend ordering supplies in advance. Rather than waiting until the coil or atomizer needs replacing before buying a new one, order what you need ahead of time so that you are ready to switch it as soon as you need to. We also recommend bundling your supplies into one order every few months to get the best possible value for money.

If you have any enquiries about our coils and atomizers or want more information on how to get the most value out of your e-cigarette, call us on 1800 VAPERS (1800 827 377) or fill out our online contact form and we’ll give you any information you need. Otherwise, submit your order through our online checkout system and our team will dispatch everything to your doorstep ASAP.

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