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Vapes & Vape Kits

Vapes & Vape Kits

Discover Our Best Vapes & E-Cigarette Kits

So which vaping device is the best choice for you? Take a look...

The VIGGO Series

Simplicity & Satisfaction

Elegantly soft, brilliantly simple and bursting with flavour, ultimately satisfying. The pod vape you've been waiting for.

  • Large capacity, replaceable one-click connect pods are long-lasting and leakage-free. No messy refills and easy switching between flavours.
  • Breathe easy draw-activation system means no buttons to push or hold while vaping, simply inhale and enjoy! (Includes 3-mode variable voltage button)
  • Made with our proprietary VIGGO Salts e-liquid formula for superior nicotine absorption & sumptuous flavour.

The Vibe Series

Power & Performance

Understated & stylish with hugely impressive all-round performance, power, capacity & endurance.

  • A simple, classic & solid alloy design that can withstand significant wear & tear.
  • Enormous 4.5ml tank capacity that will more than get you through the day.
  • A huge 2000mAh battery that keeps going & going.
  • Beautifully balanced specifications provide the perfect vaping experience.

The V-Pack II Series

Reminiscent & Familiarity

An innovative take on traditional cigs, this unique device is an all-encompassing portable charging case.

  • Find comfort in familiarity with our only ‘Cig-A-Like’ model using pre-filled liquid cartridges.
  • This beautiful case conveniently holds 3 flavour cartridges, a full e-cig & spare battery on charge.
  • An intelligent front panel LCD digital display reveals up-to-date power & status.
  • Stay on the go longer with the large 1200mAh charging pack.

The V-NIX Series

Balance & Ultimate Control

Exercise ultimate control with the innovative variable wattage battery & adjustable airflow.

  • Effortlessly set the adjustable airflow to your preference and enjoy the smoothest vape ever.
  • Customise your experience further, simply hold the button and cycle between your choice of 3 powerful wattage settings.
  • A generous 1,300mAh battery means more time vaping and less time charging.
  • Refillable 2.0mL tank utilises easily replaceable premium coils.

Check our device range tech specs on our Direct Comparison chart...

Device Options
Device Dimensions (mm) 14 x 183 14 x 143 24 x 96 145 x 31 x 22mm Case: 16 x 64 x 110
E-cig: 8.5 x100
Battery Size (Voltage) 900mAh 650mAh 400mAh 2000mAh Case: 1200mAh
E-cig: 170mAh
No. of Devices (Per Starter Kit) 1 2 1 1 1
Tank Volume (Clearomiser*) *1.7ml *1.6ml 1.8ml
Per Pod
*4.5ml 0.8ml
Per Cartridge
Coil Lifespan (average use) 4 weeks 4 weeks 3 - 4 days
Replaceable Pod
3 weeks 1 - 2 days
Replaceable Cartridge
Replaceable Coil
Variable Voltage
Adjustable Airflow
Available Device Colours Black & Chrome Black & Chrome Black Black Black
Available E-liquid Flavours 37 37 11 37 9


Vaper Empire Vapes

Vaper Empire is home to the finest range of nicotine vapes and vape kits, offering a best in class selection of market-leading vaping products that provide the ultimate vaping experience. Vaping isn’t just a legitimate alternative for long-term smokers looking to cut down on tobacco or nicotine: it’s an exceptional experience in itself. With our vapour pipes (electronic cigarettes), you know you’re getting the very best in terms of design and build, not to mention access to some of the best e-Liquids on the market.


Choose your vaping device

We offer several product lines as part of the Vaper Empire vape kit collection. Each is designed to meet specific needs, and all are made with the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship. No matter who you are, you’ll find the perfect electronic cigarette right here. Each starter kit we offer is designed to cater to a different user preference. Our V-Pack II Series provides a cigalike e-cig experience that smokers will feel right at home with. Our VIGGO Series uses nicotine salt e-liquid specially formulated for improved throat hit and nicotine absorption, making it ideal for vapers who need more out of their e-cig. Our Vibe Series provides vapers with an all-day vaping experience with its powerful long-lasting vape battery and large refillable tank. And our V-NIX vaporizer pens provide vapers with a slim, highly portable vape pen option that is both easy to use and easily transported in either a pocket or a purse.

From big vapes to compact cig-a-likes, we have it all right here at Vaper Empire. What you won't find here is cheap vaping devices, as all of our high-quality vape batteries are designed to be recharged and reused. We are your source for premium vaping devices that exceed expectations and deliver tasty vapour with every puff. Take a look below at our range of vapes.


The VIGGO – Pod vaping comes direct to you with the VIGGO Series. This innovative new pod system is equipped with our Breathe-Easy Draw Activation System, eliminating the need to press any buttons to start vaping. Pods are filled with Vaper Empire premium e-liquid and are available in multiple flavours and nicotine strengths. VIGGO vape pods with nicotine contain Nicotine Salts that are specially formulated for enhanced absorption and throat hit. This is the perfect system for vapers who need all-day vaping power in the palm of their hand. For the best pod vapes, look no further than the VIGGO Series line of premium pod systems.


The Vibe – Introducing the Vibe Series Device. You'll be amazed at the flawless all-around performance and balance of this meticulously designed device, straight from the box. The ease of use, combined with the precisely preset specifications makes the Vibe Series a seriously impressive device whether you're a newcomer or an experienced vaper. Its long-lasting lithium battery and large tank are perfect for vapers in search of an all-day-vape that easily powers through the day without the need to recharge or refill.


The V-Pack II – Our most unique product. The V-Pack II comprises a complete e-cigarette, a portable all-in-one charging case and space for as many as 3 e-liquid cartridges at once. This design closely resembles the look and feel of a traditional pack of cigarettes, and the use of innovative replaceable e-liquid cartridges makes it easy to vape on the go.


The V-NIX – For those looking for our most feature-rich design, look no further than the V-NIX. This elegant device takes your vaping experience to the next level with adjustable airflow, variable wattage and an even bigger battery. With the V-NIX, you can tailor each puff exactly how you want it.


Types of vapes

With many different types of e-cigarettes for our customers to choose from, selecting the one that fits you best requires you to make an informed decision. However, regardless of which Vaper Empire vaping device you select, you can rest assured in knowing that your new vape will work great and be easy to use.

To understand which vape type is best for you, take a look at the different types of devices that we offer:

Pod Vapes

Pod systems like our popular VIGGO Series make vaping easy and convenient for new and experienced vapers alike. Not only are they very easy for beginner vapers to use, but they're also extremely compact, lightweight, and powerful. As a result, they're one of the more popular types of devices available today. With our VIGGO, you can enjoy the benefits of a pod system vape without the hassles of refilling vape pods or replacing coils. Simply charge the battery, connect a prefilled pod, and enjoy the delicious vapour that it produces.

Vape Pens

Conveniently portable, our vape pens make vaping on the go easy. Our V-NIX pen vape will slide right into your pocket or purse and it's so light that you might actually forget it's there. With its refillable tank, you can choose from any of our bottled e-liquid flavours and enjoy the juice that's right for you. If the highly portable design of a pen device isn't enough to entice you, consider the features that help set the V-NIX apart from other e-cigarettes, which include variable wattage and adjustable airflow. After selecting the vape juice that suits you best, you can adjust the airflow and the wattage of the device to customise the vapour production to suit your preference.


With many vapers being former smokers, cig-a-likes are an obvious choice for beginners who are making the switch from smoker to vaper. Our V-Pack II cig-a-like system is designed to provide ex-smokers with an e-cigarette that looks and feels like a conventional cigarette right down to the shape of the device and its portable charging case. The charging case that comes with our V-Pack II kits is roughly the same size and shape as a conventional packet of cigarettes so former smokers who are making the switch over to vapour will feel right at home with one in their pocket.

Vape Mods

For vapers who want the biggest and most powerful vaping device that they can find, a vape mod is usually the solution. Our VIBE Series might not exactly meet the criteria of a "mod", however, its large 4.5ml tank and powerful 2000mAh battery are more than capable of providing an abundance of vapour without the need to constantly refill its tank and recharge its battery. As an added benefit, the VIBE is easier to use than most mods, as it has only one button to operate the entire device.


Order vapes online from our vape store or speak to our dedicated local support team

Order online now from our vape shop, serving the best in premium and luxury vaping products since 2012. Thanks to our global community of support.

Aside from the quality of our vaping devices and premium e-liquids, our major point of difference is our commitment to customer service. If you have a specific question about a product or just need help choosing the device that’s right for you, contact us online or call 1800 VAPERS (1800 827 377) and we’ll address your enquiries in as much detail as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Vaper Empire e-cigarettes work with nicotine e-liquid?

Yes. All of our vaping devices are designed to work with nicotine vape juice. In addition to hardware, we also offer a wide range of e-liquids in various flavours and strengths for our customers to choose from.

What are vapes?

Vapes, also known as e-cigs, are electronic devices used for inhaling and exhaling vapour containing flavouring and sometimes nicotine. At Vaper Empire, our e-cigarette liquids can be purchased with and without nicotine.

What is the best vape on the market?

The best vaping device is the one that keeps you from smoking. Our best vape in terms of popularity with our customers is our VIGGO Series pod vape. It's very easy to use, making it perfect for beginners, and its prefilled pods are available in a wide variety of flavours and different strengths. In addition to our VIGGO device kits, we also offer a variety of different device types for customers to choose from. If need assistance choosing the device that's right for you, ask our team.

What type of vape is best for beginners?

The best type of vape for beginner vapers is one that's easy to use and comes with everything that new vapers need to get started.

What are the 4 types of vapes?

The four most common vape types are pod systems, mods, pens, and cigalikes. Here at Vaper Empire, you will find a variety of different types of e-cigarettes to choose from. All of our devices are designed to be beginner-friendly, ensuring new and experienced vapers alike can easily begin using our devices right out of the box.

How much are vapes?

If you're wondering how much vapes cost, the answer varies depending on which device you select. Our cheapest vape is currently our VIGGO at $39.99 for a standalone device or $59.99 for a complete starter kit that includes the device, charger, and a pack of pods that come prefilled with your choice of e-liquid. While relatively inexpensive, our VIGGO is a customer favourite and not just for its low cost, but also because it's one of our best. You can learn more about the VIGGO here.

How do vapes work?

Vaping devices like those sold here at Vaper Empire are battery-powered devices that heat e-liquid to the point at which an inhalable aerosol (vapour) is produced.

How long do vapes last?

Exactly how long your vape lasts depends on how you use it, how often you use it, and what device you are using. Casual vapers will typically find that their devices last longer than those that are used by heavy vapers. As vaping devices are battery-powered, their batteries must eventually be replaced. While rechargeable batteries like the ones we sell here at Vaper Empire will last longer than disposable batteries, there is a limit to the number of times a rechargeable battery can be recharged. The rechargeable battery on our V-NIX vape pen has an estimated life expectancy of approximately 500 charges while the rechargeable battery on our VIGGO pod vape has an estimated life expectancy of approximately 300 charges.

How many cigarettes are in a vape?

The amount of cigarettes in a vape depends on how much e-liquid it holds and the e-liquid's strength. The tank on our VIBE Series has a capacity of 4.5ml, which is equivalent to approximately 40 typical tobacco cigarettes.

How much nicotine is in a vape?

The amount of nicotine in a vape depends on the amount of e-juice that the device holds and the strength of the liquid. At Vaper Empire, our premium e-juice is available in a wide variety of strengths, which range from zero nicotine (0mg) to very high strength (24mg).

Where to buy vapes?

Adult vapers can purchase vaping devices directly from our online vape store. We ship all of our customers' orders directly to their doorsteps and offer express shipping to ensure timely delivery in as little as 3-5 days. We offer a variety of different types of devices and kits for our customers to choose from, as well as parts and e-juice to keep them running. All of our devices are protected by a limited device warranty.