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VIGGO Vape Pods

VIGGO Vape Pods

Bursting with Flavour

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  1. VIGGO - 3 Month Kit: 24 Pods
    8 x 3-Packs for the price of 6 (Choice of 8 flavours.)
  2. VIGGO - 6 Week Kit: 12 Pods
    4 x 3-Packs for the price of 3 (Choice of 4 flavours.)
  3. VIGGO - Berry Crush Pods (3-Pack)
    Crazy Good Mix of Berries, Cooled by Menthol.
  4. VIGGO - Watermelon Mints Pods (3-Pack)
    Juicy Watermelon with Kissable Fresh Mint.
  5. VIGGO - Caramel Tobacco Pods (3-Pack)
    Rich Tobacco Drizzled with Gooey Caramel.
  6. VIGGO - Menthol Pods (3-pack)
    Teeth Shattering Menthol Blast.
  7. VIGGO - Tobacco Pods (3-Pack)
    Field to Blend. Authentic Fine Tobacco.
  8. VIGGO - Whole Leaf Tobacco Pods (3-Pack)
    The Original Taste of Tobacco.
  9. VIGGO - Flat White Coffee Pods (3-Pack)
    Espresso, Smooth & Creamy. A Café Culture Icon.
  10. VIGGO - Blueberry Pods (3-Pack)
    Berry Ripe Blueberries. More than a Handful.
  11. VIGGO - Orange Crush Pods (3-Pack)
    Fizzy, Zesty Orange. Pure Sunshine.
  12. VIGGO - Creamy Custard Pods (3-Pack)
    Thick Lashings of Creamy Custard. It's Naughty.
  13. VIGGO - Apple Pods (3-Pack)
    No Bad Apples. A Little Tart, but Mostly Sweet.
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VIGGO Vape Pods With Nicotine Salts

VIGGOpods are designed exclusively for use with the VIGGO pod vape system. Each pod contains 1.8ml of Vaper Empire premium e-liquid, and each pod pack contains 3 individual pods. A single pod is capable of providing the average vaper with between 3 and 4 days of use before requiring replacement. Pods are available in 0% (nicotine-free) and 3% nicotine strength. Various pod flavours are available to choose from, including Orange Crush, Creamy Custard, Whole Leaf Tobacco, Menthol, Caramel Tobacco, Flat White Coffee, Blueberry, and Apple. All nicotine pods contain nicotine salts, which are formulated for superior flavour and improved throat hit.

Made With High-Quality Vape Juice

VIGGOpods contain Vaper Empire premium e-juice, which is TPD-compliant and manufactured using only premium ingredients inside of state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities. VIGGO pods with nicotine eLiquids contain nicotine salt eLiquid. The nicotine salts that we use in our nicotine vape pods is specially formulated for enhanced flavour and throat hit, making it ideal for nicotine pods.

How To Use A Vape Pod

Using a VIGGO pod is easy. Remove it from its packaging and attach it to the VIGGO device battery by sliding it into the open slot on the top of the device. The pod will snap into the place once connected, held secure by magnets. Once attached, simply draw through the pod's mouthpiece and enjoy the vapour. There's no need to press a button in order to begin vaping, as VIGGO pod systems are equipped with Breathe-Easy Draw-Activation technology that detects when the vape is in use and automatically produces vapour.

When To Replace Your Vape Pod

Knowing when to replace your vape pod can be tricky, which is why VIGGOpods are designed to show you how much e-liquid is left. To check how much vape juice is left in the pod, simply remove it from the device and examine its contents. Thanks to their transparent design, you will be able to see exactly how much e-juice is left inside without having to open the pod. As VIGGOpods are not refillable pods, simply replace the pod once its vape liquid has been depleted. There is no need to install replacement coils as the coils are contained within the pod.

Best Vape Pods: VIGGOpods

VIGGOpods are high-capacity, leak-free, and easy to use. They contain 1.8ml of premium Vaper Empire vape juice and are available in various flavours and different nicotine strengths. Their ergonomic design makes them comfortable to use and their transparent tank makes it easy to see how much e-juice is inside. All VIGGO vape pods are available with or without nicotine. Replacement pod options range from single packs containing 3 pods in each pack to multi-month pod kits that contain up to 8 packs (24 pods). All VIGGO vaping products, including VIGGOpods and the VIGGO vape pod kit, can be purchased directly from our online store, through which we serve customers.

The VIGGO Pod Vape System

VIGGOpods are designed for use with the VIGGO vape pod system, which can be purchased separately as a kit that includes both pods and device. There are two VIGGO vape starter kits to choose from, standard and deluxe. The standard VIGGO vape pod starter kit comes with a VIGGO device battery, vape charger, and 3 vape pods in your choice of flavour. Deluxe pod kits come with all of the same plus a leather carry pouch and 6 additional pods in your choice of flavours. Both the standard and deluxe pod vape kit come with everything you need to vape e-liquid pods.

While some pod systems can prove tricky to use, VIGGO vaping devices are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Simply attach a pod and inhale to begin vaping. Control the voltage by clicking the button on the device three times in a fashion similar to using a vape pen in order to quickly cycle through the 3 unique voltage settings available, which range from 3.0V to 3.8V. This added temperature control feature is not always found in pod vaping products, which is just another reason to choose VIGGO pod devices for all your pod vaping needs. You can buy a VIGGO vape pod kit directly from our online store. We ship all orders directly to our customers using express shipping to ensure fast delivery in as little as 3-5 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Pod Vape?

Pod vapes are similar to cig-a-like electronic cigarettes, only they typically offer enhanced battery life and power as well as improved e-liquid capacity and vapour production. While vape mods can be large and often less than pocket-friendly, pod vapes such as VIGGO are often ultra portable, making them great for vapers in need of something more compact than what mod kits typically offer. While pod vapes facilitate nicotine vaping, the VIGGO vape pod system can be used with nicotine-infused or nicotine-free e-liquid.

A pod vape works by heating the e-liquid contained within the pod to the point at which vapour is produced. The device battery provides power to the heating coils contained within the atomizer, which in turn heats the vape juice in order to produce vapour.

What Is The Difference Between Pod And Vape?

There are two main components to a pod-style device kit. There's the pod and then there's the vape. The vape, which is often referred to as the device, is largely composed of the vape battery, which powers the entire pod system. The pod is what holds the e-juice that is vaped. Similar to an e-cig's cartomizer, a vape pen's cartridge, and the vape tanks used with vape mods, a vape pod not only houses the e-juice but also the atomizer and coils. When the two components combine, a pod vape system is formed.

What's The Best Pod Vape?

For vapers there are various pod devices to choose from, however, there's only one VIGGO. The VIGGO is highly compact, very easy to use, and equipped with a powerful 400 mAh vape battery capable of providing the average vaper with between 3-4 days of use between charges. With variable voltage, an ergonomic design, a powerful yet compact battery, and high-quality pods filled with premium Vaper Empire e-liquid, it's easy to see why the VIGGO is one of our most popular vapes and a favourite among pod vapers. You can buy the VIGGO pod starter kits directly from our online vape store.