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Vaper Empire is a leading online retailer of premium vaping products. Our unparalleled range of e-cigarettes and e-liquids are perfect for new and experienced vapers alike. With a wide selection of vape juice flavours and e-cigarette kits to choose from, we are confident that you will find the best vape supplies to fit your needs here at our online vape store.

Complete beginners to e-cigs and vaping: If you're just getting started then fear not. Simply buy an all-inclusive e cigarette starter kit from our vaping supply store. These include everything you need from rechargeable e-cig batteries and power cables to vape liquids and designer carry cases to conveniently store and protect all of your vaping supplies. If you are impressed with your e-cig, you can purchase further e cig refills in the form of replacement cartomisers, vape pods, and bottled eLiquid through our store.

All of our vapes are reusable, which means that each vape battery we sell can be recharged and reused. As a result, customers will not find disposable devices for sale at our shop. Our devices are available in a range of styles, which include pod vape systems, vape pens, cig-a-like, and our Vibe Series, which offers the power associated with vape mods without the complexity typically seen in a vape mod.

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We serve customers through our vape shop online, providing access to premium ecig starter kits and nicotine e-liquids. We ship all of our products direct to customers. For the best vaping supplies, Vaper Empire is the vape brand for you. From nicotine vape juice, nicotine-free vape liquid, ecigs, and accessories - you'll find it all here at our online e-cigarette store.

For further details, contact us on 1800 VAPERS (1800 827 377) or email [email protected]. You can also read our e cigarette reviews and blog, which includes plenty of information on vaping and details on our electronic cigarettes and flavoured refills. There is a good reason why we are one of the country's top suppliers of e cigarettes. To find out why, browse our range of products or contact our staff for more information.

Which Vape Juice Flavours Are Making The Biggest Splash?

Vaper Empire brings you the highest quality of premium E Liquids. Here are our personal favourites. Why not try Tobacco RY4, a beautiful tobacco alternative infused with hints of vanilla and caramel? Or perhaps indulge in our fabulous rich, blended Coffee flavour? For a fruit flavoured eJuice, look no further than our succulent Apple. For dessert, opt for the sweet taste of Butterscotch.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How old do you have to be to vape?

You must be at least 18 years old to do anything vape-related in most places, including the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Vaper Empire is completely against marketing our products to minors and we have a strict over 18-year-old policy.

Do I need a nicotine prescription to buy e-cigarettes?

Most countries do not require a prescription, however as of 1 October 2021, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) requires vapers in Australia to maintain a valid vaping prescription in order to legally purchase vaping products that contain nicotine. If you do not already have a prescription, you can click here to learn more about how you can obtain your prescription online.

How can I get a prescription for nicotine liquid in Australia?

You may obtain a nicotine vape prescription by booking an appointment with your GP and asking for a vaping prescription. A more convenient option is to use an online service to obtain your prescription 100% online. Click here to learn more about how you can quickly obtain your prescription online.

How much nicotine e-liquid can I order?

Under the Therapeutic Goods Administration's Personal Importation Scheme, adult vapers in Australia can order a maximum of 3 months’ supply of nicotine e-liquid at one time and up to a 15 months’ supply in any 12-month period.

Is vaping worse than smoking?

The New Zealand Ministry of Health says that "vaping is much less harmful than smoking". The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that e-cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes. The United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS) says that vapes are "far less harmful than cigarettes".

Is vape illegal in Australia?

As a vaper in Australia, you can continue to purchase products, however, as of 1 October 2021, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) requires you to maintain a valid vaping prescription from a registered Australian medical practitioner to purchase nicotine e-liquid.

Are vapes illegal in WA?

It is not illegal for adult vapers to use or possess vapes and vape juice that contain no nicotine in Western Australia, however, a valid prescription is required for any vaping products containing nicotine. While the sale of vaping devices is banned in WA, Australians who have a valid prescription are able to legally order vapes online for personal use and import them under the TGA's Personal Importation Scheme.

Where do you get vapes in Australia?

In Australia, vapes can be ordered online and imported for personal use under the TGA's Personal Importation Scheme. With a valid prescription, Australians may legally import a 3-months supply per order. Since what is considered to be a "3-month supply" may vary from person to person, you should use your own judgement when ordering and consult your prescription as necessary.