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USB Wall Adapter (0.5 Amp)

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Your Vaper Empire device battery may be powerful, but it still needs a bit of juice every now and then. If you’d love a USB wall adapter, pick one up right here and we’ll ship it straight to your front door. It’s also handy to have an extra charger to keep at the office, at your partner’s house or anywhere else. Remember to pick up a USB charger cable to go with it!
1 x USB Wall Adapter [0.5 Amp] (Type I - Australia / New Zealand)

Vaper Empire Accessories presents the USB charger suitable for Vaper Empire VIGGO, V-Pack II, & V-NIX Series vape devices only. The 0.5 Amp plug fits AU/NZ wall outlets and attaches to the Vaper Empire USB power cable for the V-NIX or the micro-USB cable for VIGGO and V-Pack II e-cigs. Order as a replacement, or keep as a spare!

Best Vape Battery Charger

Vaper Empire always recommends using the right vape charger with your vaping devices, which is why we recommend using this 0.5 amp USB wall adapter to charge Vaper Empire vapes. The wall adapter vape charger is designed to work with AU/NZ power outlets, making it perfect for recharging Vaper Empire's V-NIX, V-Pack II and VIGGO e-cigarettes. The adapter is a universal battery charger for all Vaper Empire brand e-cigarette devices, including our vape pen, pod vape, and cig-a-like batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Use Vape Battery Charger

Recharging your e-cig batteries is easy when you have the right hardware. To recharge your Vaper Empire vapes, simply plug them into their corresponding USB charging cords, plug the cords into the wall adapter, and then plug the wall adapter into an electrical outlet.

How To Charge E-Cig Battery Without Charger

You can use the USB and micro USB charging cables designed for Vaper Empire e-cigs to charge their batteries without the wall adapter by plugging them into an available USB port on devices such as desktop computers, tablets, and laptops.

What Is An eCig Charger

E-cigarette chargers are used to recharge the batteries of vapes. All Vaper Empire vape kits include a battery charger that charges batteries. Replacement, spare, and backup chargers can be purchased separately from our online vape store.

1 x USB Wall adapter - Suitable for Vaper Empire VIGGO, V-Pack II & V-NIX Series vape devices only.
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