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VIGGO - Orange Crush Pods (3-Pack)

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Fizzy, Zesty Orange. Pure Sunshine.

Our newest flavour and one of our best yet. Combining the juiciest plump orange with a crazy arctic ice blast and a slight hint of menthol, we promise you’ll love this flavour. It’s a morning vape, afternoon vape, evening vape, all-night vape…you won’t want to put it down. The large capacity VIGGOpods come in packs of 3 and they’re available as single packs or value packs where you can save heaps by buying in bulk.


1 x Orange Crush Pods (3-Pack)

1 Pod = Equivalent of approx 600 puffs


Orange Crush packs a serious punch! It’s a truly unique flavour with seasoned orange and a cool ice menthol aftertaste. It’s ideal for menthol and fruit lovers and any vaper who likes bold new flavours.

Vaper Empire has been producing eliquids for a decade and we know how to create a mind-blowing eliquids. Using our new nicotine salt formula, the VIGGO device is designed to give users the best intense flavour and quick nicotine delivery.

E-Liquid Contents: - Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerin - Flavouring - Nicotine Salt (Optional)
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