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Two Biggest Vaping Myths Busted
16 October 2018

If you're new to the vaping industry - you might already have swallowed up some of the misinformation out there. You're not alone. As a relatively new technology, it's natural for there to be a few myths floating around, and if you haven't really looked into vaping much already - you might already believe some of them. In this article, we're going to look at two of the biggest myths about vaping, so you can separate fact from fiction. "Vaping and E-cigarettes are the same" This simply isn't the case. While they obviously occupy a similar section of the tech ...

All The New Fruit Flavour Suggestions From The Latest Competition
4 October 2018

We’ve just concluded another Vaper Empire competition, and there were so many great suggestions for new fruit flavours, it really got us thinking. Here are some of our favourite fruit flavour suggestions of all of the entries to our competition: Peach Pineapple Lime & Watermelon Strawberry & Kiwifruit Watermelon & Kiwifruit Mango & Raspberry Green Apple & Strawberry Banana Apple pie I’m not sure the last one really counts as a fruit flavour, but some of the others sound really delicious! Do you have any more fruit flavour suggestions that you can think of? Shop our e-liquids here.

Editor's Choice: Spring E-Liquid Flavours
1 September 2018

Keen on finding that perfect springtime flavour? While our flavours are all epic all year round, we find these flavours particularly delectable in Spring. SPRING IN SIBERIA How could we leave this one off of the list? A menthol and mint blend that is perfectly refreshing and ideal for springtime. Brodie said that "This is a great liquid and if you have multiple tanks I'd say a must-have in your rotation. Really clears the palate and leaves a fresh taste behind. Smells like Allen's Minties and I love it." DEATH VALLEY NECTAR A smooth blend of bilberry, kiwi, and pear. ...

The Ultimate Vaping Glossary: Vape Terminology Explained
13 August 2018

If you're new around here, here is the ultimate vaping glossary to get you started. In this glossary, you'll find definitions of many commonly used words and abbreviations, providing you with an in-depth understanding of vaping terminology and lingo. If you're a veteran vaper and have any terms to add, please leave a comment for us! ADV:  Refers to an 'All Day Vape’, an e-liquid that a vaper is happy to vape for a long period of time. AFS: An auto feed system. Aerosol: Vapour produced by an e-cigarette. APV: Advanced personal vaporiser. Atomiser:  A component of an e-cigarette, that ...

Tips On How To Choose Your Next E-Liquid Flavour
18 June 2018

Stuck on what to pick next? There are a few things you need to think about to decide on the next flavour that you're going to order! Most importantly, which type of flavour are you after? There are a few main types of e-liquids categories to choose from. These are: Mint, Sweet/Dessert, Tobacco and Fruit. If you're keen on a minty flavour, we recommend trying Spearmint or Spring in Siberia, or any of our menthol flavours, which will be a nice refreshing hit for you. If you're after a sweet e-liquid, then these dessert-like flavours will suit you perfectly: ...

Our Favourite Winter E-Liquid Flavours
10 May 2018

With the weather getting cooler, here are some delicious e-liquid flavours that we love to vape in winter. Ten of our favourite winter e-liquid flavours as chosen by the editor. Of course, these flavours are superb all year round, but these are perfect for dreary days. VIRGINIA GOLD This premium e-liquid is an exceptional tobacco experience. It delivers dark toasted Virginia Gold tobacco like no other. Perfect for crisp winter mornings! RHUBARB & CUSTARD You will not regret tasting this delicious dessert combination as an e-liquid flavour. The tangy rhubarb mixed with creamy custard makes the perfect winter choice. BUTTERSCOTCH ...

What Are The Main E-Liquid Ingredients?
20 April 2018

Have you ever wondered what's actually in our range of Classic and Artisan E-Liquids? If you wanted to know the components of some of your favourite E-Liquid flavours, then you're in luck because here in this article we've detailed all of the ingredients contained within our e-juice, as well as where else they are in use and why we use them: E-Liquid is a liquid heated up in an E-Cigarette or Vaping device that converts into an aerosol, allowing the user to inhale it. This aerosol is often referred to as vapour. Vaper Empire E-liquid's are made from just a ...

How To Use The V-Pack II
19 March 2018

Keen on getting the Vaper Empire V-Pack II? Then take a look at this instructional video below in which we explain what the V-Pack II is and how to take full advantage of and all of its functionality. Usage Instructions When seeking the more traditional experience, look towards the striking profile and the loyal performance of the V-Pack II. To open your V-Pack II charging case, simply slide the front of the V-Pack unit down until the top of the case pops open. Once you have fully assembled your starter kit, the V-Pack II will hold one complete e-cigarette, one ...

Our Favourite Vaper Empire Reviews
10 March 2018

We love knowing that our products have changed lives for the better, put smiles on faces and most importantly, helped people take a step towards a healthier life. Here are some of our favourite Vaper Empire reviews from our amazing customers. *Note, spelling and grammar have been corrected for clarity only. "Your products are awesome, delivery times great and the staff when you send inquiry respond really quick! Have recommended to many friends already." - Kerri "So I've had my Vantage Series V5 for 5 weeks now and not a single problem. Every time I call customer service they are very ...

The Best Place To Get Vaper Empire Discount Codes
7 March 2018

There are several ways you can score amazing deals on Vaper Empire products, but there are three main ways to do so that you need to get on top of, especially if you're a loyal fan to the Vaper Empire brand. So if you're keen on Vaper Empire discount codes for kits, e-liquids and more, look no further.  1. Follow us on Facebook  Chuck us a like on Facebook and under "Following" be sure to select "See First" or turn your notifications on for the best chance of seeing promotions and competitions. We regularly love to give back to our fans ...