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Vaper Empire Is Closing, Last Chance To Order Vapes & Juice

Vaper Empire Is Closing, Last Chance To Order Vapes & Juice
20 February 2024

Australian Government Banning Vape Imports Vaper Empire is closing. This is your last chance, order today. IMPORTANT: Most vape suppliers have already closed and we will be closing too. We will be forced to stop taking orders and cease shipping imminently. PLACE FINAL ORDERS After more than a decade of serving the Australian vaping community, sadly, in compliance with the ban, we will soon be forced to shut down our website and will no longer be able to offer our products for sale online. Don't miss your final opportunity to stock up on the vape ...

Sign The Petition To Stop Australia's Vape Ban
20 February 2024

Australian Government ban on vape imports confirmed for 1 March 2024. Time is running out. Don't delay, order now. IMPORTANT: Many vape suppliers have already closed, as of now we are still supplying customers, but we cannot guarantee when we'll be forced to stop shipping. STOCK UP NOW Over the past few weeks, we've spoken to thousands of you. You are rightly furious, upset and fearful of relapsing to smoking. Many of you have asked what you can do. Act Now. We're asking that you Sign the petition. Join the more than 10,000 ...
URGENT: Australia To Ban Vape Imports (1 March 2024)

URGENT: Australia To Ban Vape Imports (1 March 2024)
11 January 2024

Notice To All Our Valued Customers Australian Government's 1 March 2024 ban on vape imports   The Australian Government have announced a ban on the personal imports of all vaping products, starting 1 March 2024. This ban is a serious threat that will impact your ability to continue vaping. As a valued member of the Vaper Empire family, we would like to answer some of the urgent questions customers have regarding this new plan and what it could mean for you. If your questions have not been answered below, please contact us at [email protected]   What exactly does ...
Viggo Vape

Best Alternatives To Disposable Vapes In 2024
2 January 2024

Explore the best alternatives to disposable vapes of 2024 and discover the one that's right for you in this reusable vape buyer's guide from the vaping experts at Vaper Empire. You can shop our complete line of refillable and reusable vaping devices and kits at our online vape store. What Is The Best Disposable Vape Alternative? The Viggo Series. Vaper Empire's Viggo Series pod system offers the convenience of replaceable vape pods and the cost-efficiency of a rechargeable battery. Enjoy the best of both worlds with the Viggo pod system. Viggo's vape pods come filled with our very own premium e-juice. ...
Vaper Empire Vape Brand Logo

What Is The Best Reusable Vape Brand?
2 January 2024

Explore the best reusable vape brand and find the reusable vaping products that fit you best in this guide to the best brand for reusable vapes. Best Reusable Vape Brand: Vaper Empire There's only one brand to remember when you're looking for the best reusable products that the market has to offer, and that brand is Vaper Empire. At our online store, you will find our complete range of premium vaping products, which includes a variety of different types of vaping devices. While you will not find any disposable vapes at our online store, we do offer various reusable vapes ...
Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas For Vapers
19 December 2023

In this edition of Vaper Empire's holiday gift guide, we will share with you the best Christmas gifts for vapers this 2023 holiday season. So if you're looking for an astounding gift for a vaper, this is the Xmas gift guide for you. All the products mentioned in this guide can be purchased right here at our online vape shop. Best Christmas Gifts For Vapers For new vapers, we recommend a vape starter kit. A starter kit is the perfect gift for a new vaper because it includes everything needed to start vaping. Go with one of our Viggo Series starter ...

How To Switch From Smoking To Vaping
28 November 2023

Ready to quit smoking and start vaping? Leave combustible tobacco products like cigarettes and cigars behind, ditch your local tobacconist, and begin your vaping journey with Vaper Empire's line of premium vaping products, which include vape starter kits that come with everything that you need to start vaping. Shop online at our vape shop and we will ship your order directly to you using express shipping to ensure that your vaping supplies arrive on your doorstep as quickly as possible. At Vaper Empire, you will find all of the vaping products that you could ever need. We have vape juice ...
VIGGO Vape Pods

What Does A Vape Pod Cost?
22 November 2023

The price for vape pods varies greatly depending on the type, manufacturer and brand. When it comes to vape pods, they simply do not work without a pod vaping device known as a pod vape. Pod vapes, the hardware that powers vape pods, can be purchased directly from the Vaper Empire online vape shop. They are one of the most affordable types of e-cigarettes that we offer and they're reusable, making them ideal for vapers on a tight budget. Vape Pods Price How much are vape pods? At Vaper Empire, we sell packs of vape pods that come with three ...
Vape Starter Kits

What Is The Best Vape Starter Kit To Buy?
14 November 2023

Vape starter kits at Vaper Empire come with everything that you need to vape right in the box. If you need e-liquid, choose one of our Deluxe starter kits as they include your choice of e-liquid along with a vaping device, battery charger and premium accessories. With many kits to choose from at our online vape store, you may be wondering which starter kit you should buy. If that's the case, we can help! Continue reading below to find out which of our starter vape kits is right for you. Which Starter Kit Is Best? The Viggo (pictured) is compact, ...
Refillable Vape

Are Refillable Vapes Worth It?
7 November 2023

Refillable vapes are superior to single-use disposable vapes in more ways than one. Using a refillable device can help reduce waste, expand flavour options, and prove to be more cost-effective over time. Subsequently, they are absolutely worth buying and using. There is, however, a caveat to using a refillable vape and that is the added effort required to use and maintain the device. While using a refillable vape is relatively easy, there are some extra steps that disposable users will not encounter. These include filling and refilling the tank with e-juice, changing the coils, and recharging the battery. Fortunately, all ...