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VIGGO - Watermelon Mints Pods (3-Pack)

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Juicy Watermelon With Kissable Fresh Mint

Perhaps our most refreshing vape flavour yet! A tantalizing blend of juicy ripe watermelon, mixed with freshly picked mint leaves. Nothing says relaxation more. Enjoy this all day vape for pure sunshine on the go. All VIGGOpods are pre-filled with our nicotine salt eliquids that produce superior flavour, a smooth vape and a great throat hit.


1 x Watermelon Mints Pods (3-Pack)

1 Pod = Equivalent of approx 600 puffs


Our Watermelon Mint VIGGOpods are a heavenly combination of mouthwatering watermelon muddled together with fresh mint leaves. Hands down one of our most refreshing vape flavours, just add some sunshine and a beach!

The VIGGOpods come already pre-filled and are disposable, so once your Pod is empty, take it out and simply slot another Pod into the VIGGO battery.

E-Liquid Contents: - Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerin - Flavouring - Nicotine Salt (Optional)
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