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What Is Cloud Chasing?

Many people who vape have come into contact with people who call themselves "cloud chasers". These people who practice cloud chasing are those who exhale largeĀ "clouds" of vapour after using their vape pen.

Those who are particularly interested in creating plumes of vapour often choose e-liquids with high percentages of vegetable glycerin, which produces more vapour when exhaled. In our article here, we explain what e-liquid is made from and how vapour is created by these ingredients.

The "cloud chaser" group commonly does vape tricks as well, using their skills to create interesting visual effects such as blowing multiple rings of vapour and exhaling out of their mouths and into their noses. Some even partake in cloud chasing competitions, but most just see it as a fun thing to do among friends.

Cloud Chasing Competitions

For vapers who are all about the art of the exhale, there exists a not widely known sport called cloud chasing competitions. In these competitions, competitors compete against one another in front of a judge or panel of judges to produce the best clouds, perform the best tricks, and so on. For the most part, competitors are assessed based on two common measures: density and size.


Often times, competitors stand back to back with one another. This allows the judges to easily compare their clouds of vapour. One attribute in particular that many cloud competitions are based on is cloud density. In other words, judges are assessing how thick or dense the clouds of vapour are that the competitors are exhaling. The thicker the cloud, the higher the score.


Another important measure in most cloud chasing competitions is size. The size of the clouds exhaled by competitors plays a vital role in determining who is the king of the cloud. The bigger the cloud, the higher the score.

Outside Perspective

The issue many vapers have with cloud chasing is that non-vapers may see the act as annoying, attention seeking or obnoxious. While smokers tend to smoke away from people and try to be discreet, many see vapers the opposite due to the cloud chasing movement.

However, some studies are beginning to show that second-hand vapour may have little to no effect on health, whereas second-hand smoke has been widely acknowledged to be extremely harmful. Read more here. This concerns many vapers, as this view may put a negative stereotype on vaping and inspire fewer people to make the switch from smoking to vaping.

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