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VE Society News

  • Juul Australia? Here's A Better Option

    With vapers in Australia quickly catching on to the benefits of pod vaping, many Australians have found themselves wondering how they can buy Juul in Australia. If this is you, think again because we have a better option here at Vaper Empire and it's one that we're sure you're going to like. It's called the Viggo Series and it's far superior to the Juul that you're considering buying. Here's why:

    More Powerful, Longer-Lasting Battery

    While the Juul device is powered by a 200 mAh rechargeable battery, our new Viggo device boasts twice as much power with its 400 mAh rechargeable battery. This means more time vaping and less time recharging when you're vaping with Viggo. Now you might think that because the Viggo has twice as much power that it takes twice as long to recharge, but that's simply not the case as both the Viggo and Juul take about an hour to fully recharge.

    Bigger Pods With More Vape Juice

    VIGGO Series Vape Pods Vaper Empire Viggo Series vape pods.

    Juul pods hold a mere 0.7ml of e-liquid. Our Viggo vape pods contain 1.8ml of premium Vaper Empire e-liquid, which is more than twice as much vape juice in each pod. This means less time replacing pods and more time enjoying vapour when you're a vaping with Viggo.

    Variable Voltage

    Juul users lack the ability to control the voltage of their device. At Vaper Empire, we understand that vapers have their own unique preferences, which is why our Viggo pod system is equipped with an easy-to-use variable voltage feature that allows users to cycle between three unique voltage settings. Simply click the button three times to change the voltage. Cycle through the different voltage settings until you find the one that suits you best.

    Ergonomic, Soft-Touch Design

    VIGGO Pod Vaping Device Vaper Empire Viggo Series pod vape.

    Juul vapes are stiff and have hard edges, whereas the Viggo is wrapped in a soft-touch matte black metal with rounded corners that makes it comfortable to hold. The more you use it, the more you'll appreciate its ergonomic design. And it doesn't end with the device battery as even Viggo's pods are contoured to rest comfortably between your lips, which makes using it that much more pleasant than the alternative.

    Best Juul Alternative In Australia

    Are Juuls worth it if you live in Australia? In short, our answer is no. Our new Viggo Series pod vape system is far superior. It offers twice as much battery power, more than twice as much vape juice per pod, variable voltage, ergonomics, and a wide range of delicious pod flavours that are available with and without nicotine salts. And you can order Viggo directly from our online store and we'll ship it straight to your home in as little as 3-5 days.

  • How Vape Pods Work

    With the rise of pod vaping, some vapers have been left wondering what pod vapes are and how the vape pods they use work. That's why we here at Vaper Empire, one of Australia's leading vape companies, have put together this article to explain what vape pods are and how they work.

    What Are Pod Vapes?

    Pod vapes are a new type of electronic cigarette that is currently taking the market by storm thanks to their sleek designs and convenient, simple usability. Although the pod system is still a relatively new product in the vaping world, those of us here at Vaper Empire fully expect it to grow and become just as popular as the vape pens, cig-a-likes, and box mods that many vapers use today.

    Pod vapes, the devices used in pod vaping, are designed to work in conjunction with vape pods. But what are vape pods, exactly?

    What Are Vape Pods?

    VIGGO Menthol Vape Pods Vaper Empire's Menthol VIGGOpods.

    In short, they are small and highly portable e-cig cartridges that are designed to work specifically with pod system vapes. Those familiar with cig-a-like electronic cigarettes may already know that the cartridge, also known as the cartomiser, is what holds the e-liquid. The same is true for a pod, as the pod is what holds the e-liquid. Not only does the pod hold e-liquid, but it contains the necessary components to heat the e-liquid, turning it into vapour. This means that each pod contains what is known as an atomiser, which in turn contains a heating coil and a wick. The wick soaks up e-liquid and the coil heats it up, transforming it into inhalable vapour for the user to enjoy.

    Why Pod Vaping Is So Popular

    Pod vaping has taken the world of vaping by storm. Because they represent a happy medium between basic cig-a-like e-cigs and advanced vape pens and mods, they are quickly rising in popularity in countries in which they are available.

    Although both basic and advanced devices serve their own purposes within the vaping world, they both have different pros and cons. The cheaper, simpler cig-a-like devices often don’t last as long and run out of juice quicker whilst more advanced vape pens and mods can be too complicated and powerful for people who want a straightforward experience.

    For vapers that want to balance affordability, convenience, and performance, the vape pod system is the ideal solution. These devices are capable of providing a high-quality vaping experience that lasts whilst keeping cost and complexity down.

    Pod systems are also ideal for people who want an extra backup device that they can keep in their backpack, or one they can grab and go with at a moment's notice. Their small size and ease of use make them ideal for both of these purposes.

    How Do Vape Pods Work?

    Vape pods, as you may have guessed from the name, have the defining characteristic of utilising a pod-style design to hold and then vapourise your e-liquid instead of a tank or atomiser that you would typically find in a vape mod or vape pen.

    These devices are sometimes referred to as “all-in-one” vape systems because they include everything that you need to start vaping: the cartridge (known as the pod) with its own built-in coil, wick, and e-liquid. There is no need for you to attach or replace tanks or atomisers because the whole device is self-contained.

    The differences between vape pods and other devices generally end here. In terms of functionality, pod systems work in exactly the same way as pen vapes and box mods --- they wick e-liquid from the pod and then heat it up using a coil that transforms the vape juice into vapour.

    Breaking Down the Pod System

    Pod systems generally come as a module composed of two parts: the cartridge, which is known as the vape pod, and the battery, which is often referred to as the device.

    The cartridge, sometimes called a ‘topper’, is the piece that slides into the battery and sits on top of the pod system. This piece also contains the e-liquid for pod systems. Some pods will come pre-filled with vape liquid and have a refillable system which means you can purchase your own bottles of e-liquid and refill the pod cartridge when necessary.

    The battery is the second part. The battery is a lot simpler than the cartridge and often has a sleek and small profile. It is the battery that is responsible for detecting when drags are being taken and then powering up the device so that e-liquid can be vapourised. On some pod designs, you must depress and hold down a button on the battery before you can take a drag. These batteries can typically be recharged by connecting them to a USB charger.

    It is worth noting that some pod systems may deviate from this design, however, this is the form that most pods currently available on the market take.

    How Much E-Liquid Do Vape Pods Hold?

    That depends on the vape pod system as different ones come in different sizes. Generally speaking, vape pods will hold anywhere between 1ml and 3ml of e-liquid, which is enough for regular vape sessions. If you are a heavy user, however, you may find that you are refilling or replacing your pod quite often.

    We recommend always carrying replacement e-liquids and/or pods with you so that you can refill as and when necessary. While pods balance convenience and cost factors, their smaller size naturally means that they hold less e-juice, and this is one of the sacrifices you make when you use them over larger pens and mods.

    There are a few things you can do to help your vape pods last longer, though:

    • Pay attention when using your pods. Distraction can lead to longer, unnecessary drags that will burn more e-liquid.
    • If you are an ex-smoker and are taking long drags to satisfy your cravings, try an e-liquid with a higher nicotine concentration.
    • Devices that go uncleaned and maintained are less efficient and burn more e-liquid, so take good care of your pod system. Quickly wiping away any excess e-liquid or grime from the area where the pod connects to the device battery should suffice.
    • If you can, use e-liquids with lower VG concentrations. The lower the VG concentration, the better it soaks into the wick.

    Which is Better? Pods or Pens?

    Both types of vaping device have their own pros and cons; neither is "better" or "worse" than the other. Whether a pod is better for you when compared to a vaporizer pen comes down to what you want from your vaping device and what you intend to use it for.

    If you're looking for a casual device that you can use sporadically, go for the pod. If you're looking for something you can vape a lot with which will last a long time between charges, not run out of e-liquid as quickly, or make thick, dense clouds with, go for a vape pen or something even more powerful like our Vibe Series.

    If it's convenience that you're after, the pod system is the obvious choice. With our new Viggo Series, you don't have to sacrifice portability for the sake of all-day vaping power as the Viggo provides enough battery life when fully charged and enough e-juice in a single pod to last most vapers well over a day.

    Want to Try Pod Vaping?

    At Vaper Empire, our commitment to designing and developing all of our own products in our high-spec facility is just one of the reasons why we are often regarded as Australia’s best e-cig brand.

    If you think that the pod system is the right device for your vaping needs, we recommend checking out our new pod system, the Viggo Series by Vaper Empire, which is available with a range of different pod flavours and nicotine strengths.

    Visit the Vaper Empire online store to see what else we have to offer.

  • Difference Between Vantage CE4 Tanks & V5 Tank/Coil Replacements

    Wondering what the differences are between Vaper Empire's Vantage Series CE4 tanks and V5 tanks? Well, this is the guide for you. In it, we'll explore the differences between these two tank options for the Vantage Series vape pen while adding our own recommendation for which tank you should use.

    First, let's take a look at the CE4 tanks.

    CE4 Clearomiser Tank

    Vantage Series CE4 Cartomiser Tanks Vantage Series CE4 Cartomiser Tanks

    Available in packs of five, the CE4 tank is designed to be refilled and reused for up to three weeks. After which point, the coil burns out and the clearomiser tank must be replaced. Not sure when to replace your clearomiser? Take a look at our guide on how often to change clearomisers and coils.

    With the CE4 tank, the coil is built directly into the tank and is not designed to be replaced by the user. Subsequently, the entire tank must be replaced once the coil burns out.

    V5 Clearomiser Tank & Coil Replacement

    The Vantage V5 tank is intelligently designed and fully compatible with all Vaper Empire Vantage Series vape pen batteries. Each clearomiser tank utilizes an invisible wick and bottom coil structure. Each tank contains a single coil, which, unlike the CE4 tank's coil, is designed to be replaced by the user. As a result, we offer Vantage Series V5 coil replacements, which come with five coils to a pack.

    Each individual V5 coil has an approximate lifetime of 2-3 weeks. This means that a single pack of five coils will last the average vaper several months.

    CE4 vs V5: Which Is Better?

    Vantage Series V5 Cartomiser Tank Vantage Series V5 Cartomiser Tank

    While both the CE4 and V5 clearomiser tanks are manufactured to the highest standard in order to ensure consistent performance when used in conjunction with Vantage Series vape pens, V5 tanks are clearly the superior option for most vapers.

    V5 tanks utilize PP plastic and cutting-edge resistant cotton in order to efficiently deliver e-liquid without sacrificing flavour. Their design not only allows for vapers to enjoy the true essence of the e-liquid that they're vaping, but it also allows for cost savings as the replaceable coil design cuts down on costs in the long-term. As a result, we strongly recommend using our new Vantage V5 tanks and replacement coils over our older CE4 tanks as doing so will help you save money on vaping supplies.

    You can buy all of our Vantage Series clearomiser tanks and replacement coils directly from our online store. We ship all orders express, ensuring fast delivery to our customers across Australia and New Zealand.


    How To Replace V5 Clearomiser Coils

    To replace a used vape coil on the V5 clearomiser tank, simply unscrew the tank from the device, use a dry cloth to unscrew the coil from the bottom of the tank, dispose of the old coil, and then screw in a new one. That's all there is to it.

  • COVID-19 Important Update To Our VE Customers

    As a valued member of the Vaper Empire family, we would like to answer some of the urgent questions customers are asking about COVID-19 (the coronavirus) and recently announced restrictions.

    Firstly, our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented event and we appreciate the healthcare workers, local communities, and Governments around the World who are on the front line working to contain this coronavirus.

    As the nature of the situation is evolving rapidly, we understand many customers are anxious to ensure their nicotine and vaping supplies remain uninterrupted, particularly with the Australian Government's recent ban on overseas travel.

    If your questions have not been answered below, please contact us at [email protected]

    Is Vaper Empire still delivering orders as usual?

    Yes | Currently there are no changes or interruptions to our delivery and operations. The Australian Government’s recent travel restrictions DO NOT apply to cargo/shipping and your orders will continue to be delivered as normal. We will update you with any changes if necessary.

    Are there any risks of the virus being transmitted by products or on a package?

    No | There is no evidence that the COVID-19 virus can spread through the mail. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there is “very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures.”  Additionally, all of our products are manufactured and produced in clean room lab facilities, where gloves and masks are required. Out of an abundance of caution, our packing teams are now also equipped with masks and gloves when handling all orders.

    Should I stock up on my vaping and e-liquid supplies?

    Yes | As of right now, Vaper Empire is operating normally, with delivery times unchanged. We continue to put measures in place to avoid disruption and are working closely with our various shipping partners to continue service. However, the situation is evolving quickly, and we cannot guarantee there won’t be future disruption or delays. Therefore, we have increased our inventory and recommend that you place at least 3 months’ worth of e-liquid supplies on your next order to avoid any possible interruption.

    Will I be able to contact someone from Vaper Empire Customer Service?

    Yes | Our team of dedicated Customer Care Managers are now working 100% remotely from home for their personal safety and will continue to be available to provide you with the support you need.

    If you need assistance, please contact us at [email protected]
    or call us on 1800 VAPERS (1800 827 377)
    Chat Live Now | powered by Facebook Messenger

    We understand that access to vaping supplies and nicotine is important – and shouldn’t – simply stop and we are working hard to continue supporting you during this tough time.

    On behalf of the entire Vaper Empire family, we also thank you for your support and your loyalty and will continue to keep you updated through this dynamic situation.

    Wishing You Well,
    The VE Team

  • Best Vape Pod In 2020

    Pod vapes are relatively new vaping devices that haven’t been on sale for all that long. There are a number of high-quality pod vaping devices available on the market today, and the number of options is only growing as time goes by and vaping pods become more popular among the world's vapers, leaving many to wonder which pod system is best in 2020. This article serves to answer that question.

    What Are Pod Vapes?

    For those of you who aren’t in the know --- a pod vape is a vaping device that falls somewhere in the middle of cig-a-like and vape pen devices, which, like pod vapes, are types of e-cigarettes. They are small user-friendly devices that make use of a battery plus “pods” that are snapped or screwed into place on it.

    Pod vapes are sometimes referred to as “all-in-one” systems because they include everything that you need to start vaping: a pod cartridge, a coil, a wick, and e-liquid. Using a pod is often simply a case of removing the device from the box along with the pod, attaching the pod to the device, and taking a drag (or using a button to activate the heating element on some pod devices --- although, this design isn't nearly as common). Most pod vapes, like our VIGGO Series, simply activate the heating element automatically when the user begins to draw on the device.

    In terms of core functionality, pods work in the same way as other devices; e-liquid is soaked up from the pod by a wick where it is held until the coil heats it up and turns it into vapour.

    The Best Pod Vape in 2020

    Defining the “best pod vape in 2020” is highly subjective. Whilst we appreciate that there are plenty of high-quality products available on the market, it is our own – the VIGGO – that we think is the best. And subsequently, we believe it is our VIGGO vape pods that are the best pods on the market today.

    By designing and manufacturing our own products inside of cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, we are able to bring you products that are a cut above the rest; we do not cut corners when it comes to the quality of our vaping products, which is more than we can say for some of the other vape companies that are out there today.

    The VIGGO Pod Vape by Vaper Empire

    At Vaper Empire, we have spent a lot of time researching and developing our own pod vaping system, the VIGGO, and its vape pods. VIGGOpods are made with VIGGO Salts, a proprietary nicotine salt e-liquid recipe that delivers the highest levels of satisfaction and a more natural throat hit.

    The VIGGO is an innovative pod vape that has been engineered to account for the latest developments in vaping technology. It features our own “Breathe Easy Draw-Activation System” that is used to activate the device. Simply take a drag and you are set --- the device will activate and start to work.

    It uses our 1-click connect VIGGOpods that come pre-filled with our own VIGGO Salts e-liquid. These are specially formulated to promote superior absorption, deliver outstanding flavour, and enable you to experience the smoothest of throat hits.

    With our VIGGO Deluxe Starter Kit, you can source everything that you need to get started with pod vaping. The Deluxe Starter Kit includes:

    • 1 x Rechargeable Viggo Device
    • 9 x Viggo Pods (3 x 3-Packs) - Choice of 3 Flavours
    • 1 x Vaper Empire Classic PU Leather Bound Pouch
    • 1 x Micro USB Power Cable
    • 1 x Australian USB Wall Adapter [0.5 Amp]

    Best Vape Pods 2020: VIGGOpods

    VIGGO Menthol Vape Pods Menthol flavoured VIGGO vape pods are available for purchase on the Vaper Empire online vape store.

    One of the biggest benefits of VIGGO vape pods is that they are relatively high capacity when compared to others available on the market. VIGGO pods come with 1.8ml of nicotine salt e-liquid whereas many of our competitors’ pods come with only 1ml.

    Our pods are also very easy to use, leak-free, and come in two nicotine strengths --- nicotine free and 3% nicotine. One of the benefits of nicotine salt e-liquid is that a little goes a long way; you don’t need high concentrations of nicotine in-order to satisfy your cravings. Both types of our VIGGO e-liquid pods come in a variety of different flavours, too.

    Finally, unlike with some of the other vape pods that are out there, VIGGO disposable pods do not require you to maintain or change any vape coils. Thus, they provide a convenient and hassle-free vaping experience.

    What Are Nicotine Salts?

    Most vape pods, including our own, use a ‘new’ type of e-liquid called nicotine salt e-liquid (or “nic salts”) rather than conventional “freebase nicotine”. These are specifically designed for lower-power pod vape systems because they vapourise at a lower temperature.

    To create nicotine salt e-liquid, regular “freebase” nicotine (which is extracted from tobacco) is mixed with benzoic acid. This acid reduces the pH level of nicotine to make it less alkaline. Not only does this help it vapourise at a lower temperature but it also mitigates the harsh throat “hit” experienced with regular nicotine e-liquid with higher nicotine concentrations while still helping to satisfy nicotine cravings.

    Overall, nicotine salts deliver more satisfaction for vapers, reduce cravings, have a smoother throat “hit”, and taste better. We recommend reading this article to learn more about nicotine salt e-liquids.

    Owing to being relatively new to the vaping market, there are fewer options when it comes to flavour. As they grow in popularity, however, more and more nic salt e-liquid flavours will start to hit the market. Nicotine salts also have less of a “fun” factor, however, this shouldn’t matter to the majority. Vape pods are designed to deliver a discreet and satisfactory vaping experience; they are not designed for people who want to create thick clouds, perform tricks, or compete in vaping competitions. If these factors are important to you, you will be better served by more advanced devices such as powerful vape pens and box mods.

    Want to Try the Best Pod Vape of 2020?

    If you think that our VIGGO device is the right one for you and you would like to try it out, head to the Vaper Empire online store where you will be able to order yourself a convenient starter kit that comes with everything you need to start vaping pods with or without nicotine.

    At Vaper Empire, we provide vapers down under with access to a wide variety of premium vaping products, including vapes, vape juice, accessories, and replacement parts like coils and refill cartridges. We ship our products to customers across New Zealand and Australia, utilizing express shipping to ensure fast delivery. Our AU-based customer support team is ready to answer any questions you may have!

  • How To Throw Away Vape Pods

    Vape pods are the latest craze in the vaping world and are quickly becoming one of the most popular vaping products available on the market. Because they are relatively new, people naturally have lots of questions about what they are and how to use them.

    One question we are commonly coming across is how to throw away vape pods when you are done with them, and what’s the easiest and most environmentally friendly way to throw away other components such as dead batteries and coils.

    If you are an ex-smoker, you will be familiar with the straightforward process of stubbing out a cigarette and disposing of it in the nearest, most convenient, and suitable receptacle. Disposing of vaping-related devices and waste isn’t quite as simple. Fortunately, e-cigs and vape products last a lot longer than cigarettes and so you won’t need to throw stuff away as often.

    As more and more people turn to vaping, it is becoming more important that we as users dispose of our vape waste in a more responsible way.

    Vaping and the Environment

    Over the past few years, there has been an increasing environmentally-friendly trend. Now more than ever, consumers are aware of the impact they have on the planet and are making conscious decisions to be greener.

    With tens of millions of people worldwide now vaping, and as the number of e-cigarette users continues to grow steadily, the question of responsibly disposing of and recycling vaping devices and other used vaping products is one that we must consider seriously.

    Due to the quick turnover and sheer volume of components manufactured for vaping devices, without attention given to their responsible disposal, there could be serious damage caused to the environment by their use in the long-term.

    How to Throw Away E-Cigarette Batteries

    The batteries that power your vape pods and other vaping devices to provide you with a hit of nicotine are made from all sorts of chemicals and components. Therefore, it is very important that you dispose of these properly, even when they are dead and no longer work. This is because many of the components – lithium, for one – are harmful to the environment, and battery acid can cause extensive damage should it leak from a ruptured battery and seep into the ground.

    Due to the toxic nature of batteries, you should avoid throwing them into your regular waste bin. If you do this, they will be carted off to a landfill site where they have the potential to cause untold damage to the environment. While your battery alone won’t do much damage, if everyone’s start winding up on landfill sites then the harmful impact increases drastically.

    So, what can you do?

    Well, there are plenty of options.

    Many supermarkets and recycling centres have designated disposal points for batteries. These are your best bet because the batteries are taken away to a purpose-built facility where they can be broken down and either disposed of or recycled in a way that does not cost the Earth.

    Your local area is sure to have some sort of place where you can go to dispose of your old batteries. You do not need to find a specific disposal point for e-cigarette batteries either; they can go in the same recycling points as regular batteries.

    Whatever you do, do not throw your batteries in the rubbish bin. This is by far the most irresponsible way to get rid of them.

    How to Recycle Vape Pods, Cartridges, and Refillable Tanks

    When it comes to recycling other components such as your vape pods, cartridges, and tanks, you should still take care to make sure you are recycling them responsibly. Although the disposal of these components does not need quite as much care and attention as batteries, you can’t just go ahead and throw everything into the recycling bin.

    Separate any glass and plastic accordingly and dispose of these in suitable receptacles. In addition, make note of the type of plastic your component is made from and check to ensure you can put it in your regular recycling. Some types of plastic must be processed separately to others. You can figure this out by looking for a discerning mark, usually on the bottom of a pod or plastic casing and using the internet to find out what this means. Depending on where you’re from in the world, different marks can mean different things.

    Prior to recycling your vape pods and other components, be sure to clean away any e-liquid or e-liquid residue that has been leftover. This is because e-liquid, especially those containing nicotine, can be harmful to the environment and it can make the recycling process more difficult.

    Our VIGGO Series vape pods, known as VIGGOpods, are recyclable. At Vaper Empire, we care about the environment, which is why we strongly recommend that all of our customers recycle their used VIGGOpods once the e-liquid inside of them has been depleted.

    How to Recycle E-Liquid Bottles

    Depending on where you are in the world, your e-liquid bottles will either be made of glass or plastic. In the European Union, for example, EU TPD e-cigarette regulations require all e-liquid bottles to be made from plastic. These are much easier to recycle than glass bottles and most can be thrown in the regular recycling bin… but as we mentioned above, be sure to check which type of plastic it is made from first. Glass e-liquid bottles can be thrown in with the regular glass recycling.

    Before you recycle your e-liquid bottles, make sure that you have washed them out so that any e-liquid residue has been cleaned away. You do not need to remove any of the bottle’s paper or markings before putting it in the recycling.

    Need to Buy Replacement Components?

    If you have recently had a battery die on you and need a replacement or have gone through the last of your e-liquid, visit the Vaper Empire vape store today to source a high-quality replacement.

    At Vaper Empire, we design, manufacture and retail our own bespoke range of premium vaping products. Everything is manufactured in a high-quality facility and shipped out quickly to our customers across Australia and New Zealand. We are often regarded as Australia's premier retailer of premium vaping goods, and our brand is recognised by Australian vapers everywhere.

  • What Is Nicotine Salt E-Liquid

    It seems that with every passing week, the vaping industry is constantly evolving. We are always seeing new devices, improved products, and other innovations hitting the market. One of the most recent innovations to take the vaping industry by storm is e-liquid made with nicotine salts.

    Nicotine salts e-liquid, or “nic salt” vape juice, is a relatively new type of vaping product which was designed for pod vapes and other all-in-one kits. As vape pods have grown in popularity, so too have nicotine salt e-liquids. They are made using nicotine salt, a type of nicotine that naturally forms in leaf tobacco and is considered to be the more stable form of the substance.

    What Are Nicotine Salts?

    Nicotine salts are created when nicotine base is combined with an acid. This process creates a salt nicotine solution which reduces the harshness of the throat “hit” on higher strength nicotine vape juice.

    Don’t be confused by our use of the term “salt” – in chemistry, a salt is the result of a reaction between an acid and a base. Nicotine salt is not the same (or even similar to) the type of salt you will be thinking of, the one that goes on food!

    Freebase Nicotine vs Nicotine Salts

    Regular nicotine (also called “freebase nicotine”) is directly extracted from tobacco. During the extraction process, all the impurities that exist are stripped away. This leaves you with nicotine in its purest form, and it is this type of nicotine that is used in most e-liquids.

    This form of “freebase” nicotine is used in virtually every e-liquid available on the market today; it has a high alkalinity (a pH level of around seven or eight) meaning that the throat hit is more severe – the higher the nicotine strength, the harsher it becomes.

    By carefully infusing acids into freebase nicotine, however, nicotine salt is created. This reduces the pH level of the nicotine solution, reducing the severity of the “hit” at the same time. This means that there is less throat irritation which is ideal for newbie vapers. It also means that vapers can use higher nicotine salt strengths without having to cope with a rough throat hit.

    This is generally achieved through the use of benzoic acid which reduces the pH levels of nicotine. Benzoic acid also allows nicotine salt to vapourise at a much lower temperature (making it ideal for use in low-power devices like vape pods) and causes a reaction which allows nicotine salt to be absorbed easily by the body. Thanks to benzoic acid, most vapers are able to easily handle higher nicotine strengths.

    Advantages of Nicotine Salts

    Nicotine salts have distinct pros and cons that you should be aware of. Some of the advantages include:

    Overall Satisfaction

    Vapers who try conventional freebase e-liquids for the first time sometimes find that they do not get the same level of satisfaction than they would with regular cigarettes. This can potentially lead to relapsing and starting smoking again, which isn’t an ideal situation. Nicotine salts, as a result of their design, make it easier to satisfy cravings.

    A Smoother Hit

    Conventional freebase e-liquids can be too harsh on the throat for some beginner vapers. While some cigarette companies mask this harshness via menthol or eugenol, this isn’t present in most e-liquids and so vape juices tend to be less smooth on the throat. Nicotine salt liquids are a lot smoother, however, and this can make a huge difference.

    No Impact on Flavour

    Conventional freebase e-liquid flavours are noticeably impacted by freebase nicotine. In contrast, nicotine salt has virtually no impact on the overall flavour. This means that the vaping experience becomes much richer and more enjoyable because flavours are not being hampered.

    Get More Nicotine

    When you vape regular e-liquid, most people wouldn’t go far above solutions with a nicotine strength above 18mg/mL because the hit would be too harsh. With nicotine salts, however, most people who can handle the “nicotine light” liquids (e.g. 3mg/mL – 9mg/mL) will be able to handle nicotine salts as high as 25mg/mL – 50mg/mL. This is great for people who struggle to satisfy their cravings through freebase nicotine e-liquids without wreaking havoc on their throats.

    Disadvantages of Nicotine Salts

    Nicotine salts aren’t perfect, though. These are a few of the disadvantages:

    Fewer Options

    Nicotine salt e-liquids are more limited than conventional e-liquids because users of salts will only be able to use devices such as vape pods and some lower-powered pens. Nicotine salts simply cannot be used in more powerful sub-ohm and modded vaping devices.

    Less of the ‘Fun’ Factor

    Nicotine salts are perfect for people that want function over form and aren’t too fussed about creating large clouds of vapour. If all you need is a strong dose of nicotine and are looking for something that mimics the cigarette-like experience, nicotine salts are fine. For others, not so much.

    Best Devices for Nicotine Salts

    We cannot stress this enough --- nicotine salts should only be used in smaller, low wattage devices like pod system vapes. They are not suitable for use in high-powered devices, period. Do not use nicotine salts in any kind of high-powered device such as a sub-ohm or box mod device. This is because vape salts are chemically different from regular e-liquids and using them in unsuitable devices could cause damage.

    If you are looking for an extremely portable and small device that can be used on the go, vape pods used in conjunction with nicotine salt e-liquids are your best bet. Their more concentrated nature means that you can satisfy your cravings in smaller and more controlled doses, and you won’t be “that guy” blowing obnoxiously large clouds of vapour in public.

    Want to Try Nicotine Salts?

    If you think that nicotine salt e-liquid might be the right type for you, check out our range of these and related products at Vaper Empire.

    Our nicotine salts have been designed for use with our VIGGO pod system, which puts the power and ease-of-use of a Vaper Empire vaporiser in the palm of your hand. VIGGO vape pods are available in multiple flavours and multiple strengths, with each pod arriving pre-filled with 1.8 ml of Vaper Empire premium e-liquid.

    Visit our online vape store to see our complete range of vapes.

  • How To Properly Store Your Vape Juice

    Like many of the food products that you consume, e-liquid contains organic components like nicotine and VG that need to be stored properly in order to maintain their freshness. This guide explains what you need to know in order to properly store your vape juice and preserve its freshness and flavour for as long as possible.

    Before we get into all that, let's examine what happens when you don't store your vape juice the way you should.

    What Happens When E-Juice Goes Bad?

    When you fail to store your e-liquid in a proper fashion, the results are less than favourable. Once the nicotine or vegetable glycerin (VG) go bad, the e-liquid begins to taste and smell sour. For fruity vape juices, this is a particularly common occurrence. Fortunately, the process of degradation can be slowed down with proper storage techniques.

    How To Properly Store E-Liquid

    In order to prolong the life of your vape juice and preserve its flavour for as long as possible, there are three things that you want to prevent from coming in contact with your e-juice. These three things to avoid are:

    • Heat
    • Air
    • Light

    When vape juice is exposed to heat, air, or light, it decays faster than it needs to. This is why you should make a point to keep your e-liquid in a dark, cool place. While a cabinet or drawer that's kept at room temperature will suffice, many vapers choose to keep their e-liquids in a refrigerator or freezer.

    If you're considering freezing your e-liquid to help preserve its freshness, you may be wondering whether or not it'll actually freeze and need to be thawed before it can be used. As it turns out, e-liquid does not freeze. However, it does become thick as it increases in viscosity, which is why we recommend giving it some time to warm up before using it if you're pulling it out of the freezer after it's been stored for some time.

    The Best Way To Store Vape Juice

    The best way to store your e-juice is to place it in a freezer. This prevents air and light from coming into contact with the juice, which helps prevent oxidization. As a result, ingredients like the nicotine inside of it stay fresh longer. Storing it in a freezer also helps keep it cool, much more so than simply storing it in a fridge.

    For e-liquid that you use often, like a bottle that's already open, the fridge may very well be the most convenient place to store it as there's no need to wait for it to warm up before using it. But for long-term storage, the best solution is to simply freeze it.

    Best E-Liquid Storage Containers

    When it comes to choosing what type of container to store your vape juice in, the ideal solution is to use a container made out of glass, such as a glass bottle. For short-term storage, plastic containers are more than adequate. Whenever possible, opt for a dark container rather than a clear/transparent one because it helps keep the light out.

    You can browse our wide selection of e-liquids here.

  • What Is Pod Vaping?

    Pod vaping is a pretty new concept; it is one of the latest vaping innovations in the world of vaping and many people are still unfamiliar with what it is. As more and more people discover it, though, it is rapidly growing in popularity as it is a convenient “middle ground” between basic e-cig cig-a-like devices and more complicated and powerful vape pens and mods.

    What is a Pod Vaping System?

    A pod vaping system is a sort-of miniature vape that comes with a cartridge that holds e-liquid. This cartridge, known as the vape pod, snaps tightly into a compact battery which powers the device and holds all its components such as the wick and coil.

    Once the two components are snapped together, the device can be used just like an e-cig – you take a drag from it and exhale the vapour that it produces. Some pod systems also have button-powered batteries which are more often found on vape pens and box mods, meaning that you have to hold it down to take a drag.

    How Do Pod Systems Work?

    Pod systems use a “pod” instead of a tank or atomiser like you would find in other e-cigs and vapes; this pod performs the same function and works in the same way as a tank and atomiser do. It holds the e-liquid until it is soaked up by the wick where it is turned into inhalable vapour by the coil. The vapour then enters your mouth via the mouthpiece.

    Aside from the pod setup, the rest of the device is virtually the same as a standard e-cig or vape. Because they are smaller, pod vapes generally have smaller batteries – typically with a capacity around the 300 mAh range – and produce less vapour than high-powered devices like box mods. This makes them better suited for casual users who aren’t too bothered about massive clouds and huge hits. While many pod vapes don't allow for any sort of customisation of the vaping experience, our Viggo Series pod vape provides vapers with variable voltage temperature control, putting the power to choose the voltage in the hands of the user. With a rechargeable 400 mAh battery, our Viggo pod system has more than enough power to last the average vaper multiple days when fully charged. You can learn more about our Viggo Series pod vape system here.

    How Long Do Vape Pods Last?

    It is hard to answer this question definitively – it is circumstantial and depends on your vaping habits.

    Generally speaking, most people will find that their vape pods last them anywhere between three-to-five days with standard use. By standard use, we mean somebody who uses their vape about as often as a typical smoker – those who vape a few times each day as opposed to multiple times each hour. Those who vape constantly or multiple times each hour may find that their pods run out as quickly as one-to-two days, if not sooner.

    Because pods typically contain between 1ml and 3ml of e-juice, they often run out of vape liquid faster than the large vape tanks like the 4.5ml tank that our Vibe Series is equipped with. However, due to their small size, which adds to their portability, many vapers find that it's easy to carry around a spare pod or two as a backup in case the pod they're using runs out of e-juice.

    Which E-Liquids Do Pod Systems Use?

    You can use any type of e-liquid with a pod system. That being said, it is nicotine salt e-liquid that works best with vape pods, and most closed system pods will come with this type of e-liquid in them.

    Nicotine salt is a type of nicotine that forms naturally in the tobacco leaf and is generally thought to be the more stable form of nicotine. The specially formulated nic salts that we use here at Vaper Empire to fill our Viggo Series vape pods is designed to be vaporised at lower temperatures than normal nic salts.

    Nicotine salt e-liquids, as a general rule of thumb, should not be used with high-powered or sub-ohm devices as the wattage in such devices is too high.

    Want to Try Pod Vaping for Yourself?

    At Vaper Empire, we have designed and engineered our own innovative pod system, the VIGGO. The new VIGGO pod system and its corresponding VIGGOpods are available in multiple e-liquid flavours and nicotine strengths. You can choose between two VIGGO pod system vape starter kits, Standard and Deluxe. Both kits come with everything you need to start vaping pods today.

    We also stock a range of other high-quality bespoke products and e-liquids, guaranteed to please even the most discerning of vaping connoisseurs. Our range of high-quality vaping products also includes accessories, starter kits, vape pens, cig-a-like kits, and more. We ship all of our products straight to our customers across Australia and New Zealand.

    Visit the Vaper Empire online store to find out more.

  • How Long Do Vape Pods Last?

    Vape pods are quickly becoming one of the most popular vaping products on the market today. However, many people still have plenty of questions about them, such as how long it takes for a vape pod to run out of juice and need replacing.

    Unfortunately, this is not an answer that can be given a certain answer.

    How long it takes you to get through a vape pod depends entirely on a multitude of factors that are influenced by your vaping habits. The short answer is “it depends”. Obviously, somebody who only uses their vape pod once or twice per day will find that they last longer than somebody who uses their vape pod multiple times per hour.

    For vapers using our VIGGO Series pod system, it's easy to tell when it's time to change your pod. Simply detach the pod in use from the device battery and take a quick look at it in order to determine how much e-liquid is left inside of it. Thanks to the transparent design of VIGGOpods, it's easy to tell when it's time for a fresh pod. A quick glance is all it takes to know exactly when it's time to replace the pod. VIGGOpods will last the average vaper between 3 and 4 days.

    Being Aware of Your Vaping Habits

    The amount you are vaping per day can help you predict how long it will take you to get through your vape pod, and it is a good idea to record or otherwise keep track of this. By being aware of your vaping habits and tracking your consumption, you can become a smarter user, a better vaper, and see your vape pods and equipment lasting much longer.

    Although we cannot provide a definitive answer to the question “How long do vape pods last?”, we can provide some general guidance and advice.

    Generally speaking, most vape pods will last anywhere between three-to-five days with standard use. By standard use, we mean somebody who vapes in a frequency equivalent to an average smoker – those who pick up their vape pods a few times per day rather than multiple times per hour. Somebody who vapes constantly or multiple times per hour could see their vape pods running out in as little as one-to-two days.

    By simply tracking your e-liquid usage, you can usually figure out a rough estimate of how often you will need to replace your pods. If you are getting through your pods in an average of three days, then it is safe to assume that each time day-three rolls around, you should have a new pod or replacement e-liquid ready to go.

    How to Know When A Vape Pod is Running Out

    One of the most important aspects of using a vape pod is knowing what the warning signs of an empty or nearly empty vape pod are --- there are three classic signs.

    Less Flavour

    The first is a loss of flavour. If you notice that your vape juice’s flavour is a lot weaker than you are used to, then your pod is probably on its last legs. This is because there is little-to-no e-juice left in the pod and thus there is almost nothing for the device to vapourise. Alternatively (or at the same time!) you may get hit by a bitter or burnt taste.

    Less Vapour

    The second sign that you need to replace your vape pod is a reduction in the amount of vapour emitted from your vape pod device. The reason for this is obvious --- there is no e-juice for your pod to turn into vapour therefore emissions are reduced.

    Dry Hits

    The third and final sign is a dry hit. This is possibly the worst way to find out that you need a new pod, because you take a drag on your pod and instead of the sweet and satisfying experience you are used to, a very strong and harsh burnt taste, almost similar to that of smoking, hits the back of your throat. When this happens, your device’s components may have been damaged because it is a sign the coil has burned out.

    How Much E-Liquid Do Vape Pods Hold?

    A vape pod's cartridge, sometimes known as a "topper" because it slots into the battery and sits on top of the system, is what holds a pod system's e-liquid. Whilst the cartridge's total volume varies between different manufacturers, we typically see pods being able to hold between 1ml and 3ml of e-liquid.

    Although this does not sound like a whole lot of e-liquid, it is enough for most 'standard' vapers who use their devices passively throughout the day. For more 'hardcore' vapers who like long and in-depth sessions, the smaller capacity could be problematic.

    If you fall into the latter 'hardcore' category, just make sure that you are always carrying a bottle of e-liquid with you so that you can top up your pod's cartridge when you need to. If you use a disposable pod system like our Viggo Series, then make sure you're always carrying around an extra pod in case the one you're using runs out of e-juice.

    There are also a few tips you can use to help your pod's e-liquid last longer.

    How to Make Vape Pods Last Longer

    If you are looking for ways to make your pods last longer, we have some basic recommendations that could go a long way:

    • Pay attention when using your pods. Distraction can lead to longer, unnecessary drags that use up more e-liquid.
    • If you are an ex-smoker and find that you need to take longer drags to satisfy your cravings, try using an e-liquid with a higher nicotine concentration.
    • Occasionally clean and maintain your device to make sure that it is operating at the most efficient level. Unmaintained devices waste more e-liquid.
    • If you can, use e-liquids with lower VG concentrations. The lower the VG concentration, the better it soaks into the wick.
    • Choose less sweet and colourful e-liquids. These tend to contain sugars which caramelise and cause residue to build up in the device, shortening its life.

    Check Out Our Range of Vape Pods

    At Vaper Empire, we stock a high-quality range of our own bespoke vape pods and e-liquids that are designed based on feedback from our customers. Our disposable pods contain 1.8ml of high-quality Vaper Empire e-juice and for our nicotine vaping customers, each pod is infused with nicotine salts that are specially formulated for enhanced throat hit and improved absorption.

    We also sell a range of high-quality accessories, starter kits, vape pens, and other vaping products that we ship straight to our customers in mainland Australia.

    Visit the Vaper Empire vape store to find your perfect e-cigarette!

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