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  • How To Choose The Right E Cigarette

    You’ve seen people vaping and want to try it for yourself. It’s simple enough, right? Just swap out your cigarette for an e-cig or other vape device and that’s it, you’re done. Any old e-cig will do the job. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

    There are thousands of different e-cigarette and vaping devices made by hundreds of manufacturers, if not more, and each one is different from the next.

    Choosing an e-cig or vape as a first-time user can be a difficult and stressful task. Unless you have prior knowledge of these devices or have a friend who also uses one, chances are that you’ll be taking shots in the dark if you buy one without doing your research first. It can be so complicated, in fact, that you may think that reverting to simple cigarettes is the easiest option, especially when words like “box mod” and “atomiser” are thrown around like they’re universally understood.

    Whilst choosing your e-cig is not the easiest thing in the world to do, the process is made a whole lot easier when some thought and time is put into your decision making. That is why we have made this brief guide to help you decide which type of e-cigarette you should buy.

    Decide Which Style of E-Cig You Need

    There are a variety of styles of e-cigs and vapes. They range from miniature models that look like real cigarettes like our V-Pack II to large ‘box mod’ style e-cigs that look more technical and are designed for more advanced vapers.

    While all e-cigs work in the same way – by heating up e-liquid to produce vapour that is then inhaled and subsequently exhaled – there are big differences between different device types.

    1. Cig-a-likes

    Vaper Empire V-Pack II Series E-Cigarette Kit The V-Pack II Series by Vaper Empire is an easy to use e-cigarette kit in the cig-a-like style. Compact, simple, and refined.

    Cig-a-like devices look similar to tobacco cigarettes. They have small batteries with the healing coil and e-liquid contained in a cartomiser. These are used in the same way as a real cigarette – you take a long drag before exhaling. Two of the big benefits that they offer is portability and ease of use. For smokers and former smokers, they can be very easy to use as they look a lot like the cigarettes that they aim to replace and they're used in much the same fashion, only without the need for a lighter. Attach a cartomiser (cartridge containing e-liquid) to the e-cig battery and start puffing - that's all there is to it. At Vaper Empire, we offer one of the best cig-a-like devices on the market, our V-Pack II Series, which is designed with ease of use and quality of vapour in mind.

    2. Vape pens and smaller tank systems

    These move away from the cigarette-like appearance and have a size that is similar to that of a marker pen, hence the name ‘vape pen’.

    They include a refillable tank to store e-liquid and replaceable coils, and the batteries last a lot longer than those in a typical cig-a-like device. Unlike most cig-a-likes, these devices begin vaporising e-liquid when you press and hold a button. At Vaper Empire, we have a number of different e-liquid vape pens to choose from, including our compact Vantage Series and our variable voltage V-Twist Series.

    3. Vape mods and larger tank systems

    These are the biggest type of e-cigarette and come in a range of shapes and sizes. These days, they are mostly box-shaped, hence the name ‘box mod’, and work as a bigger tank system with bigger, longer-lasting batteries.

    They have a higher capacity in their tanks for e-juice and they generally produce bigger, thicker clouds of vapour. They often have adjustable settings too, such as airflow and variable voltage control. They are also the most expensive type of e-cig and can cost anything from $30 all the way into the hundreds.

    At Vaper Empire, we take a user-friendly approach to box vapes with our Vibe Series, which offers the power you'd expect from a vape mod without the hassles many have come to expect. It's equipped with a high-capacity tank, 2000mAh rechargeable vape battery, and a single button that controls all of its operations.

    4. Pod vape systems

    Vaper Empire VIGGO Series Pod Vape The VIGGO Series pod vape is the latest e-cigarette from Vaper Empire. Easy to use, ultra portable, and long-lasting. The perfect vape.

    While there are those who prefer cig-a-likes due to their small size and ease of use, pod vape systems are quickly becoming the new cig-a-like for many vapers around the world. Pod vapes, like cig-a-likes, offer a high level of portability due to their compact size and are similarly easy to use, but offer more powerful batteries, higher capacity tanks known as vape pods, and better throat hit and vapour flavour thanks to their use of nicotine salts. If a pod vape sounds like the right e-cigarette for you then take a look at our new VIGGO Series pod system.

    Things to Think About

    It doesn’t matter who you are, there are factors that you need to consider when looking for the best e-cig that fits your needs. It is worth accounting for all these factors so that you can make the most informed purchasing decision.

    Ease of Use

    How important is the device's ease of use to you?

    Cig-a-likes are the simplest devices. All you need to do is screw in the cartomiser into the battery and use it like a normal cigarette (only without lighting the end with a flame). When you’ve finished the cartomiser, you throw it away and screw a new one in its place.

    Tank systems aren’t much harder either. The key difference is that you have a tank that you refill with e-liquid. With tank systems, coils can wear out and they’ll occasionally need changing. They also need to be cleaned semi-regularly. Therefore, they are more hands-on.

    Bigger mods and tank systems are more complex and aren’t ideal for newbie vapers. These often have displays screens, multiple buttons, and are far more delicate.

    Pod vapes are as easy to use as cig-a-likes and nearly as compact, but they offer more battery power, improved vapour output, and more e-liquid in their cartomisers (pods).


    Although each packet of cigarettes is ready-to-use, when you are just beginning to vape, you need to get an e-cig, a charger, a tank and some e-liquid. The running costs of vaping – mainly buying new coils and e-liquid – are very low, but you need to invest when you first get started. Depending on the device you choose, initial costs can be quite high.

    Setting yourself a budget is important and it plays a key role in helping you decide on the device that you start your own vaping journey with. Think about how much you will be vaping and how this will factor in over time, too.

    Device Longevity

    If you are going to be using your vape a lot throughout the day, you want a device with a battery that is going to last. You also want a device that isn’t going to burn through your e-liquid after only a few hours.

    The amount you are going to vape is comparable to how heavy a smoker you are.

    For light smokers, a cig-a-like device is likely to be sufficient, however, you may want to use a vape pen or similar device for the extra features they have to offer. For heavier smokers, you will definitely need a vape pen or an entry-level box mod device; cig-a-likes will not cut it and they will run out very quickly. Alternatively, heavy smokers can also opt for a pod vape, as pod vapes like our new VIGGO Series provide ample battery life, easily surpassing what a typical cig-a-like can offer.

    Shopping for E-Cig Products

    At Vaper Empire, we have a varied range of products developed in-house by our own team of specialist designers. Unlike some brands, however, we don’t create hundreds of different product lines. Instead, we have a small number of product lines – from cig-a-like devices to our own take on the ‘box mod’ – to help keep things simple. There is something for everyone.

    To find out more, head on over to the Vaper Empire online store where you will find a range of products, accessories, e-liquids, starter kits, and more. At Vaper Empire, you will find everything that you need to begin vaping.

  • How Much Is A 3 Month Supply Of E-Liquid

    There is a whole lot of conflicting information online surrounding Australian vaping laws, and it is something we have covered in great depth here at Vaper Empire.

    One thing that Australia is famous for is its tough stance when it comes to smoking and, consequently, vaping. When compared to other countries all around the world, Australia stands out as something of an anomaly. Although it is not illegal to vape in Australia (with the exception of smoke-free zones in Queensland), it is heavily regulated and as a result, it is quite a challenge to get hold of vaping products for some adult Australians.

    Getting started with vaping can be a difficult enough experience that has confused many new users, even people who have smoked before. This is because there is a lot to learn and become familiar with, including what vaping is and how everything works. Of course, we at Vaper Empire understand this which is why we design all of our e-cigs to be easy to use and also why we offer a wealth of informative guides right here on our blog.

    Australia’s laws and restrictions don’t help here. That is why we have created this quick guide that explains the current Australian legislative situation, whether nicotine e-liquids are illegal in Australia, how vapers can order it, and how much they can order, among other things.

    The Current Legislative Situation

    As it stands at the time of writing, it is against the law to purchase any e-liquids or e-cigarettes that contain nicotine for personal use from any Australian retailer located inside of Australia. This is because nicotine is classified as a schedule 7 dangerous poison under the National Poisons Standard. However, vapers in Aus can still buy nicotine-containing e-cigarettes and e-liquids by ordering them online from Vaper Empire and importing them into Australia for personal use. When you order vaping supplies from our online store, we ship them straight to you using express shipping in order to ensure fast delivery times of as little as 3-5 days.

    How to Get Nicotine E-Liquid in Australia

    Although you can’t buy it in Australia, you can buy it online from our online vape store and import it into the country for personal use. There are, however, some conditions:

    1. The total order value must fall under $1,000 AUD. This is the original undiscounted price, too. If you bought $1,100 worth of product but had 10% taken off as a promotion and only paid $990, Australian customs would still see the package's value as $1,100. Packages exceeding $1,000 may be subject to fees.
    2. You can only import up to three months' worth of vape juice and other vaping supplies in one package. If you attempt to import more than three months' worth, then your order may be seized and destroyed by Australian customs officers.
    3. You may only order nicotine-infused vaping products for personal use. You are not allowed to resell them inside of Australia.

    In any given shipment, you are allowed to order no more than the amount of e-liquid that would be needed for a three-month supply. You are allowed to make up to five orders per year. This means that you have up to a 15-month supply in any 12-month period, but no more.

    What is a Three-Month Supply?

    Unfortunately, what exactly a 3-month supply of e-cigarettes and vape juice constitutes has not yet been defined by the Australian government, nor has any clarification been given by any state officials. Therefore, the three-month supply limit is something that must be left to guesswork.

    While this is not an ideal situation, as long as you import less than 1,000mL of nicotine e-liquid (one litre) then you should have no problems getting your order through customs. As of present, we are not aware of any cases where packages containing less than this amount have been seized or hit with additional customs fees.

    Ordering Extra E-Liquid

    When you order your first three-month supply of nicotine e-liquid, it is a good idea to throw in a little bit extra as a ‘buffer’ amount (as long as you don’t order more than 1,000mL in one order, of course!)

    This is because, as a newbie vaper, you won’t know exactly how much e-liquid you will need until you start. It is important to remember that nicotine is not the only ingredient found in cigarette smoke and that if you switch from smoking to vaping, you may find that you use your e-cig more frequently at first while your body becomes used to the absence of many of the chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

    In addition to this, many new e-cig users have a lower blood-nicotine level at first. This is because they are still growing accustomed to the differences between smoking and vaping and, therefore, more nicotine may be needed to get everything balanced.

    What is Nicotine Vape Juice?

    Spring In Siberia E-Liquid Bottle Vaper Empire e-liquid is available to customers across Australia. Simply order your vape liquids from our online store and we will ship them directly to your home.

    Nicotine vape juice is any vape juice that contains a concentration of nicotine, even if it is just a trace amount. Nicotine vape juice is designed for people who are trying to quit smoking but need a way to calm their cravings without resorting to a cigarette.

    Nicotine vape juices come in a variety of nicotine concentrations---from 0mg/mL to 36mg/mL and above---to suit a range of different customers.

    At Vaper Empire, we stock the following:

    • 0mg/mL (nicotine free)
    • 3mg/mL (low);
    • 6mg/mL;
    • 12mg/mL;
    • 18mg/mL; and
    • 24mg/mL (high).

    We also now offer vape pods in 3% nicotine strength that are designed to work with our new VIGGO pod vape system.

    People who are using nicotine vape juice to quell their smoking habits tend to start at the higher end of the spectrum and then slowly bring it down in increments as their nicotine cravings begin to disappear.

    Over time, some smokers will work their way all the way down to nicotine-free vape juice once they have successfully quit smoking.

    Purchasing Nicotine Vape Juice in Australia

    At Vaper Empire, we stock one of the largest selections of high-quality vape juice, e-cigs, and accessories available for order to Australia. We are a trusted, premier seller that has satisfied thousands of customers all throughout Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

    Whether you are an experienced vaper looking for a new vape juice or are a beginner looking for a vape starter kit, there is no better place to go than our online store.

  • What Is The Best E-Cig On The Market?

    As you may be aware, an e-cig is the 'starter' device that many people use first before graduating on to more powerful and sophisticated vape pens and vape mods (that's not always the case, though---some people prefer e-cigs and stick to them.) And, as the name suggests, the humble e-cig is a vaping device that most closely replicates a real cigarette through its design and how it's operated.

    If you're just starting out on your vaping journey then one of the things you need to get sorted out straight away is getting your hands on the best e-cig possible.

    E-Cigs for Newbie Vapers

    Perfect for first-time users who are looking to quit smoking, e-cigs are small, discreet, easy to use, and highly portable. They also look and feel like a regular cigarette and this is the most helpful aspect for some people when it comes to quitting smoking.

    Sure, vape pens and vape mods are great, however, e-cigs serve an important purpose in the world of vaping.

    What's the Difference?

    If you are unsure what we mean by vape pens, mods, and e-cigs, here are their definitions:

    • E-cigs are the classic vaping devices. They are short and tubular, designed to mimic a regular cigarette in their look and feel. They deliver a basic vaping experience.
    • Vape pens that are tubular in shape and have a small tank to store e-liquid. These tend to last longer, are rechargeable, and deliver a more intense experience.
    • Vape mods, often called 'box mods', that come in several variations. They are often quite large, have a bigger tank, and have adjustable settings (e.g. voltage) to deliver a super intense experience and thicker, denser clouds.

    You may sometimes see or hear e-cigs being referred to as cig-a-likes.

    The Best E-Cig in 2019

    Vaper Empire V-Pack II Series E-Cigarette Kit The V-Pack II Series by Vaper Empire is one of the best e-cigs on the market for new vapers and former smokers.

    If you're just getting to grips with vaping, you really want to ensure a flying start by only using the very best hardware, and with the Vaper Empire V-Pack II e-cig 'cig-a-like' device that's exactly what you get!

    The V-Pack II is our answer to the classic cig-a-like device, however, it has been drastically improved. The V-Pack II is ideal for beginners who are trying to quit smoking and need a simple device that is low-maintenance, easy to use, and portable.

    With its discreet, slim, and lightweight profile, the V-Pack II is very easy to travel with and still manages to pack a punch, much more than most comparable e-cig devices. The device itself is stored in a carrying case that has been modelled on a real cigarette packet. This case charges the cig-a-like devices, too, meaning that you can use one and charge one simultaneously.

    Unlike comparable products, our cig-a-like V-Pack II is reusable and does not contribute as much to waste.

    The V-Pack II's features and properties include:

    • A combined weight (devices plus case) of 76g
    • A 1200mAh battery capacity for the case, charging in 4 hours
    • A 170mAh battery capacity for the actual device, charging in 2 hours
    • A minute size of 8.5mm x 100mm, 8,7g in weight
    • A 0.8ml detachable cartomiser that delivers approximately 400 'puffs'

    You can get the V-Pack II as a starter kit that includes everything you need:

    • One V-Pack II portable charging case
    • Two V-Pack II battery stems
    • One mini USB power cable with Australian wall adapter
    • Four V-Pack II cartomiser packs, five in each pack

    E-Cigs vs Vape Pens

    E-cigs and vape pens are two totally different devices, but they do the same thing---let the end-user vape. Whether to go with a classic e-cig or a more modern vape pen is your own choice and it is all about the overall experience that you want.

    If you are looking for a quick and easy vaping solution that is super simple to use, a classic e-cig is the way to go. They are very low-maintenance, easy to use, and convenient. In contrast, vape pens are a lot bulkier and can require occasional maintenance such as cleaning and the replacement of parts.

    We always recommend that, as first-time vapers, people start off with a simple, lower-level device such as an e-cig. That way, they can get a better feel for vaping and get to grips with the basics before using something more advanced.

    What you want to avoid doing is buying a device that is far too big and powerful for your needs, meaning that you can't use it.

    Visit the Vaper Empire Online Store

    Ready to start your very own vaping journey?

    The Vaper Empire online store has everything you need to vape. Vaping devices, vaping accessories, e-liquids made by our very own mixologists, and replacement parts, we stock it all. With immediate order processing and shipping to Australia within three to five business days, you will have your V-Pack II before you know it!

  • Where To Buy Vape Liquid

    As vaping has grown in popularity over the last few years, more and more people have decided to give it a try, however, getting the ball rolling can be confusing for complete newbies. Aside from the typical confusion that you may expect surrounding vaping like all the things you need to buy and the different types of vape juice available, there is something else---where to actually buy vape juice.

    In Australia, buying vape juice isn't as easy as popping down to your local vaping shop and filling up a basket of it, not if you want nicotine in it anyways. Unfortunately, the sale of vape juice is heavily restricted, and legislators have attempted many heavy-handed clampdowns that have confused a lot of people.

    Where To Buy Vape Liquid In Australia

    Despite the confusing laws surrounding vaping in Australia, getting hold of vape juice is actually very easy. All you need to do is place an order online with a company that is based outside of Australia, that's it!

    At Vaper Empire, we meet this criterion and we have a huge range of vape liquids for you to choose from!

    By purchasing from a supplier with its operations outside of Australia's borders you can easily buy nicotine vape liquid. Simply visit the Vaper Empire online store, fill up your basket, and pay. Our team will pack up and ship out your package to mainland Australia within as little as three-to-five business days.

    Our Vape Liquid Ranges

    At Vaper Empire, we have two vape liquid product lines: classic and artisan.

    Classic Vape Liquid

    Our Classic collection of vape liquid features tried and tested flavours that cover everything that you would expect it to. Some of the distinct and nostalgic concoctions include watermelon, tobacco, menthol, cola, and coffee.

    All our Classic e-liquid flavours are available in nicotine strengths of 0mg (nicotine free), 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg and sizes of 10ml or 30ml.

    Artisan Vape Liquid

    Our Artisan collection of vape liquid features specialist handcrafted flavours and superior flavours created by our in-house team of expert mixologists. In this collection, you will find childhood favourites such as Rhubarb & Custard alongside some of our own blends such as Velvet Elvis and Spring in Siberia.

    All our Artisan e-liquid flavours are available in nicotine strengths of 0mg (nicotine free), 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg.

    What Makes A Vape Liquid?

    Vape liquids are made up of a few key components. Unlike dirty cigarettes that contain all kinds of nasties, vape liquid tends to be made up of only:

    • Water;
    • Flavouring;
    • PG or VG (or both as a mixture); and
    • Nicotine (aside from nicotine-free e-liquid).


    Vape liquids are a water-based substance. Without any water, there could be no production of vapour. All e-liquids require at least some water to mix properly with the VG, PG, and other ingredients that comprise it.


    The amount of flavouring present depends on your e-liquid. Natural flavours (for example, fruits) are simpler than synthetic flavours (for example, bubble-gum or cinnamon roll) and so fewer of them are present.

    It is popular to get 'plain' flavourless e-liquids but these are not very popular.


    Nicotine is the chemical the most people associate with cigarettes. It is present in e-liquids so that people who desire it can get it without having to inhale cigarette smoke and the thousands of chemicals and tar that it contains.

    Over time, some ex-smokers tone down the nicotine concentration in their e-liquids until they are vaping with little-to-no nicotine at all. You can buy nicotine-free e-liquids, too. Nicotine-free liquids are a popular choice, too, and are generally used by hobbyists and tricksters who do not have any desire to vape nicotine.

    PG and VG

    PG stands for propylene glycol, a petroleum by-product. Although that sounds scary, PG is totally safe for human consumption and is recognised as such by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In vape liquids, it is used to provide the 'throat hit' that mimics the smoking of tobacco products.

    VG, on the other hand, stands for vegetable glycerine. It is a natural food-grade chemical that is derived from vegetable oils. In vape liquids, VG is used to provide the 'thick' vapour sensation on inhalation.

    PG and VG can also be found in several everyday products such as soaps and creams, shower gels, dental care products, baked goods, inhalers, and even toothpaste.

    Ready To Try Some New Vape Liquids?

    We truly believe our Classic and Artisan lines of vape liquid are amongst the best in the business---we are not recognised as Australia's premier manufacturer and retailer of vaping products for nothing!

    If you are ready to take some new flavours for a whirl, head on over to the Vaper Empire online store and pick a few out. We'll package up your order and send it to mainland Australia hassle-free within as little as three-to-five working days from placing your order.

    We also stock a huge range of our own bespoke vaping hardware, accessories, starter kits, and more!

  • Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

    If you're reading this because you are worried that your vape might taste burnt, it probably isn't… believe us, you will know when it is.

    Think of the distinct taste of a charred pile of old newspapers---it's not a nice thought, is it? Well, that's exactly what a 'burnt' vape tastes like. It races to the back of your throat and assaults your senses, temporarily paralysing them and leaving you retching out of pure disgust… it has even been known to make some people throw up.

    If this sounds like something you have experienced recently, stop vaping right now because there's a major problem with your vape that needs to be fixed.

    Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

    That's a good question. First of all, if your vape does taste burnt then don't worry. It is something that happens to all vapers every now and again and there is a very easy fix for it.

    The reason your vape has a disgusting 'burnt' taste sensation is that your vape's wick, located inside your vape's coil, has dried out and burnt up from the heat delivered by the metal coil.

    A wick is a component in a vape that soaks up vape juice from your tank or cartridge and holds on to it until it is turned into vapour. If your wick is not fully saturated with vape juice and you try to use your device, it will start to burn and result in a foul taste. The more your wick burns and chars, the worse the flavour.

    This is known as a 'dry hit' and being able to spot it early-on can avoid you burning out your wick and having to suffer from taking a hit of the 'burnt' taste.

    How Long Should My Coil Last?

    Your vape's coil and wick do not last forever---they all fail eventually. However, different people go through them at different rates. Some heavy vapers, for example, may change their coil every week whereas more passive vapers could go months without having to change it. Other factors such as which device you are using can also have an impact on coil lifespan.

    As a general rule for a general vaper who uses their device in a general way, the coil should last around two-to-three weeks. After this point, you may notice a gradual 'burnt' taste. At this point, there is very little you can do other than replace your coil. If you keep using it, the 'burnt' taste will progress to become worse and more pungent over time.

    There are three activities that can lead to a coil burning out more quickly, though:

    1. Chain vaping

    Chain vaping is where you take puff after puff without having a break in between. This is particularly problematic in new coils that haven't had any use on them yet---throwing them in at the deep end with strenuous vaping activity will cause them to burn out.

    2. Not priming a new coil

    If you don't 'prime' your fresh new coil then you will almost certainly notice a burnt taste after only the first few hits. Priming your coil is fancy speak for preparing it and getting the wick saturated prior to proper use. If you don't prime your coil then your wick will be dry, and this can lead to instant burnout.

    3. High power vaping

    If you're using an extremely powerful device then your coils won't last as long, it's that simple. Whilst vape mods and powerful vape pens are great, you need to understand that you will go through coils a lot quicker than most other people. This is because high power vapes deliver more power to the coil which generates a lot more heat.

    How to Avoid Burning Out Coils

    Aside from doing the opposite of the three common causes above, there are a few steps you can take to avoid your coils from burning out.

    1. Keep your vape tank topped up

    Remember, your coil and wick will burn out if the wick is not kept saturated. A full vape tank means that the wick, if your vape is not faulty, will remain suitably saturated and will not be burnt out by the heat produced by the coil. If your tank begins to run on empty then your wick may not be getting enough vape juice to it and could burn out.

    We recommend keeping your vape tank at least above one-quarter full at all times. If you want to change to a different vape juice, we recommend trying to time the natural expiration of your coil with when you want to make the swap.

    2. Use a vape juice with more PG

    PG is a lot thinner than VG and this means that vape juices with a higher concentration of PG can be absorbed by the wick more easily. If your vape juice is super thick and doesn't soak into the quick as quickly, you are far more likely to end up with dry puffs that subsequently burn out your wick.

    If you see a vape juice with a VG content of 70% or more, it is perhaps best to avoid it unless you know for sure that your vape can handle it.

    3. Use a vape juice with less sweetener

    Sweetener is packed full of sugar and sugar can quite easily block up your coils with gunk. Over time, this gunk will crystallise into a solid and completely obliterate your coil. A wick that is covered in gunk and crystallised sugar won't be able to absorb vape juice as easily and, you guessed it, this will burn it out.

    If you must use vape juice with high sugar content, be prepared to replace your coil a lot more frequently.

    Need Replacement Coils?

    If you've burnt out your coil and you need a quick replacement coil for your vape, head on over to the Vaper Empire online store.

    We are Australia's premier manufacturer and retailer of vaping goods including best-in-class hardware, accessories, replacement parts, and an entire library of high-quality vape juice.

  • Why Does My Vape Crackle?

    If you're new to vaping and are hearing crackling and popping sounds coming from your vape, it is understandable that you may be alarmed… but don't worry! In most cases, these sounds coming from your vape are a completely normal occurrence. You should pay close attention to these noises though because a sudden change in what you are hearing could be an indicator of other problems with your device.

    In this short guide, we are going to run you through the different noises you may hear coming from your vape, what they mean, why they happen, and if they are a cause for concern.

    What Causes Vape Crackling and Popping?

    First up, though---what causes these sounds?

    A light crackling or popping noise is a completely regular and benign occurrence. It is simply your vape juice being heated up by your e-cig or vape's coil and turned into vapour. If you can hear this sound it simply means that your vape is working as it should.

    The noise happens because cold or room temperature vape juice comes into contact with a very hot coil and reacts to it. In terms of how much noise you hear or how loud it is, that depends entirely on what sort of device you are using, how powerful the device is, and how much e-liquid is present and its type.

    Vape Power Levels

    A sub-ohm vaping device is the primary cause of an instantaneous crackle. This will cause more vape juice to condensate and less to turn into vapour, meaning there is an excess of liquid that is available to make the noise.

    You may also hear this noise on adjustable voltage vapes if your wattage is too low. This will end up flooding your atomiser and cause vape juice to spill out of the device and into your mouth.

    E-Liquid Density

    A thinner vape juice can cause a coil to become flooded, leading to more crackling and popping whereas a thicker vape juice leads to more vapour.

    However, most vape juices contain sugar which also contains cellulose. When cellulose breaks down during the burning process, the gases vapourise and make a popping sound.

    Coil Design

    Braided and twisted coils, especially those found in vape mods, have a larger surface area. This larger surface area means more vapour is produced and thus extra popping and cracking sounds are made.

    The Many Sounds of Vaping

    Knowing what a good and bad sound is can be difficult, especially as a newbie vaper. Whilst this is not a complete list (and is not a sure-fire symptom of any problems), you can use it in your diagnostic efforts as an indicator.

    'Good' Sounds

    A steady crackling and popping sound, usually accompanied by a soft hiss, is a good one. These are typically more prominent after you have just changed your atomiser (or cartomiser or clearomiser) or if the vape device you are using is brand new.

    When increasing nicotine levels you may notice that the sound changes slightly. This is also normal and occurs because increased nicotine content creates more vapour and thus the crackle and popping sounds are louder.

    'Bad' Sounds

    Although you are always going to notice a crackling sound, you need to know when it stops being a 'normal' crackling sound has turned into a problematic one.

    If your popping and crackling sounds begin to get louder, pay close attention to flavour. If you notice an unusual taste such as bitterness, it is a sign your device is getting clogged up and needs to be cleaned. Noises get louder in this case because vapourised particles build up over time and these cause a popping sound when the heat increases.

    If you notice a louder pop or crackle that is accompanied by an unpleasant and prolonged spitting sound then your device may be getting flooded with vape juice. Check to make sure that your tank isn't too full and that everything has been set up properly.

    Hearing nothing is bad news, too. You should always be able to hear a slight crackling and popping noise. If you hear zero noise when you activate your vape then there may be any number of problems, however, the most common one is that the device is simply clogged up and needs a clean.

    How To Avoid Loud Popping, Crackling, and Spitting Sounds

    You can take steps to avoid the above problems by properly looking after your vape and being aware of what can cause them.

    1. Avoid prolonged inhales

    If you take ultra-long inhales then this can cause the device to take in more vape juice than it can handle. This can damage the device and cause vape juice to leak into your mouth. Many devices have timeout functions, but some don't, so be sure to only inhale for a few seconds at most.

    2. Don't over-prime your coil

    Again, this floods the coil and causes spitting and popping noises. Don't drip too much liquid onto your wick---wet it but don't flood it---and don't prime too much with the button on a vape pen.

    3. Replace your drip tip

    You can buy drip tips that are angled and prevent spit back from being fired up into your mouth. These work by preventing vape juice from going back up. You can also get your hands on rotatable drip tips that have specialist components that also prevent spit back. Finally, you can try using a longer drip tip so even if vape juice does spit back, it won't reach your mouth.

    Visit the Vaper Empire Online Store

    Are you ready to start your own vaping 'journey' and are looking for the right products to get you off to the very best start?

    Great! We are Australia's premier manufacturer and retailer of vaping products. Simply head to our store, fill up your basket, and your products will be shipped out to you in mainland Australia within three-to-five working days.

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    Rules & Restrictions

    Vaper Empire's Black Friday & Cyber Monday coupon codes are limited to one per customer. These once a year deals on vaping supplies begin at midnight on 11/29/19 and end at midnight on 12/02/19.

    Visit our online store to start shopping now!

  • How To Use A Vape Pen

    More and more, both ex-smokers and non-smokers, are turning to vaping as a method to enjoy a huge range of vape juices, and a large number of these people are using vape pens---the natural successor to e-cigs and 'cig-a-like' devices. Vape pens, for those that don't know, are primarily used for the vaping of classic vape juices (both nicotine-based and nicotine-free).

    To say that vaping has come a very long way in the last few years would be a massive understatement, as vaping has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years.

    What Is A Vape Pen?

    A vape pen is a sort-of e-cig device that acts as a power source. When activated, the vape pen heats up vape juice located in its tank to produce vapour that can then be inhaled. Almost always, vape pens are rechargeable battery-powered devices that are long, slender, and can easily be stowed in a pocket or bag---hence why they are called 'pens'.

    It wasn't until around 2010 that we first started seeing vape pens hit the market. Since this time, however, they have grown to become the most popular type of vaping device by far, massively outpacing the classic e-cig.

    Vape pens revolutionized the vaping industry by providing a more enjoyable experience through more powerful batteries that last longer, the ability to swap and change cartridges easily, and a more powerful output that improves vapour production and leads to more intense flavours.

    The Anatomy Of A Vape Pen

    Most vape pens have the same parts. Whilst some will differ slightly and some vape pens may have more features than others, you will generally find:

    • The Battery---This is what powers the device and makes up the long 'stem'.
    • Heating Element---This is what turns vape juice into vapour.
    • Tank or Cartridge---This is where vape juice is stored. Cartridges screw on.
    • Mouthpiece---This is where you draw vapour from with your mouth.
    • Button---Used to activate the heating element and control other aspects of the device such as vaping temperature/voltage.
    • Charging Port---Typically a micro USB port where a micro USB charger attaches.

    How To Use A Vape Pen

    Another plus of the vape pen is that it is super easy to use. Before you begin, ensure that your device is fully charged and that you have filled it up with some vape juice as per the pen's instructions.

    It is likely that your vape pen is button-activated. If it is, then click this button a few times in quick succession to turn the device on. If you don't see a button then your device is draw activated and works when you begin to use the device by lightly sucking in from the mouthpiece.

    When using a vape pen that is button-activated, make sure that you only press the button when you are ready to inhale. If you hold the button down too soon and for too long, the vapour could become very hot and this can damage your vape pen. Many pens will cut off after a pre-set amount of time for the sake of user safety and to prevent damage to the device.

    To use your pen, simply place your mouth over the mouthpiece and hold down the button whilst drawing the vapour in. You can then let go of the button, move the vape pen out of your way and exhale---using one is that easy… foolproof, almost.

    Whilst using a vape pen is easy enough, there are a few tips to be mindful of:

    • Don't take too hard of a drag because this can ruin your hit.
    • New pens may need their buttons pressed a few times to activate them.
    • Avoid filling e-liquid tanks all the way to the top.
    • Don't overdo your vape as this may burn out your atomizer.
    • Read your device's instructions to see if there is a specific safety protocol or button pattern that you must use to activate it.

    Vape Pen Features

    Many vape pens come as you would expect---a standard device with a single button that is used to activate the heating element and create vapour.

    However, some devices come with additional features such as voltage control and airflow vents that can be used to 'customise' the overall vaping experience. At Vaper Empire, for example, our V-Twist Vape Pen comes with both these features.

    Using the V-Twist as an example, voltage control allows you to adjust the pen's voltage between 3.2V and 4.8V whereas airflow can be adjusted by opening and closing a small vent. For a more subtle experience with smaller and more discreet clouds, open the airflow vent and tone down your voltage. For a more intense experience and/or to produce the thickest possible vape clouds, turn up the voltage and close the airflow vent.

    Vape Pens vs Vape Mods

    People often get vape pens and 'vape mods' confused; they are two very different devices.

    'Vape mods' are the next step up from vape pens. They deliver the ultimate vaping experience and are designed for advanced vapers. This is because vape mods are extremely powerful and multifunctional devices that are designed to provide the biggest hit and produce the thickest possible clouds while offering a level of customisation that's simply not found anywhere in vaping hardware.

    Vape mods often have larger and more powerful batteries, bigger tanks, and a more potent flavour profile. Their component parts (e.g. coils, wicks, etc.) are often different, too.

    We don't recommend using vape mods until you have experienced and gotten comfortable with vape pens.

    Ready To Buy Your Own Vape Pen?

    At Vaper Empire, we have a range of vape pens to suit every type of user. From the simple pens that deliver a basic experience to advanced adjustable pens with variable controls, we have you covered.

    We also stock a massive range of vaping accessories, a library of e-liquids, and replacement parts such as coils and atomizers.

    As Australia's premier manufacturer and retailer of vaping hardware and vape-related products, there is nowhere better to shop. Visit the Vaper Empire online store to learn more about us!

    Not sure which vape pen to get? Take a look at our recommendations for the best vape pen for e-liquid, for cloud chasing, for nicotine, and for quitting smoking.

  • How Much Nicotine Is In Vape Juice

    One of the most common queries asked by newbie vapers is how much nicotine is in vape juice? This is hardly surprising, though; nicotine is a hugely important component of vape juice that is central in helping people quit smoking and live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

    If you fall into this category---a smoker who is trying to quit---then it is important that you know how much nicotine vape juice contains. This is so you can control how much nicotine gets into your body and then adjust it down over time as your cravings begin to disappear and your urge to smoke slowly fades away.

    Nicotine 101: Why Is It In Vape Juice?

    Nicotine, as you may well know, is the addictive substance found in cigarettes. It is what causes smokers to get 'hooked' on them. Subsequently, smokers who are looking to quit smoking with the help of vaping typically require vape juice that contains nicotine in order to satisfy their nicotine cravings.

    What is Nicotine?

    Nicotine is a stimulant that is naturally produced by the nightshade family of plants. It is known to be addictive and one of the most commonly abused substances (via smoking), with the average cigarette containing around 2mg of absorbed nicotine.

    When smokers initially quit, their withdrawal symptoms will peak and worsen suddenly and then gradually improve over time to a more normal and manageable state.

    Why is Nicotine in Vape Juice?

    Nicotine is used in vape juice to help people stop smoking.

    As we mentioned above, it is the nicotine that is the addictive substance found in cigarettes. It is the nicotine that is believed to cause people to become addicted to smoking.

    By adding nicotine to vape juice and vaping it, ex-smokers who are trying to quit can satisfy their nicotine 'cravings' that would otherwise cause them to light up a cigarette. By using vape juice that contains nicotine, you can fend off these cravings without ever lighting a cigarette.

    Over time, by using vape juice with nicotine, your urge to smoke may decrease and eventually, it may no longer exist. As this urge to smoke subsides, you can progressively move to vape juices with lower nicotine concentrations.

    How Much Nicotine Is In Vape Juice?

    That depends! Vape juices come in all different concentrations of nicotine, from 0mg/mL (nicotine-free) to as much as 36mg/mL or more (very heavy in nicotine).

    Generally speaking, you will find vape juice in the following nicotine quantities:

    • 0mg/mL
    • 3mg/mL
    • 6mg/mL
    • 12mg/mL
    • 18mg/mL
    • 24mg/mL
    • 30mg/mL
    • 36mg/mL

    Nicotine strength is measured in milligrams per millilitre. So, in a 100ml bottle of e-liquid, a 12mg nicotine strength would mean that the bottle is 1.2% nicotine by volume. In a 10ml bottle of e-liquid with a strength of 24mg, there will be 240mg of nicotine in total.

    Obviously, the nicotine vape juices with higher concentrations per millilitre of vape juice are designed for heavier smokers whereas those with lower concentrations are designed for more casual or 'social' smokers.

    Nicotine-free vape juice is designed for people who want to participate in vaping, for example simply because they enjoy it, but don't need the nicotine because they are not an ex-smoker or have completely kicked the habit and no longer have nicotine cravings.

    We do not recommend that non-smokers use a vape juice that contains nicotine; you simply do not need it. There is no point introducing nicotine to your body if it has never been exposed to it.

    At Vaper Empire, we sell vape juice in nicotine concentrations of 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. 24mg is, in our experience, suitable for the majority of heavy smokers.

    Choosing the Right Nicotine Vape Juice

    It is important to choose the right nicotine concentration for your needs so that you get the most enjoyment out of your vaping experience. To choose the right one, think carefully about these two questions:

    1. What is your current tobacco use (i.e. how much do you smoke)?
    2. What type of device are you using?

    Equating tobacco nicotine levels to e-liquid nicotine levels is not an exact science, nor is it a case of looking at how many cigarettes you smoke per day. Rather, it is more about the kind of cigarettes that you smoke---cigarettes do not contain an exact level of nicotine, nicotine levels are not listed on cigarette packaging, and some contain more than others.

    As a general rule:

    • People who smoke strong unfiltered cigarettes will want an e-liquid in the 24mg to 36mg range.
    • People who smoke 'regular' filtered cigarettes of a medium-strength should opt for an e-liquid around the 12mg to 18mg range.
    • People who smoke light and ultra-light cigarettes should go for an e-liquid in the 6mg to 12mg range.

    Don't take this advice as gospel, though; you need to find what works for you and your own nicotine cravings---trial and error!

    Ready to Quit Smoking?

    If you are trying to kick your cigarette habit with the help of e-cigarettes then the best thing you can do is just go for it---buy a decent e-cig or vape pen and some vape juice and just start vaping. You will be surprised by just how effective it is at keeping you off those nasty, dirty cigarettes.

    Check out the Vaper empire online store to see our full range of vaping hardware and e-liquids.

  • How To Vape

    Just like with most things in this world, if you want to vape properly then you're going to have to learn how to do it. Fortunately, it is very easy to do and the biggest barrier for most people is getting their hands on the right device and vape juice.

    Sure, you can go ahead and vape without 'learning' but in order to have the best experience possible, it is a good idea to 'learn' to vape and adopt certain best practices.

    From knowing the proper way to inhale the vapour to choosing the right vaping hardware, a little research can go a long way and get you off to the best possible start.

    With all that said, here is Vaper Empire's guide on how to vape properly.

    The Hardware

    With vaping, you are truly spoilt for choice; there literally are thousands of different vaping products available on the market right now. Whilst most of them do very similar things, there are finer details and nuances from brand-to-brand.

    To get started, you will need two things: a good quality e-cig or vape pen and a good quality vape juice (also referred to as 'e-liquid', it is the stuff that turns into vapour when heated.)

    Choosing an E-Cig or Vape Pen

    You will want to start off with either an e-cig or vape pen. In this instance, we are using the term e-cig in reference to cig-a-like style e-cigarettes. The e-cig is the very basic entry-level device that is designed to look and feel like a cigarette. A great example of a quality e-cig is our own V-Pack II range that includes starter kits that give you everything you need to, well, get started.

    A vape pen is the e-cig's 'older brother' that you will have almost certainly seen someone use. They are far more popular and deliver a slightly more advanced experience whilst still being a good choice for beginners. Vape pens are bigger and bulkier but produce a lot more vapour and can last a lot longer. Our Vantage range of devices provides a stylish and reliable performer whilst our V-Twist series includes voltage and airflow control for a more tailored experience.

    Choosing a Vape Juice

    Vape juice (e-liquid) is a water-based substance that is heated up by the coil in your e-cig, vape pen, or another vaping device. When the vape juice is heated, it turns into a vapour that can then be inhaled and exhaled.

    The variety of vape juices available is just as broad as the variety of devices. With thousands upon thousands of different flavours in a variety of nicotine concentrations from 0mg/mL (nicotine-free, ideal for non-smokers and recreational use) all the way up to 36mg/mL or more (ideal for heavy smokers) it is a very versatile type of product with something for everyone.

    If you are a non-smoker and are vaping for the recreational aspect, go for a nicotine-free vape juice. If you are a smoker and are trying to quit, find a vape juice that closely matches your current cigarette use. You will know when you have found one because your nicotine cravings will be satisfied and you won't feel the urge to smoke.

    The biggest choice with vape juice, however, is your flavour. Vape juice flavours cover everything from fruits, food and drink, breakfast cereals, pastries, and more. At Vaper Empire, we have two lines of vape juice:

    • Classic—a range of firm favourites such as Menthol or Watermelon; and
    • Artisan—a range of specialist flavours developed by our in-house mixologists.

    Have a browse and see if any of them stand out to you!

    The Technique

    Once you've got yourself a vaping device and some vape juice, it is time to get to work. When you have put together your vape, charged it up, and filled up the vape juice tank or added a cartridge, you are ready to go.

    1. Prime your vape

    If it's the first time you are using a device, you will need to 'prime' it. As your vape works through the use of a heated coil to turn e-liquid into vapour, the initial 'primer puff' acts as a sort of catalyst to get everything going.

    To do it, hold down your vape's activation button for a few seconds. Then place your mouth around the mouthpiece and inhale slowly for a few more seconds. Once vapour starts to come through, you're done!

    To get going properly, you can either mouth hold or inhale directly.

    2. Mouth holding

    Those who mouth hold vape by filling their mouths up with vapour before drawing it into the lungs. This provides the user with a better flavour sensation. This is known as mouth-to-lung vaping, or 'MTL' for short.

    To do this, just hold the button down whilst gently sucking back and then take a long inhalation drag which will fill the lungs.

    3. Direct inhalation

    Some people prefer to inhale vapour directly to their lungs rather than hold it in their mouth first. This provides a much stronger 'throat hit' and thus creates an almost identical experience to smoking cigarettes. This technique is known as direct-to-lung vaping, or 'DTL' for short.

    To do this, just inhale like you would if you were sucking drink through a straw. The vapour will bypass your mouth and go straight into the lungs.

    Feeling the Effects

    Depending on the person, it can take up to 30 seconds before any effects are felt. Be wary, though; first-time vapers can easily overdo it as they are not used to the act of vaping. We recommend going slow if you are brand new and slowly build things up over time.

    Visit the Vaper Empire Online Store

    Are you ready to start your own vaping journey and are looking for the right products to get you off to the very best start?

    Great! We can help you with that. We are Australia's premier source for premium vaping products. Simply head to our store, fill up your basket, and your products will be shipped out to you in mainland Australia within three-to-five working days. We also ship to customers in New Zealand.

    We recommend that you check out our blog where you can learn the ins-and-outs of vaping, learn more about the hardware and 'science' behind it, read product reviews, and find out how to keep your vape in prime condition.

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