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  • 1.5 million people quit tobacco by using Vaping!

    The public health group, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), in the U.K, have found that e-cigarettes have been a huge success in converting people from Tobacco to less harmful e-liquid. The study also found that a further 1.3 million people are currently dual users (vaping and smoking) but haven't completely quit (yet). These are astounding figures considering Vaping has only become popular in the last few years.

    Read the full article here:

    As the article explains, certain segments of the population are still confused about the benefits of Vaping and the huge harm reduction of e-cigarettes. This is mainly due to irresponsible media reporting. There is now overwhelming evidence that e-cigarettes are at least 95% less harmful than tobacco but some smokers are not aware of this fact. Despite these unbelievably encouraging figures, Australia still maintains its prohibition on the domestic sale of nicotine e-liquid which is a disastrous public health policy. Let's hope to see a change and easy access for Aussies who want to explore a less harmful alternative to tobacco.

  • Scientists are hailing E-cigarettes to be far safer than normal cigarettes

    A lot of people have been waiting for confirmation that making the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is safe.

    You have to watch this video from the ‘Good Morning Britain’ which examines new evidence on Vaping Vs Smoking and the results are amazing.

    It’s yet another study that suggests Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking.

    The study found:

    • Tobacco causes 103 GENE CHANGES in lung tissue
    • Vaping causes 2 GENE CHANGES in lung tissue!

    Gene changes are important because they have potential to cause cancer so Vaping reduces the risk of these changes by more than 95% and that’s something to smile about.

    Happy vaping!

    The V.E Team

  • Consider the gift that could save a life!

    Here at Vaper Empire we want to wish you a happy holiday season and say thanks for all the support in 2016. It’s been a big year for Vaper’s throughout the world and particularly in Europe where figures published show:

    6.1 million people have completely quit tobacco using E-Cigarettes

    And a further

    8+ million people have cut down tobacco by using E-Cigarettes

    Read more on these staggering number by clicking here

    Research done at the prestigious Royal College of Physicians show that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking which means that moving to Vaping is much smarter than continuing to smoke cigarettes. In fact, the RCP have called for promotion of E-cigarettes as a substitute for smoking!!

    Read more on this ground breaking research by clicking here

    If you have family members or friends’ that are smokers that can’t seem to quit, then an E-Cigarette product could be the perfect Christmas gift. It’ll help them to swap their tobacco to a far healthier alternative but also save them thousands of dollars in 2017.

    Thanks again for all the support and we hope your Christmas is full of fun and happiness.

    The V.E Team

  • Study finds Vaping helps Asthmatic Smokers

    Those people that suffer from Asthma and continue to smoke significantly exacerbate their condition and in certain cases smoking is the primary cause of their ailment. Of course the best solution is to stop smoking altogether but nicotine addiction is a powerful foe. For those people that have tried to quit multiple times and have failed it appears that moving to vaping as an interim solution is the obvious choice to reduce symptoms.
    A recent study by Dr Christina Russo which was presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology showed that ‘electronic cigarette use improves respiratory, physiology and subjective asthma outcomes in asthmatic smokers. E-Cigarettes are a safer alternative to conventional cigarettes in this vulnerable population’. As a result of the study Dr Russo is now recommending E-Cigarettes to her patients if they do not wish to use traditional methods of quitting smoking such as patches and gums.

    Even though Public Health England (which is publicly funded) have found that E-Cigarettes are 95% less harmful than traditional tobacco the general population continues to be confused about the comparative benefits of vaping to smoking. Here at Vaper Empire we suggest doing your own research on Vaping and try to understand that there are very powerful interests producing misinformation.

  • The Future of Vaping

    On May 20th of this year the TPD (Tobacco Primary Directive) comes into effect in Europe. We expect the U.S. will follow with a similar set of Regulation although the FDA is still yet to make a decision, so these changes are not likely to be enforced until 2017/18.


    So what is going to change on May 20th? Well here’s a run down:

    • All flavours will have to be rigorously tested and meet certain standards through the EU notification process.

    • No E-Liquid bottles larger than 10ml.

    • Nicotine strength limited to 20mg.

    • Child-proof E-liquid bottles.

    • All E-Cigarette hardware will require testing for emissions and consistency.

    • No Tanks larger than 2ml.

    • Tanks/Clearomisers must be completely leak-proof.

    • E-Cigarette advertising to be banned across all media channels although websites can continue to operate.


    What’s Vaper Empire’s opinion on the new regulation?

    Regulation was inevitable so we are happy to see that a set of standards have been introduced. It is also encouraging to see that the EU have allowed medium-sized business to continue to trade. The costs involved to meet the regulations are expensive but achievable.

    However there are elements of the TPD that will probably slow innovation and prevent people moving from tobacco to E-Cigarettes. The advertising ban will certainly do this as people will be less exposed to Vaping and their chances of learning about the benefits of switching to E-Cigs will be significantly reduced. Also the hardware restrictions could potentially drive E-Cigarettes backwards to cartridge based systems impeding innovation.
    At this point it is too early to say how strictly the regulation will be imposed and only time will tell how destructive it might be. The reality is that over the past few years 1000’s of new E-Cigarette vendors have managed to create a livelihood courtesy of Big Tobaccos profits. Regulation could be the beginning of their fight back. Lets see!

  • EU chooses Corporatism on E-Cigarettes

    A great article that explains what’s happening in Europe and guess what?? Its not Good! The article briefly explains what is coming and it appears that heavy lobbying and European Parliament secret meetings with Big Tobacco have created a non-competitive environment for the E-Cigarette industry. As all vapers' know the E-Cigarette industry is a consumer lead revolution, it wasnt formulated by big tobacco or any other big multi-national, it started small and has grown organically from individual vendors due to the popularity of the product. However the strict regulatory framework being introduced in May ‘16’ makes it almost impossible for small vendors to survive (due to v.high costs) handing the industry over to you know who! The big pharmaceutical industries and Big Tobacco. The regulations will involve the abolishment of Tank systems, bottled e-liquid and E-cigarettes will return to the dark ages. Innovation will almost stop. Its in the interest of Big Tobacco to see e-cigarettes fail so why would we hand over the responsibility to them?

  • Vaping 95% safer than smoking according to PUBLIC HEALTH England Review

    So we have a legitimate claim from one of the worlds most trusted public bodies regarding how safe Vaping is in comparison to smoking; the figure = 95%. Obviously it does not come as much surprise to us here at Vaper Empire, it doesn’t take a genius to know it is the preferred option to tobacco. Unfortunately in Australia the ‘Nanny State’ the information surrounding e-cigarettes tends to be presented to the public negatively so please be vigilant and read the data and make your own mind up. We’re all waking up to the fact that the private press have their own interests and so does the Government which is lobbied heavily by corporate interests, so be strong people and let’s hope sense and a moral approach is taken with up and coming regulation.

  • Introducing Mr CLIVE BATES

    Now I’ve featured this guy in some of our older articles before but Clive Bates (along with a few select others) is THE voice of reason for the E-Cigarette industry. He’s been here from the start supporting E-Cigarettes and Vapers and trying to challenge the huge negative press and agenda coming from the corporate interests. He is a true progressive and has been a director general for the Welsh government as well as taking a role for ASH (Action for smoking and Health)
    His website the Counterfactual is a great reference point for people wanting to know more about the industry and the current research and impending legislation. He’s on hand to break down this information so its palatable and easy to understand. Check it out and see what you think…

  • New York Times dismisses propaganda over E-Cigarettes


    So there’s this study that’s been flying around on Formaldehyde in E-Cigarettes…it’s been quoted and printed all throughout the world and almost every article has had a headline along the lines of ‘‘E-Cigarettes worse than smoking’ or even more disturbing ‘E-Cigarettes 10 X worse than smoking’ as one Japanese paper displayed in their headline. This is propaganda at its most abhorrent and has involved twisting an interesting study to meet the agenda of certain interests that clearly do not value scientific findings nor the public's health. Joe Nocera highlights the injustice in this article printed in the New York Times that explains that the results of this study are very promising and actually in favour of E-Cigarettes. No formaldehyde was found in E-Cigarettes that use a standard voltage (essentially all E-Cigarettes including our models). Only very high voltages (not typically used) produced any form of formaldehyde. To interpret these finding to suggest that E-Cigarettes are worse when cigarettes is scaremongering and very damaging to people’s perception. E-Cigarettes could be the single biggest public health prize in history and these type of articles need to stop..

    New York Times Article

  • New E-Cigarette Investigation Suggests They Help People Quit Smoking

    Obviously we know the issue of E-Cigarettes in Australia is a contentious one. There is a continuous smear campaign against the product and we seem to hear the same fustrating rhetoric coming from certain public health officials. One of which they love to use is 'there is no evidence that E-cigarettes help people quit tobacco'. Obvious we at Vaper Empire know this is not true and of course it doesnt take a genius to realise that if people are vaping then their tobacco usage will drop or entirely cease as the nicotine they require is met from consuming E-Liquid. Luckily there is a great study attached in Australia Business Insider that explains that nicotine replacement therapies are not useful for most people and that E-Cigarettes and Vaping do help people to reduce their tobacco usage. Lets hope the Australian government see common sense one day and let E-cigarettes readily available

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