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  • The ultimate vaping glossary:

    If you're new around here, here is the ultimate vaping glossary to get you started. If you're a veteran vaper and have any terms to add, please leave a comment for us!

    :  Refers to an 'All Day Vape’, an e-liquid that a vaper is happy to vape for a long period of time.

    AFS: An auto feed system.

    Aerosol: Vapour produced by an e-cigarette.

    APV: Advanced personal vaporiser.

    Atomiser:  A component of an e-cigarette, that converts the e-Liquid to vapour.

    Atty:  Slang for Atomiser.

    Automatic: A type of vaping device that works when inhaled rather than pressing a button.

    Auto Shut Off: When a device is able to automatically turn off if it's overheating. Also known as Battery Cut Off.

    Battery: The battery powers the atomiser. Sometimes rechargeable.

    Batt: Slang for Battery.

    Base Liquid: Basic e-liquid made from vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol.

    Base Mix: Basic e-liquid with nicotine added.

    Blanks: Empty cartridges for a vaper to fill with e-liquid.

    Box Mod: A boxy, square APV.

    Bridge: Also known as an Atomiser Wick.

    Cartridge: The catridge holds the e-liquid.

    Cart: Short for Cartridge. Also known as Carto.

    Cartomiser/Cartomizer: A combined atomiser and cartridge in one device.

    Clouds: The effect when vapour is exhaled by the user.

    Cloud Chaser: See blog post here. 

    Coil: The coil heats the e-liquid.

    Cig-a-Like: A type of vaping device that looks like a traditional cigarette.  See our V-Pack II. 

    Draw: The vaping equivalent of the ‘Drag’ with traditional cigarettes.

    Dry Burn: The process of drawing on your e-cigarette when there is no e-Liquid in the cartridge.

    E-Cig: Electronic cigarette. Also known as E-Cigarette and Electronic Cigarette.

    E-Juice: E-liquid, also known simply as 'Juice' 'Smoke Juice' and 'Liquid'.

    E-Liquid: The liquid vapourised in a vaping device.

    E-Smoking: General term for vaping.

    Flooding: Flooding can occur in your device if too much liquid reaches the atomiser.

    French Hit: Vaping out of the lungs, and then re-inhaling it into the nose.

    Hybrid:  A vaping device with the atomiser and battery in one unit.

    Kick: Used to describe the hit at the back of the throat when vaping.

    Li-on: Lithium-ion batteries.

    LED:  A light at the end of an e-cigarette that omits a glow like a traditional cigarette.

    MAH: Battery power rating.

    Manual: A device that works when a button is pushed, rather than an Automatic.

    MG: Milligram strength per millilitre of nicotine in the E-liquid.

    Menthol: A fresh tasting e-liquid flavour, derived from peppermint.

    Mod:  Also known as a modified vaping device.

    Nicotine: Found in natural tobacco, but also added to e-liquids. We have from 0mg to 24mg. 

    Nic: Short for Nicotine.

    Nic Juice: E-Liquid that contains Nicotine.

    OHM: A measure of electrical resistance.

    Pen Style: One of many types of e-cigarettes. They resemble a pen and are relatively small and thin.

    PEG: Polyethylene Glycol. Also known as PG.

    Starter Kits: Everything you need to get started on your vaping journey. Shop ours here. 

    Tank: The clear chamber that holds the e-Liquid.

    Vaper: A user of vaping products.

    Vapour: The cloud or aerosol produced by an e-cig.

    Vegetable Glycerol /Glycerine (VG): One of the two primary base substances used to create e-Liquids.

    Wick: The wick helps the liquid to flow to the atomiser. Made from silica.

    Zero-Nic: A nicotine free e-liquid.

  • Celebrity vaping profile: Johnny Depp

    Ol' Johnny boy is quite the vaper and has been spotted at many prestigious events with his vape in hand in the past few. He took up vaping after a scene in his 2010 film "The Tourist" where his character vapes on a train while sitting across from actress Angelina Jolie.

    Johnny Depp was born in 1963, and has had a huge career since he shot to stardom in 1987. He developed a real friendship with director Tim Burton, and has since starred in many collaborations with the director.

    Depp resides in France, Los Angeles, and a secluded private island in the Bahamas. Divides his time in France between Meudon, a suburb of Paris and a villa in Plan-de-la-Tour, an hour outside of St Tropez.

  • Celebrity vaping profile: Katherine Heigl

    Actress and former model Katherine Heigl is well known for her starring roles in Knocked Up, Grey's Anatomy and 27 Dresses.  Heigl was born in Washington on 24 November 1978 to parents Nancy Engelhardt and Paul Heigl. She's one of four children. She's been married to Josh Kelley, American singer-songwriter, since 2007, and the pair now has three children together.

    Along with her highest profile small screen success to date, Grey's Anatomy, she starred in comedy film Knocked Up alongside Hollywood comedian Seth Rogan which brought her a lot of media attention. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Heigl called the movie "a little sexist", and said that the film "paints the women as shrews, as humourless and uptight, and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys". This brought her some negative media attention, but at least Heigl was honest about this and mentioned the obvious negative stereotypes of women in comedy films that are common in Hollywood.

    Katherine Heigl has recently joined the cast of incredibly popular TV series Suits.

    Katherine has been using e-cigarettes since just before her interview with David Letterman more than five years ago. She used her e-cigarette on the show and then urged David Letterman to try it too. He said that the device was "remarkable!".

    Watch the conversation between Katherine Heigl and David Letterman about vaping below:

  • The 10 worst holiday destinations for vapers

    So there are many places that restrict vaping use. Whether they confiscate vape equipment on arrival, dish out fines or their usage results in jail time, it's so important to know the laws of whichever country you are visiting when you're on holiday.

    Here are 10 countries that ban vaping:

    1. Thailand
      Unfortunately, the beautiful, beachy location has some of the worsts strictest vaping laws, with penalties up to 10 years!
    2. Singapore:
      Singapore is a small yet incredible country with amazing food! Unfortunately, like gum, vaping is illegal in Singapore.
    3. Egypt: You may want to see the pyramids, but you, unfortunately, can't take your vape pen with you.
    4. Columbia: Columbia also won't allow vaping, unfortunately, with most of South America joining in on having bans on vaping.
    5. Mexico: Mexico doesn't allow vaping either, so best to stick to the rest of North America if you're planning on bringing your favourite device with you on holiday.
    6. Indonesia: Vaping is banned here too. Excercise caution.
    7. United Arab Emirates:
      E-cigs have been banned since 2009 in the UAE, and any vaping gear is seized at the airport if you attempt to bring it into the UAE.
    8. Turkey: Allegedly, the sale of vaping products and eliquids is banned here, so it's a bit of a grey area. Do your own research and exercise caution.
    9. Brazil:
      Tourists in Brazil are warned against smoking e-cigarettes. The country banned them back in 2014 and will fine you for having vaping products.
    10. Belgium: Technically vaping friendly but their laws are quite tough. Do your research and proceed with caution.

    Countries where vaping is allowed:

    You're safe to vape in England. In fact, it's encouraged by the government in the UK. Here are a few more great holiday destinations for vapers:

    North America
    Czech Republic
    South Korea
    New Zealand

  • The vaping surge in prisons in the UK

    Last year, the usage of e-cigs in prisons in the United Kingdom was greenlit by the UK government after the smoking ban caused issues in many prisons according to Ali Anderson.

    Prisoners were rioting post the smoking ban. Now, as many as 33,000 (and counting) prisoners have switched to vaping. According to a prison service spokesperson, “All closed prisons in England and Wales are now smoke free reducing the risk of second-hand smoke to prisoners and staff. Prisoners have been given support in quitting smoking if they need it including vapes, e-cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy.”

    According to official statistics, a huge 80 per cent of the 70,000 prisoners were reported to be taking desperate measures after the nicotine patches.

    Assaults in the prison increased post the ban, and this lead to The Ministry of Justice sanctioning a new scheme to allow vaping in UK prisons. It was so successful that it was soon rolled out to other jails in the UK.

    A Public Health England communication reported: “Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service have agreed to make the rechargeable vaping devices piloted in Wales available across the whole estate, including within the Long Term High Security and Women’s prisons.”

    A  released inmate that was in  Derbyshire’s Foston Hall Prison during the new scheme told Metro news that they “could not have done my two month sentence without my vape, I saw how bad it was when the smoking ban came in last year and when I had to go back in I was dreading craving a burn. However, I got a vaping machine and it made my sentence a lot easier.”

  • 5 celebrities that are actually vapers

    We all know that Leonardo DiCaprio is a vaper, but there are a few celebrities that you may not realise are actually vapers.

    Katy Perry:
    The ultra famous pop star is one of the most suprising on the list of vapers. She was spotted smoking an e-cig at her own party.

    Lindsay Lohan:
    This party girl (or ex.. party girl) is known for her bad habits, but she has since swapped for a vape pen. She's been seen using a vape since 2011, which makes her one of the first super celebs to use a vape.

    Katherine Heigl:
    The Greys Anatomy star  outed herself as a vaper on the David Letterman, where she showed off her vape pen, and even took a puff on air. She has also been vaping seen out and about.

    Ben Affleck:
    The  Daredevil actor quite enjoys a puff of his device while driving around.

    Isla Fisher:
    The Aussie actress is most well known for her roles on Confessions of a Shopaholic, Wedding Crashers, and being the face of the ING bank. Isla has been spotted vaping in public by paparazzi.

  • The history of vaping

    A man named Herbert Gilbert officially patented a "smokeless, non tobacco cigarette" way back in 1965. He envisioned his design as a device that simulated smoking a cigarette. Unfortunately for Gilbert, he never commercially pursued marketing the e-cigarette, so not a lot happened until 2003.

    Who knows what might have happened if Herbert Gilbert had have pursued his dream of a simulated cigarette. Surely, the evolving landscape of vaping would be vastly different.

    In 2003, Hon Lik, a pharmacist from Beijing, invented a modern electronic cigarette device after his father died of lung cancer. He created the e-cigarette and has since been widely admired by all vapers as the one who made it all possible.

    In 2004, the first e-cigarette was created. The original device was instead based on atomization, which vaporizes liquids through the heating produced by the electricity of the battery, rather than battery-powered heating element that most vape devices use today.

    Hon Lik sees the e-cig as "digital camera taking over from the analogue camera." He is now allegedly working on an e-hookah.

    By 2006, the devices were available outside of  China.  Vaping hit the western world in a big way.  In the last decade, many different types of devices have been created, from slimline, small devices like the V-Pack II to box mods like the Vibe.

    From this, many subcultures have developed, communities have formed and the market has been revolutionised.


  • Vaping popularity boom has helped 1.6m people in 6 years

    According to a recent article by, vaping has helped 1.6 million people in six years in the UK.

    Their figures showed that the number of adults that vape in England is equal to 5.5% of the population, which is up from the number in 2014, which was just 3.7%.

    According to them, smoking as opposed to vaping is a lot more common in areas with lower socioeconomic status.

    Several regions had smoking-related hospital admissions above 3,000 per 100,000 of population in the space of a year.

    James Dunworth said of the issue: “As e-cigs have become popular, smoking rates have fallen. The trend is only going one way.”

    The UK has some of the strictest regulations on e-cigarettes in the world and is very progressive in terms of their adoption of e-cigarettes.  E-cigarette products in the UK are subject to minimum standards of quality and safety, as well as packaging/labelling regulations to help customers to understand their choices.

    According to Public Health England's evidence review,  around 40% of smokers have not even tried an e-cigarette, so there is still a long way to go in normalising vaping.

  • So, how many people are actually vapers?

    According to VapingDaily, the prominence of vapers globally has risen exponentially since 2013. Just five years ago, online vaping sales in China, for example, totalled $14 million. But in 2014, they reached $81 million. And then vaping industry stats for 2016 show a huge increase to $266 million.

    There are some strict regulations in place in certain areas of the world, so we have to rely on sales stats to know about the uprise in amounts of vapers, and smaller, independent studies.

    According to VapingDaily: " data gathered from all 27-member states of the European Union by researchers at Imperial College London and the University of Athens, use of e-cigarettes by EU citizens increased from 7.2% in 2012 to 11.6% in 2014". 

    They also stated that: "According to the Ipsos/Reuters survey of 5,769 adults in the United States, 10% of them admitted to being a vaper or to daily e-cigarette use." The stats can be found here, and interestingly also state that about 15% of people under 40 vape.

    Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of stats on how many Australians are currently vaping, but according to DoctorPortal, there is a way to estimate. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare conducted a study related to e-cig use in 2016. If we use this data and apply it to the 2016 census data, we come out with an estimation of people who are currently vaping in Australia.

    According to their maths, it shows that there may be up to 239,000 people currently vaping in Australia! But, that includes "a large number of people who use e-cigarettes less frequently than once a month. If these are excluded, then the number comes down to fewer than 178,000" (Doctor Portal).

    Of these 178,000-239,000 people, there is going to be a huge variance in frequency of use, nicotine consumption and more. But it is great to see more and more people in Australia and worldwide adopting vaping and considering a safer alternative.

    Shop vaping starter kits here. 

  • Tips on how to choose your next e-liquid flavour

    Stuck on what to pick next? There are a few things you need to think about to decide on the next flavour that you're going to order!

    Most importantly, which type of flavour are you after? There are a few main types of e-liquids categories to choose from.

    These are: Mint, Sweet, Tobacco and Fruit.

    If you're keen on a minty flavour, we recommend trying Spearmint or Spring in Siberia, or any of our menthol flavours, which will be a nice refreshing hit for you.

    If you're after a sweet e-liquid, then these dessert-like flavours will suit you perfectly: Vanilla, Butterscotch, Coffee, Cola, Cappuccino, Rhubarb & Custard, Velvet Elvis, Twice On Sundae, or Salvador's Siesta. We love our sweet flavours and recommend trying to mix a couple of these flavours together. Vanilla and Coffee/Cappucino make a great mix, as well as Butterscotch and Vanilla.

    After a classic tobacco treat? Then you will love Ragtime Raconteur, Virginia Gold, Reserve Blend, Old Port Royal, Tobacco RY4, or the classic Tobacco e-liquid.

    And finally, if you want a fruity flavour, there are so many options, from Strawberry, Coconut, Blueberry, Apple, Mango and more, to the fusions of Freudian Slipper, Castaway, Red Lemonade, Berry Chill or The Amazonian. The basic fruit flavours are amazing mixed too, so be sure to try Mango with Coconut or Blueberry and Apple.

    Next, select your e-liquid's nicotine strength. We have a few different options, 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. If you're unsure, we would be happy to help you discuss the right strength for you.

    Click here to find your next e-liquid here. 

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