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Which E-Cigarette Type Is Right For You?

We’ve all been there. You’ve seen people vaping and have decided that you want to give it a try for yourself. After all, it all looks so simple: Just replace your cigarette with an electronic alternative, job done. But when you start shopping around for a device and all the necessary accessories, things start to look a lot more complicated. There are more e-cigarettes and vaping devices than you expected, and you can’t decide which type is the best for you as a newbie vaper.

So, naturally, you go online in search for advice and this is where things can get more complicated still as experienced vapers throw around terms like “box mod” and “atomiser” like they’re common everyday terms.

All of a sudden, reverting back to the familiar comfort of cigarettes might seem like the easiest option for you---after all, why should you have to learn about a whole new world of technical gadgets and confusing terminology just to get your nicotine fix? How are you supposed to get to grips with the seemingly complex world of vaping before you can even consider using it to replace an expensive, addictive, and deadly smoking habit?

Information Overload

Depending on who you speak to, you are going to get a boatload of different information. If you ask 10 different people what the best type of e-cig or vaping device is for you, chances are that you’re going to get 10 different answers. And the same can be said when you ask what the best vape brand is, which shop sells the best accessories, and which e-liquid flavour is best.

So, where do you start!? Admittedly, choosing your first e-cigarette is no easy task… but at the same time, nothing worth doing is ever easy. Putting in the time and research to make the correct decision is definitely a worthwhile endeavour.

To make your research that little bit easier, we have put together this quick guide to the different types of e-cigarette and which type is better for each use case or type of user.

Vaper Empire V-Pack II Series E-Cigarette Kit This is Vaper Empire's V-Pack II Series, a top of the line cig-a-like kit that's great for former smokers who are making the switch.

Types of E-Cigarette

Although there are a few different types of e-cigarettes/vapes, they typically all work in the same basic way. They use a battery to heat up a metal coil that is wrapped around an absorbent “wick” which is saturated with e-liquid (or “vape juice”) from the e-cigarette’s/vape’s tank. When this liquid-saturated wick heats up, it turns the e-liquid into an inhalable vapour.

However, there are big differences between basic cig-a-like e-cigarettes, vape pens, pods, tank systems, and mods, and it is important to know what these are.

‘Classic’ Cig-a-Like E-Cigarettes

Cig-a-like e-cigarettes are the go-to basic vaping product that looks similar to tobacco cigarettes, hence the name. They typically have small batteries and contain the e-liquid and heating coil in a “cartomiser” element. They are the simplest of all vaping products and are usually operated by taking a drag. Cig-a-likes are often disposable, however, reusable, refillable, and rechargeable options are also available, like Vaper Empire’s V-Pack II.

Vaper Empire VIGGO Series Pod Vape The VIGGO Series pod vape is the latest e-cigarette from Vaper Empire. Easy to use, ultra portable, and long-lasting. The perfect vape.

Pod Vapes

Pod vapes are a sort of “in-between” device that are more powerful than cig-a-like e-cigarettes, but not as much as tank systems and vape pens. They represent a happy medium between the two devices that produce a good amount of vapour that satisfies nicotine cravings while also remaining discreet and convenient to carry around.

They are ideal for people who need to vape a lot on the move but don’t want to carry around bulky devices and bottles of e-liquid. Depending on the type of vape pod system, users only need to carry around a couple of small replacement pods to see them through the day, if that.

Tank Systems and Vape Pens

Although cig-a-like e-cigarettes are very popular, tank systems and vape pens are the most widely used devices because they often feature better performance standards and last longer. These devices move away from the cigarette-like appearance, instead taking on the profile of something more along the likes of a marker pen.

They feature tanks to store e-liquids, larger batteries for a longer and more powerful vaping experience, and components that can be replaced when they wear out. Unlike e-cigarettes, tank systems and pens are operated by button-activation and sometimes feature variable voltage and airflow controls like Vaper Empire’s V-Twist Series.

Tank systems and vape pens are the ideal product for people who have just quit smoking and want an e-cigarette/vape that is able to deliver a significant amount of vapour which each drag. While cig-a-like e-cigarettes are great and serve a purpose, vape pens are better suited to some vapers, particularly those that need vapor production more powerful than what cig-a-likes can provide.

Vaper Empire Vibe Series The Vibe Series is one of Vaper Empire's most popular vapes thanks to its high capacity tank, powerful 2000 mAh battery, and easy to use design. An excellent vape for beginner vapers and experts alike.

Vape Box Mods

These are the largest and most powerful vaping systems and come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. They are mostly box-shaped (hence the name) but can also take on a more sleek profile. Along with larger and longer-lasting batteries, box mods offer extra features and can support more demanding tasks and use.

Box mods tend to be used by serious vapers who like to “cloud chase”---produce thick vapour clouds---for entertainment purposes and those who simply need the best vapour production that a vape can offer. Out of all the vaping products, box mods bear the least resemblance to cigarettes. While mods are often seen as the most complicated types of vapes, we at Vaper Empire offer a comparable device we call the Vibe Series, which offers the power of a mod without the complexities that can make them difficult to use.

Want to Find Out More?

If you want to find out more about the range of different vaping devices and products available, you should visit the Vaper Empire online store.

At Vaper Empire, we design and manufacture our own comprehensive range of e-cigarettes, pods, pens, and mods that cover the full spectrum, from very simple to advanced. Whether you are looking for something simple, small and discreet or require a device that packs a punch, there is a product line for every type of user. And because we are widely recognised as Australia’s number one vaping brand for premium products, you can use our products safe in the knowledge that they have been manufactured to the highest standards and have undergone rigorous quality control checks. On top of all this, you can rest assured that each and every single one of our vapes is easy to use.

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