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What Is The Best Brand Of Vape?

Just like most things worth partaking in, the world of vaping has thousands of different brands all manufacturing, promoting, and selling their own vaping devices, e-liquids, accessories, and other wares---it's safe to say that vapers, particularly newbies, are completely spoilt for choice.

Whilst it is great to have a lot of choices, it can also be very confusing and somewhat stressful for first-time vapers who want to get a head start with the best vaping brand but don't know where to look.

There are many great vaping brands, however, only a few stand out as the best. With every brand claiming they hold that title, though, how do you know who to believe?

What Makes a Vape Brand One of the 'Best'?

A lot of things, really---it's not easy to claim the industry's top spot. With a lot of serious (and worthy competition), the best vaping brands make themselves stand out in every way possible.

When it comes to the overall qualities and characteristics of the best vape brands, these are some of what you should be looking for:

Product innovation---Vaping brands that have the ability to be innovative with what is, when push comes to shove, a very basic line of products are always going to fare best. Look for brands delivering lots of different vaping tech and hardware that satisfies a wide range of consumer needs.

Product quality---When you invest your money into vaping, you should be getting a solid product in return. You want e-liquids with intense flavours, plenty of choices, and a robust product that isn't going to fall apart in your hand after a few uses. The best way to gauge quality is to seek out social proof, for example, TrustPilot reviews.

Customer-first ideology---You, the customer, should always come first. The best will have a "the customer is always right mentality", will listen to feedback, and will learn from it. There are plenty of bad apples out there who completely disregard customer feedback but, fortunately, these are typically easy to spot---again, social proof is king.

The Best Vaping Brand for 2019

The best vaping brand for both newbies and experienced vapers alike, in our opinion, is Vaper Empire. We are simply the best vaping brand available right now---there's a reason we are widely recognized as Australia's premier manufacturer and retailer of premium vaping products.

But, why are we often considered the best? What is it that leads to rave reviews online and thousands upon thousands of dedicated customers?

It's the sheer quality of our products. Let's take a look at a few standouts!

Vaper Empire Vaping Hardware

It's all about being able to make a good range of vaping hardware products, and we cover the entire product spectrum with our family of devices.

Our innovative V-Pack II range is a cig-a-like device that comes with its own cigarette-styled carrying and charging case (think AirPods meets vaping!) primarily targeted towards ex-smokers who want a subtle yet effective and reliable device.

Moving further up the vaping 'hierarchy', you'll find our vape pens. This includes The Vantage, a stylish and reliable entry-level vape pen, and the V-Twist, a more advanced vape pen with adjustable voltage and airflow controls for a fully customisable experience.

Finally, we have our 'box mod'-style device, the Vibe Series. Designed for vapers who want a premium, long-lasting, and intense vaping experience, the Vibe Series delivers impressive all-round performance whilst maintaining a sleek design.

Vaper Empire E-Liquids

At Vaper Empire, we take e-liquids to the next level with two distinct ranges, 'Classic' and 'Artisan'.

Our classic range, as you may expect, features classic flavours that you would expect most, if not all, vaping brands to carry. These include tobacco, menthol, coffee, cola, apple, and mango, amongst others.

Where our e-liquids really stand out, though, is our Artisan range; these are unique concoctions you will not find anywhere else. Castaway, Berry Chill, Vaper Empire Reserve Blend (a mature tobacco flavour), and Rhubarb & Custard are just a few of our creations.

Our e-liquids come in various nicotine strengths---from 0mg/mL to 36mg/mL---and are developed and created by expert mixologists. That's why they taste so good!

Vaper Empire Starter Kits

It is not only our products that make Vaper Empire the best vaping brand for newbies, our range of starter kits makes getting started super simple.

Each type of device---be it the V-Pack II or the V-Twist---has its own regular and deluxe starter kit. These kits contain everything that you need to start vaping right out of the box. Starter kits contain the device, some replaceable components, and a selection of e-liquids.

The Vantage Deluxe Starter Kit, for example, contains two rechargeable batteries, two clearomisers, three 10ml bottles of our Classic e-liquid, one 10ml bottle of Artisan e-liquid, a leather-bound accessories pouch, and your power cables. With all this kit, you can get started right away---no need to wait for other bits and pieces to arrive first.

Ready to Start Your Vaping Journey?

Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself why Vaper Empire is often lauded as Australia's very best retailer of vaping products. Come and explore our online store where you can see the full range of e-liquids, devices, starter kits, accessories, and more.

While you're there, why not also have a read of our vaping resources? Our blog is packed full of helpful tips and tricks that you can use to learn the basics and grow comfortable.

All orders are processed and shipped out to mainland Australia within as little as three-to-five business days.

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