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Vaping Vs Smoking: Why You Can't Compare

Ever wondered why people swap over from smoking to vaping? Yet another study has shown that the lung cancer risk is completely incomparable.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Aerosol Science, examined the lung cancer risk for people who are active vapers and anyone who may be affected by their secondhand vapour. It looked closely at the particles in vapour and compared them to the smoke emitted from cigarettes, and found that the amount of harmful substance that was emitted from vapour was substantially lower.  This study of both active and passive vapours has reconfirmed what we have known for quite some time now- e-cigs are much safer than smoking tobacco.

Just in the US, approximately half a million people die from tobacco-related illnesses like lung cancer, throat cancer and other diseases. Even non-smokers are at risk due to the harmful particles emitted when others smoke within close proximity. A huge 41,000 people (or more) die each year in the United States due to illness related to second-hand smoke.

Studies like this are increasing the amount of health and governing bodies that are recommending vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking. They aren't comparable in terms of their effect on health. Vaping has proven again and again to be a very attractive alternative to smoking.
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