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How Much Cheaper Is Vaping Than Smoking?

Australian Dollars
When it comes to vaping, there’s a certain perceived quality. As opposed to lighting primitive sticks of tobacco with an open flame, vapers have a fully-contained, all-in-one nicotine dispensing device right in their pocket. Due to the e-cig’s electronic components, convenience, and trendy reputation, many assume that vaping will be more expensive than smoking.

Often times, the opposite is true. Vaping is far more cost-effective than smoking, and in just a few months, a vaporizer can pay for itself. The initial purchase of an e-cig will usually cost more than buying a pack of cigarettes, but the savings really start to show when you purchase your first bottle of e-liquid.

Compared to a box of cigarettes, a bottle of e-liquid is cheap! E-liquid can potentially save you a considerable amount of money, and the experience of vaping is, according to some vapers, far superior to that of smoking. By some accounts, vapour is tastier, smoother, and according to Public Health England’s findings, likely 95% less harmful than cigarette smoke.

But just how much cheaper is vaping than smoking?

The answer can vary depending on your nicotine consumption habits. Even if you smoke infrequently, switching to vaping can save you money. If you smoke a lot and switch to vaping, the savings will be higher. The fact of the matter is that e-liquids often cost far less than cigarettes, and the more you buy, the more those savings build.

For the sake of a clear explanation, let’s use a common bottle size and nicotine strength and compare it to a box of cigarettes. This is the long-winded explanation. To cut straight to the chase and find out exactly how much you could be saving by making the switch from smoker to vaper, head on over to our homepage and use our savings calculator to quickly calculate your potential savings. Back to our long-winded explanation, people use a variety of nicotine strengths, but a good, middle of the road dosage is 6mg. Let’s use a 10ml bottle as an example.

If a bottle says “6mg,” that doesn’t mean that the bottle contains 6mg of nicotine. It means that there’s 6mg of nicotine in every millilitre of e-liquid. A 10ml bottle of 6mg e-liquid will have roughly 60mg of nicotine in the entire bottle.

The average cigarette can contain 12mg of nicotine, but because of how inefficient smoking is, you actually only inhale about 1mg of nicotine per cigarette. On average, a pack of 20 cigarettes generally costs around $30 in Australia. A 10ml bottle of e-liquid from Vaper Empire costs $11.95. A 10ml bottle of 6mg e-liquid contains 60mg of nicotine.

Again, that’ll only cost $11.95, while a pack of cigarettes that provide far less nicotine will cost almost three times as much. Over time, you can potentially save a lot of money! If you smoke a pack of cigarettes per day, you could potentially save as much as $800 dollars per month, if not more, by switching to vaping.

These calculations are a bit tricky because every cigarette brand has a slightly different amount of nicotine and the method used to measure nicotine in cigarettes is a little different than it is with e-liquid. Still, this estimation closely mirrors the savings that e-liquids offer. Switch for yourself and see how much less you spend per month on nicotine. It’s about three times as cost-effective. Lucky for you, if you're ready to switch now, we sell the best premium e-cigs and e-liquids on the market. Whether you’re looking for something that’s roughly the size and shape of a cigarette or something with a lot more power, Vaper Empire has you covered.
26 February 2019

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