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Vaping Nicotine Now Legal In New Zealand

Vaping Nicotine Now Legal In New Zealand
Vaping has now become legal in New Zealand. Some countries are still lagging behind in this area, while Britain, the US and now New Zealand all back vaping.

Earlier this year, a federal inquiry was made into vaping. The inquiry chairman, Trent Zimmerman, said e-cigarettes could save thousands of lives if long-term smokers turn to them as an alternative to tobacco.

According to University of NSW professor Colin Mendelsohn, “New Zealand is recognising that ... vaping devices which heat a nicotine solution without smoke or combustion are substantially safer than products which burn tobacco, like cigarettes.”

“Most of the harm from combustible tobacco is caused by the 7000 chemicals produced by the burning process. It is unethical and unscientific to ban a much safer product that could help many thousands of smokers to quit a deadly addiction. It would be a mistake to delay these products for another 20 to 30 years. Too many lives are at stake."

18 May 2018

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