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What is stealth vaping?

From the inception of vaping a number of years ago, many vapers enjoyed the fact that you could brazenly vape almost anywhere you wished to. Many accepted it if they realised that vapour wasn't "smoke". Additionally, as vaping was so new, there were no laws to prohibit it, so vapers were able to do what they liked, to a certain degree.

Since vaping has become more prevalent and many more establishments have created laws and rules around vaping, many vapers/e-cigarette users have chosen to practice "steal vaping" while in public to avoid attention. Stealth vaping is vaping in public or prohibited spaces but concealing it so that others don't realise that the vaper is using their device.

Of course, this is not a good idea for a multitude of reasons. Vaping when you shouldn't could result in a fine or you being removed from a particular location for breaking the rules or law. Plus, organisations and businesses are free to implement "no vaping" rules or policies, and by entering their property, you should ensure that you're respecting their reasons for doing so.

Regardless of their motives for banning vaping, whether it be for other patrons, the smell or another reason, it's not too hard to walk out the front and vape there instead, just like you would if you were a smoker.

Of course, "stealth vaping" is totally acceptable if you are simply vaping discreetly at home or at any other acceptable location,  just not in an aeroplane bathroom.



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