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What Is Stealth Vaping?

What Is Stealth Vaping?

From the inception of vaping a number of years ago, many vapers enjoyed the fact that you could brazenly vape almost anywhere you wished to. Many accepted it if they realised that vapour wasn't "smoke". Additionally, as vaping was so new, there were no laws to prohibit it, so vapers were able to do what they liked, to a certain degree.

Since vaping has become more prevalent and many more establishments have created laws and rules around vaping, many vapers/e-cigarette users have chosen to practice "stealth vaping" while in public to avoid attention. Stealth vaping is vaping in public or prohibited spaces but concealing it so that others don't realise that the vaper is using their device.

Of course, this is not a good idea for a multitude of reasons. Vaping when you shouldn't could result in a fine or your being removed from a particular location for breaking the rules or law. Plus, organisations and businesses are free to implement "no vaping" rules or policies, and by entering their property, you should ensure that you're respecting their reasons for doing so.

Regardless of their motives for banning vaping, whether it be for other patrons, the smell or another reason, it's not too hard to walk out the front and vape there instead, just like you would if you were a smoker.

Of course, "stealth vaping" is totally acceptable if you are simply vaping discreetly at home or at any other acceptable location, just not in an aeroplane bathroom.

Stealth Vaping Techniques

For those who intend on practising the technique in a law-abiding and respectful fashion, here are some techniques that some vapers use to hide their vape usage:

  • Zeroing - The idea of zeroing is quite simple. While we don't necessarily recommend using such a technique, the idea is that the vaper takes a puff of their vape and then holds the vapour in long enough that there's no visible vapour blown out when they exhale.
  • Covering Lights - With some vapes, ours included, a light may be visible while the vape is in use. In order to hide this telltale sign of vaping, some vapers place tape over their lights or simply cover them with a hand or finger.
  • Subtle E-Liquid Flavours - While there are a number of techniques that can be used to mask the act of vaping, simply choosing less intrusive flavours of e-liquids can also prove to be helpful, as more subtle flavours may be less apt to draw the attention of others.
  • Think Small - If you have a fairly good-sized vape like our Vibe Series, masking its use might not be as easy as say a small cigalike vape like our V-Pack II. Some vapers who practice stealth vaping like to use small vapes for this reason.
  • Smaller Puffs - Blowing huge clouds of vapour is an obvious indicator to many onlookers that you are in fact vaping. For this reason, you may want to opt for smaller puffs, as the less visible vapour you're exhaling the easier it is to conceal what you're doing.
  • Stay Cool - Acting suspiciously certainly isn't going to help your cause if you're trying to avoid drawing attention to yourself while you're vaping. Subsequently, you may want to try and act as normal as possible while you vape if your goal is to not attract attention while doing so.

Remember to always obey the law. Regardless of how much you want to vape, be respectful of others as well as the laws, regulations, and policies that govern vape use.

10 May 2018

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