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E-Cigarette Flavour Bans Will Drive More People To Smoking, University Professor Says

At this point, we are all well aware of the wide use and cult following that e-cigarettes and vaping have. From the U.S. to Australia and beyond, millions of people worldwide use vaping not only to quit smoking but for the entertainment value, too.

In Australia alone, 1.2% of the population, or around 227,000 adults, vape.

As you will also be well aware---if you are a staunch vaper, that is---the most popular vape juices are the wide variety of flavoured options. Pastries, candies, fruit, food and drink, and chocolate, amongst thousands of others, are used by vapers in their majority.

Recently, however, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has moved forward with its plans to "ban" the sales of flavoured e-cigarette juices. This brash move, lambasted by some as being an example of unnecessary legislative intervention, is an effort to curtail what has been called a "youth vaping epidemic" spurred on by the wide availability of flavoured vape juice.

What exactly brought talks of a "ban" on?

It all started towards the latter half of last year when the FDA touched on the idea of having all e-liquids, flavoured and unflavoured, formally approved for sale in the U.S. Naturally, news circulated that the FDA was planning to "ban" flavoured e-liquids and one thing led to another.

Something that should have been forgotten about rather quickly was picked up by Colorado's Democratic representative Diana DeGette---she announced in a March 2019 statement that she plans to introduce legislation, the SAFE Kids Act, that would ban the sale or manufacture of "often kid-friendly" flavours used in e-cigarette liquids.

Given that Colorado has the highest proportion of teenagers using e-cigarettes, this move hardly seems surprising.

In her statement, DeGette said—

“Tobacco use remains one of the greatest threats to our children’s health and we have to do more to protect them from the dangers of e-cigarettes. Most experts agree that the kid-friendly flavours that e-cigarette manufacturers are selling with these products are one of the leading causes of this spike in use among our high school and middle school students. To me, there is no legitimate reason to sell any product with names such as cotton candy or tutti fruitti, unless you are trying to market it to children.”

What does the "SAFE Kids Act" say?

It gives e-cigarette companies one year to prove to the FDA that the artificial flavourings in their vape juices are only being used to further the aim of an e-cigarette's use---the quitting of smoking.

To that end, they must also prove that these flavours do not lead to increased use of e-cigarettes among children and teenagers or cause any sort of harm.

If they cannot, manufacturers will, in theory, no longer be allowed to sell or manufacture their flavoured products in the U.S.

Throwing the health of ex-smokers into jeopardy

In an op-ed published on February 19th, prior to the introduction of DeGette's proposed legislation, Boston University's Professor Michael Siegel argued that such flavour ban will drive more people back to smoking, potentially throwing the health of ex-smokers into jeopardy, and there are millions of them.

It is argued that whilst eliminating or severely restricting access to flavoured vape juices is a good idea on the face of it---after all, this will prevent youths readily accessing them---it will likely cause more problems than it solves.

Ex-smokers aside for a second, what are children and teenagers going to do if they are unable to get their "fix" of nicotine from e-cigs and flavoured vape juices?

They will instead get their hands on far more harmful cigarettes.

Unfortunately, in approaching this flavoured vape juice "problem", if that's what we must call it, policymakers have gone gung-ho in tying the hands of e-cigarette and vape juice manufacturers in an attempt to get one over on them whilst ignoring the obvious and more problematic impact that such a move will have.

The irony here is that less harmful, in some cases potentially not at all harmful, e-cigarettes and vape juices will be restricted whereas regular, severely harmful cigarettes will still be just as widely available and easily accessible to adults, teenagers, and children alike.

All this "ban" would serve to do is provide tobacco companies with a competitive advantage.

The safety of e-cigarettes

Although e-cigarettes are not perfect by any means, they are far, far safer than traditional cigarettes that don't just contain nicotine, but all sorts of other nasties, both carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic, that lead to a variety of health problems with long-term use. At least, that's what a growing body of scientific evidence currently suggests.

Plenty of clinical trials and research projects have proven that e-cigarettes are not only safer than traditional cigarettes, but they play a much bigger role in helping smokers quit than old-school nicotine patches.

By creating a legislative barrier, former smokers (and teenagers and children!) will be forced to return to or take up the smoking of cigarettes.

If governments must intervene, there are plenty of other options to explore that will prevent teenagers and children accessing e-cigarettes and vape juices.

Here, the picture isn't quite so bleak

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