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Expert Tips To Help You To Quit Smoking, Once And For All

Expert Tips To Help You To Quit Smoking, Once And For All
A lot of our customers come to Vaper Empire as a way of quitting smoking after years of trying to kick their habit. We thought we'd help you with your journey to quit. There are our ultimate tips on how to quit smoking and start embracing a healthier lifestyle.

Here are our top five tips for quitting once and for all:

1. Prepare Yourself Deciding to quit is one thing, but you need to prep the house, the car, and even do some mental prep to ensure that you can stay focused and on your goal to give up cigarettes. You might also want to prepare your close friends and family and ensure you have their support. Tell them your plans so that they don't offer you a smoke when you're feeling vulnerable. Ensure you don't go anywhere that you feel you might be tempted like a pub, club or even where the smokers hang out at work. Get rid of your smokes and lighters, all of it.

2. Curb Cravings Whether you want to try patches, lollipops or exercise, ensure you have a cravings contingency plan, something to distract you while you're craving a cigarette. Don't get stuck in a downward spiral and race out and buy a pack of smokes at a servo. Take a deep breath and remember your planning and use a distraction until it passes.

3. Try Vaping We've all heard the stories of vaping completely transforming the lives of former smokers, and it's true. Many of our most loyal customers smoked for 10, 20 or 30 years before taking up vaping, and they now save hundreds of dollars per week. In addition, the director of Public health in Scotland, Dr Andrew Fraser, recently stated that "E-cigarettes are a lot safer than cigarettes", so you can be sure that E-cigarettes are a great way to help you give up smoking.

4. Support System Many people use the "MyQuitBuddy" app as a support when they quit. It can help you to stay focused and committed and help you through a craving. Also, be sure to reach out to friends and family and tell them that you're quitting and that you need them to be supportive of your goals.

5. Stay Focused Remember that you're quitting for a reason. Whether it's for your health, to feel better, to save money or something else, it's important to note these reasons and to stay completely committed to these goals at all times.
2 November 2017

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