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E-Cigarette Benefits

E-Cigarette Benefits
E-cigarettes have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Used predominately by smokers in an attempt to curb their habits, e-cigs and vapes are, according to the findings of Public Health England's latest e-cigarette evidence review, likely far less harmful than traditional cancer-causing cigarettes. With long-term and proper e-cig use, many smokers manage to quit smoking for good.

Although they can be used as a tool to quit smoking, this is not the sole benefit of e-cigs; there are plenty of other reasons you should consider using e-cigs and vapes over cigarettes. In this article, we are going to explore some of these in more detail.

What Is an E-Cigarette?

An e-cigarette (or vape) is a device that closely resembles a cigarette. Most e-cigs and vapes are reusable and refillable, featuring cartridges that use "e-liquid" which is heated up with a coil wrapped around a wick. When the e-liquid is heated up, water vapour is produced that can be inhaled and subsequently exhaled to give the look and feel of smoking.

More often than not, e-liquids contain a concentration of nicotine---anywhere from trace amounts (below 6mg/mL) to high amounts (up to 36mg/mL or more)---which helps ex-smokers satisfy their nicotine cravings and stay away from harmful cigarettes.

Nicotine-free e-liquids are also available. These are primarily used by hobbyists and people who have successfully quit smoking.

Five E-Cigarette Benefits

Aside from helping smokers quit, there are several other e-cigarette benefits. These are five e-cigarette benefits that we think are the best ones.

1. E-Cigs and Vaping Is Much Cheaper

The amount of money you will save when you switch from cigarette to e-cigarette is astounding. Depending on how often you smoke, you can save up to 90% (or more!) because e-cigs and e-liquids last a lot longer than traditional cigarettes.

A bottle of e-liquid can last for weeks and cost as little as $5 to $10 when you buy on sale or in bulk from the Vaper Empire online store. Our Classic Collection of e-liquids at $59.75, for example, is excellent value for money and will keep you going for weeks.

When you account for the fact that many smokers go through a pack every day or two at $20+ a pop, the savings are black and white.

2. No Burning Nasty Chemicals

A common misconception with e-cigs is that they produce smoke---this simply isn't the case. E-cigs and vapes provide an aerosol commonly referred to as vapour (hence the name). Because e-cigs do not rely on combustion or the burning of tobacco (and other ingredients), they do not produce any smoke, tar, or ash.

Traditional cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals and toxins, many of which are harmful and carcinogenic, and they wreak havoc with your lungs. For every 100 cigarettes smoke, around 1g of tar (like the stuff you see on roads) clings to the inside of your lungs.

In comparison, e-liquids---the substance used by e-cigarettes to create vapour---contains only a small number of basic ingredients. These are water, VG, PG, synthetic and/or natural flavourings, and nicotine. Nicotine is, of course, not present in nicotine-free e-liquids. Here at Vaper Empire, we sell both nicotine-free and nicotine-infused e-liquids, which are available in various flavours and different strengths.

3. No Residual Smell

More often than not, you can always tell when somebody is a smoker, especially when you are a non-smoker.

Cigarette smoke sticks to your clothes, your possessions, your furniture and walls, and it can cause a myriad of oral health problems. In comparison, e-liquids are nicely scented, and the smell disappears very quickly---it is not long-lasting, and it does not stick to or cling on to anything.

Also, e-cigs are not known to dull your sense of smell and taste to the degree that cigarettes do.

4. E-Cigs Can Be Used in Lots of Places

Many nations have cracked down heavily on smoking in public places, and rightfully so. You can no longer smoke in cafés, bars, restaurants, casinos, on public transport, in sports venues, hotel rooms, and in some public parks. This means that you often have to excuse yourself if you want a smoke or wait it out, not ideal if you have bad nicotine cravings.

In contrast, e-cigs can be used in many of these places. Although there are some restrictions (e.g. on planes or in some public places to the discretion of the proprietor or as a result of newly enacted laws), they are nowhere near as widespread as restrictions on cigarettes.

5. You Can Control Your Nicotine Intake

E-liquids, as we mentioned earlier, come in various strengths. This allows you to control how much nicotine you are taking in.

There are many reasons why somebody may want to control their nicotine intake. These include:

  • Reducing strength over time from the point of stopping smoking to quitting for good. Many ex-smokers start on e-liquids with high nicotine strengths and then slowly reduce it down to low nicotine or nicotine-free e-liquids as their cravings disappear.
  • Change strength throughout the day. For example, if you start off low in the morning then your nicotine cravings will generally be less severe for the rest of your day.
  • For experimenting. Some people like to see which strengths give them the best "buzz".
For the most part, being able to control nicotine strength is useful as it allows vapers to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine that they're getting when they vape.

Determining which strength e-liquid to use as a newbie vaper is one of the more difficult decisions new vapers may face, however, it is important to get it right for an optimum experience. If you want to learn more, check out our article on this very subject.

Ready to Begin Your E-Cigarette Journey?

So, you have read about some of the many e-cigarette benefits. With this information in mind, are you ready to get on board?

Whether you are taking up vaping for the social aspect or because you are trying to quit smoking, our range of vaping devices, vaping accessories, and e-liquids, including handy and value-packed starter kits, will get you off to the very best start.
20 August 2019

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