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How To Choose The Right E-Juice Nicotine Strength

How To Choose The Right E-Juice Nicotine Strength
When you are trying to decide which e-liquid to buy, one of the main things you need to consider is what concentration of nicotine it contains---i.e. its nicotine strength. Deciding which nicotine strength e-liquid to buy can be difficult, especially when you are trying to balance enjoyment with your nicotine cravings.

More often than not, vapers resort to good old trial and error to decide which strength is best for them, however, by doing your research, you will be better able to make a more informed choice.

Choosing the right e-liquid with the right nicotine level is essential for getting the best vaping experience, especially if you are just switching over from cigarettes. If you choose an e-liquid with a small nicotine concentration, it may not satisfy your cravings. Conversely, too high a concentration may be far too intense for you.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about e-liquid nicotine strengths.

E-Liquid Nicotine Strengths

Most e-liquid flavours are sold in a range of nicotine strengths that vary from nicotine-free and low concentrations to super high concentrations.

Each e-liquid manufacturer has different standards when it comes to strength, however, simply reading "low" or "high" on a bottle won't tell you much information. To deduce nicotine strength, you will need to look at the label and see how many milligrams of nicotine an e-liquid contains.

Generally speaking, e-liquids are available in concentrations incrementing in 3mg or 6mg. So 0mg is nicotine-free, 6mg is low, 24mg is high, and 12mg and 18mg are the in-betweens. 30-36mg+ is very high. In some cases, e-liquid manufacturers go even higher, offering very-very high nicotine concentrations to their customers.

Nicotine strength is measured in milligrams per millilitre. So, in a 100ml bottle of e-liquid, a 12mg nicotine strength would mean that the bottle is 1.2% nicotine by volume. In a 10ml bottle of e-liquid with a strength of 24mg, there will be 240mg of nicotine in total.

You also need to keep in mind that nicotine strength applies to all the liquid in the bottle. You won't get 24mg of nicotine intake if you vape 1/10th of the above 10ml bottle in a single sitting. Additionally, only around 40 to 60% is absorbed into our bloodstream.

Choosing the Right Nicotine Level

To get the most enjoyment out of your vape, it is important to choose the right nicotine level. To select the right one, you should ask yourself two questions:

  1. What is your current tobacco use (i.e. how much do you smoke)?
  2. What type of device are you using?
Equating tobacco nicotine levels to e-liquid nicotine levels is not a case of looking at the number of cigarettes you smoke per day. It is more about the kind of cigarettes that you smoke---cigarettes do not contain an exact level of nicotine, and nicotine levels are not listed on cigarette packaging.

This is because some cigarettes contain more nicotine than others. We can, however, segment smokers into three distinct categories:

  • Those who smoke strong unfiltered cigarettes. These contain the most nicotine and you will want an e-liquid in the very strong range, which is around 24mg or higher.
  • Those who smoke "regular" cigarettes. These are filtered, medium-strength cigarettes that call for a mid-level e-liquid nicotine strength of around 16mg.
  • Those who smoke lighter and ultra-light cigarettes should opt for an e-liquid with around 6mg to 12mg of nicotine.

I Am a Non-Smoker, What Should I Choose?

Unfortunately, lots of people wrongly believe that vaping is only for current and ex-smokers. This is simply not the case. Lots of people who have never smoked before decide to vape out of pure enjoyment, or for the social aspect.

For non-smokers who have taken up vaping, there are nicotine-free e-liquids available. These smell, taste, perform, and function in a nearly identical capacity as their nicotine-containing counterparts. The only difference is that they do not contain any nicotine, period.

For the most part, nicotine-free e-liquids are recommended to non-smokers who want to vape.

Consider the Device You Are Using

The other consideration you need to take into account is the type of device that you are using.

For people using "traditional" vapes and e-cigarettes---the small, slender cig-a-like devices---it is easier to choose a nicotine strength because you can more closely match it to your tobacco usage.

More powerful devices such as vaporiser pens and box mods with vape tanks require e-liquids that are of a lower strength to match tobacco usage. This is because these devices themselves are far more powerful and use a higher amount of vape juice in one sitting.

Where a cig-a-like e-cig may use 1ml of vape juice in a single session, a vaporiser or vape mod may use two, three, or four times that amount. That means you will be getting two, three, or four times the amount of nicotine in that single sitting unless you adjust it appropriately.

This is especially true when it comes to box mods. Often, these are as powerful as 20 watts.

I Want to Quit Nicotine Altogether---What Do I Do?

Vaping is perfect for quitting smoking (and nicotine) altogether.

Most people who quit via vaping do so by starting with a vape juice that has the right nicotine strength for them. Over time, they adjust their vape juice nicotine strengths down bit-by-bit. Doing this "weans" them off the higher-level nicotine strengths whilst still satisfying their cravings until they are eventually vaping e-liquids at the lower-end of the nicotine scale. Once a former smoker turned vaper has reached the point at which they're strictly vaping nicotine-free e-liquids, the nicotine addiction has been kicked.

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22 July 2019

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