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5 Celebrities That Are Actually Vapers

5 Celebrities That Are Actually Vapers

We all know that Leonardo DiCaprio is a vaper, but there are a few celebrities that you may not realise are actually vapers.

Katy Perry:
The ultra-famous pop star is one of the most surprising on the list of vapers. She was spotted smoking an e-cig at her own party.

Lindsay Lohan:
This party girl (or ex.. party girl) is known for her bad habits, but she has since swapped for a vape pen. She's been seen using a vape since 2011, which makes her one of the first super celebs to use a vape.

Katherine Heigl:
The Grey's Anatomy star outed herself as a vaper on the David Letterman, where she showed off her vape pen, and even took a puff on-air. She has also been seen vaping out and about.

Ben Affleck:
The Daredevil actor quite enjoys a puff of his device while driving around.

Isla Fisher:
The Aussie actress is most well known for her roles on Confessions of a Shopaholic, Wedding Crashers, and being the face of the ING bank. Isla has been spotted vaping in public by paparazzi.

18 July 2018

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