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Vape Pods

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The Best Vaping Pods: VIGGOpods

The VIGGO Series pod vape system by Vaper Empire is designed to work exclusively with VIGGOpods. Each VIGGOpod comes prefilled with 1.8ml of premium e-liquid. Multiple pod flavours are available to customers to choose from, including Apple, Menthol, Tobacco, Orange Crush, Creamy Custard, Whole Leaf Tobacco, Caramel Tobacco, Flat White Coffee, and Blueberry.

Replacement pod packs contain 3 individual pods in each pack. Vape pod value packs are also available in 6-week and 3-month kits. Buy in bulk and save when you order a 6-week or 3-month pod kit.

Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Pods

VIGGOpods use nicotine salts that are specially formulated for superior absorption and throat hit. Nic salt pods are available in 3% strength. Nicotine-free (0%) pods are also available.

The VIGGO Pod Vape System

VIGGO pod systems are powerful and easy to use, delivering vapour when users inhale. There's no need to press and hold any buttons when vaping with VIGGO pod devices. Simply draw from the mouthpiece and the vape battery will automatically activate, producing instant vapour.

To use the VIGGO, simply attach a pod to the device by clicking it into place. Once attached, you're ready to begin vaping. To recharge the device, simply plug the battery into the micro USB power cable and begin charging. Change the voltage setting by clicking the device button three times to rotate through the three available voltage settings.

With the VIGGO Series, Vaper Empire has perfected the disposable pod system. There's never any need for users to replace vape coils, as the coils are automatically replaced when a new pod is attached. There's never any need to refill VIGGOpods with nicotine salt eLiquids because each pod comes pre-filled with vape juice and is discarded once its e-juice is depleted. This is vaping made easy. This is the VIGGO pod vape system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Pods For Vaping

Vape pods are similar to e-cigarette cartridges in that they contain both e-liquid and an atomizer, which allows them to transform vape juice into vapour. While an e-cig cartridge often contains a small amount of e-juice in comparison to a vape tank used with a vape pen or vape mods, pods like VIGGO's contain a hefty serving of e-liquid that's enough to last the average vaper more than a day. There are refillable pods and there are disposable ones. VIGGO offers a disposable pod system in which pods are simply discarded and replaced once they run out of vape liquid. This results in minimal maintenance and hassle-free vaping.

Can You Buy Vape Pods In Australia

VIGGOpods with nic salt eLiquid are available across Australia and New Zealand. Simply order your vaping pods from our online vape store and we will ship them straight to your home in as little as 3-5 days.

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