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VIGGO Pod System Vape Starter Kits

Experience amazing, unrivalled Vaping with a VIGGO Series vape pod starter kit. Choose between multiple pod flavours and nicotine strengths when you order any of our VIGGO pod kits. Vape kits include pod devices, vape pods with nicotine salt e-liquid (or nicotine-free vape juice), vape battery charger, and user manual. Customers who order our deluxe starter kit also receive a leather-bound vape case and additional pods.

The VIGGO Pod Vape System

At the heart of each VIGGO pod starter kit is the VIGGO device, a compact yet powerful 400mAh pod vape battery with variable voltage temperature control and automatic vapour production courtesy of the Breathe Easy Draw-Activation System that it's equipped with. Simply attach a pod and draw, the VIGGO will take care of the rest. The device is ergonomically designed to make usage comfortable and highly compact in order to make vaping on the go as convenient as can be. The ultra portable pod vaping device is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

The battery on the VIGGO device fully recharges in just 1 hour and is capable of providing the average vaper between 3-4 days of use on a single charge.

VIGGO Vape Pods

The VIGGO pod system is designed to work exclusively with VIGGO vape pods, which are filled with 1.8ml of premium Vaper Empire e-juice. Each disposable pod is available in a variety of different vape juice flavours and different nicotine strengths. VIGGOpods are available for purchase directly from our online vape store with or without nicotine in them. Our pods that contain nicotine are filled with nicotine salt eLiquid, which is specially formulated to provide superior flavour, nicotine absorption, and throat hit. Pod nicotine strengths available include 3% and 0% (nicotine-free).

VIGGOpods are not refillable pods, and as such, they require no maintenance. They are completely hassle-free. All VIGGO disposable pods are prefilled with Vaper Empire premium TPD-compliant e-liquid, which is manufactured to EU standards inside of state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities using premium ingredients. The eLiquid nic salt we use in our VIGGO nicotine pods is specially formulated for superior nicotine absorption and improved throat hit.

Pod Flavours

Our VIGGOpods are available in a variety of flavours, including Menthol, Apple, Tobacco, Whole Leaf Tobacco, Orange Crush, Caramel Tobacco, Blueberry, Flat White Coffee, and Creamy Custard. All VIGGO pod vaping kits come with vape juice pods. Standard VIGGO vape kits come with 3 pods (1 x pack) in your choice of pod flavour. Deluxe VIGGO pod kits come with 9 pods (3 x pack) in your choice of flavours.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is A Vape Pod

With pod vapes, there's a vape battery known as the device and there's what is known as the pod. The pod holds the e-liquid that's vaporised during the vaping process and it also serves as the mouthpiece once properly attached to a compatible device battery. Inside of each pod is an atomizer that contains the vape coils used to heat the e-liquid. VIGGO vape pods hold 1.8ml of e-juice and come in multiple flavours and strengths.

What Are Vape Pod Systems

Portable pod systems like the VIGGO Series are designed to vaporise e-juice pods in a fashion similar to cig-a-like e-cigarettes, vape mods, and vape pens. Like a vape mod with its vape tank or a vape pen with its vape cartridge, vape pod systems use vape pods. There are two distinctly different types of portable pod systems: the disposable vape pod system and the refillable system. Our VIGGO Series conveniently offers the benefits of a disposable pod system in which there's never any need for potentially messy pod refills or time-consuming replacements of vape coils. Everything is as easy and straight forward as can be with the hassle-free VIGGO system.

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