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E-Cigs Can Dramatically Increase Odds Of Successfully Quitting Smoking, UK Study Finds

E-Cigs Can Dramatically Increase Odds Of Successfully Quitting Smoking, UK Study Finds

According to a report carried out by researchers in London that was recently published in the journal Addiction, people using e-cigarettes to quit smoking are around 95% more likely to find success than those who are trying to quit without any form of smoking cessation aids. The research, which was funded by Cancer Research UK, analysed the success rates of several common smoking cessation methods and products, including nicotine replacement therapy: patches, gum, and tablets.

The research, which was conducted by a team at University College London (UCL), also adjusted for a range of factors that could influence the likelihood of a smoker quitting successfully. These adjustments included age, social status, the severity of cigarette addiction, previous attempts to quit, and whether quitting was a slowly phased-in effort or something embarked upon abruptly.

What the Research Shows

The study involved around 19,000 people from all over England who had already tried to quit smoking in the 12 months preceding it, collected over a 12-year period from 2006 to 2018. The findings of the research team indicate that e-cigarettes can dramatically increase the odds of someone quitting smoking successfully to as high as 95% more likely. Those who were prescribed tablets were around 82% more likely to successfully quit smoking than those who tried to quit without any cessation aids or products.

“Our study adds to growing evidence that use of e-cigarettes can help smokers to quit,” said Sarah Jackson, a professor at University College London who co-led the study. This is great news for the World Health Organisation (WHO) which has previously released data that shows that smoking and other tobacco use kills more than 7 million people per year globally.

As for those who were prescribed nicotine replacement therapy by a medical professional, they were 34% more likely to quit successfully while those simply buying nicotine replacement therapies from a shop were no more likely to succeed in quitting than those who tried to quit with no help at all.

Peter Hajek, director of the tobacco dependence research unit at Britain’s Queen Mary University of London, said the study yielded two key findings about e-cigarettes: “They help smokers quit at least as much as stop-smoking medications, and they are used by many more smokers. This means they generate many more quitters and do this at no cost to the NHS,” he said.

An Effective Way to Quit for Good

E-cigarettes and vapes contain no tobacco and produce no smoke. According to Public Health England's latest e-cigarette evidence review, vaping is likely at least 95% less harmful than smoking.

When a cigarette’s tobacco is burned, it produces thousands of chemicals, toxins, and by-products, many of which are cancer-causing, which are inhaled along with cigarette smoke. This increases someone’s chances of catastrophic illnesses such as several types of cancer and lung disease. On average, a smoker will live for 10 years less than a non-smoker, research has shown.

In contrast, e-cigarettes contain a nicotine-containing liquid that the user inhales as a vapour. Because no combustion takes place and because no tobacco is present, the chemical composition of the vapour greatly differs from that of cigarette smoke. The inclusion of nicotine, along with the control that the user has over how much nicotine they “use”, means that e-cigarettes are an effective way to satisfy nicotine cravings and quit smoking.

Notably, e-cigarette liquid is available with and without nicotine. It's also available in various nicotine strengths. This provides vapers with choice, a choice that's not present in conventional cigarettes.

How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

Despite popular belief, e-cigarettes are generally very simple devices. They are composed of a few simple components which, in conjunction with vape liquid, create an inhalable vapour that can carry nicotine into the body.

Although there are many different e-cigarette brands, products, and devices, many of these work in largely the same way. In an e-cigarette or vape, you will find a battery, an absorbent material such as cotton (often called a “wick”), a heating element (often called a “vape coil”), a tank, cartridge, or pod where the vape’s liquid (“e-liquid” or “vape juice”) is held, and a mouthpiece.

When the device is activated---either through the draw- or button-activation---the battery heats up the heating element that is wrapped around the absorbent material which is kept topped up with vaping liquid by the tank or cartridge. When this material is heated, the liquid in it is also heated and this turns into aerosol known as vapour that can be inhaled like cigarette smoke.

Despite the relative simplicity of e-cigarettes and vapes, it is still very important that you choose to purchase from a reputable brand that manufacturers quality products.

Looking for a Quality Brand?

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15 July 2020

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