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E-Cigarettes Nearly Twice As Effective As Nicotine Patches And Gum, New Study Shows

E-Cigarettes Nearly Twice As Effective As Nicotine Patches And Gum, New Study Shows
Vaping nicotine as opposed to "wearing" or chewing it, i.e. through nicotine replacement products such as patches and gum, is almost twice as effective at helping smokers to kick their habits for good.

This is according to a new study carried out in the UK that included almost 900 smokers seeking treatment.

The QMUL study

Funded by the National Institute for Health Research and Cancer Research UK, the study was carried out by Professor Peter Hajek and his team from the Queen Mary University of London.

During the study, Professor Hajek and his team randomly assigned smokers to two groups---one with a vaping "starter kit" and the other with a regular nicotine replacement therapy product---and the results measured.

After 12 months, 80 per cent of the vaping group were still smoke-free.

"We now have clear evidence that vaping with a modern, refillable device and a choice of nicotine e-liquids is an effective quitting aid and could be helpful for Australian smokers who are unable to quit with approved methods," said Professor Robert West from the University College London.

Although it is accepted that much more research is needed, plenty of studies, use cases, and accounts given first-hand by former smokers point to one thing---e-cigarettes are far more effective at helping smokers to quit the habit and lead a healthier life.

What were the results of the study?

Out of all the people who had completed the study, 78.8% completed a follow-up one year on. From this follow up:

  • 18% of people who had been assigned the e-cigarettes were non-smokers still, and 80% of them were still using their e-cigs; and
  • 9% of people who were assigned nicotine replacement therapy products were non-smokers at one year, and 9% were still using them.
In numbers, this represented an 83% increase in the chance of stopping smoking when provided with an e-cigarette in comparison to nicotine replacement therapy products.

Study participants who were assigned e-cigarettes also reported less severe urges to smoke within the first four weeks of it.

Vaping to help you quit smoking

For those of you who are not familiar and may be considering taking up vaping in a bid to quit smoking, e-cigarettes heat nicotine, often alongside flavourings and additives, to create an inhalable vapour.

This vapour can then be exhaled, just like regular cigarette smoke, to not only give the same look and feel as smoking, but also provide your body with a "hit" of nicotine.

As you will see later, e-cigarette flavours (or "vape juices") come in a huge range of different types. Everything from fresh fruits to breakfast favourites and popular snacks to recognisable soft drinks is covered. This makes the vaping "experience" much more favourable to smoking (and it has also created something of a worldwide cult following, too!)

Since vaping enables your body to get the nicotine it wants, the urge to smoke a cigarette is dampened, sometimes eliminated entirely, meaning that you get the same nicotine rush without having to inhale all the toxic smoke and carcinogenic chemicals that often come with it.

Whilst we are not by any means saying that nicotine is good for you, smoking an e-cigarette to get nicotine in you is far, far better than smoking cigarettes. This according to a growing body of scientific evidence. You can learn more about the health implications of vaping as they compare to smoking by taking a look at Public Health England's government mandated e-cigarette evidence review.

Once you have adjusted yourself on to e-cigarettes from traditional cigarettes properly, you can then focus on slowly bringing down the amount of nicotine you consume in stages. Vape juice nicotine varies from brand-to-brand, with many brands offering juices that contain different concentrations of it. At Vaper Empire, we offer all of our e-juices in multiple nicotine strengths.

Over time, you can adjust yourself downwards from vape juices with high levels of nicotine to vape juices with little levels of nicotine.

Doing this has been shown to be a very effective way of kicking the smoking habit; without the nicotine urge, there can be no addiction and, therefore, you will be able to completely eliminate cigarettes from your life.

What are the long-term effects?

Right now, e-cigarettes and vaping are still very new. We do not know what the long-term impact of vaping is, if any, and we likely will not for a number of years. The industry itself isn't as heavily regulated like the tobacco industry is, either.

That being said, there is a strong correlation between e-cigarette usage and the kicking of the cigarette habit; vape juices simply don't contain close to the same numbers and amounts of nasty toxins and by-products that cigarettes do and the same can be said for vapour as it compares to smoke.

As long as you purchase your e-cigarettes, equipment, and vape juices from a reputable manufacturer, you will have nothing to worry about.

Ready to kick your cigarette habit?

Vaper Empire's online shop is packed full of products that you can use to help you quit smoking altogether. From our state-of-the-art vaping equipment and accessories to a massive selection of vape juices available in numerous flavours and nicotine strengths, we have everything you need to set yourself down the right track.

We recommend reading the resources on our blog to learn more about vaping, what it is, how you do it, and everything it involves to give yourself the best possible start.
1 July 2019

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