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Vibe Series Clearomiser Tank in Black

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The Vibe Series Clearomiser Tank is truly a sight to behold with its Huge 4.5ml Capacity and beautiful sleek design. This tank has been designed with ultimate convenience in mind and holds so much eliquid refilling is even simpler. The tank has an extra-long coil, which has an enormous surface area and is Made from Japanese Organic Cotton which produces outstanding flavour and vape production. Order your replacement or spare tank today and enjoy the supreme benefits of the Vibe. With a sophisticated design and full compatibility with the Vibe Series Battery unit, the Vibe Tank utilises the full power from the 2000mAh battery to produce the ‘perfect’ vape, full and flavoursome. The structure of the 1.5ohm coil plays an integral role in the outstanding vape production by maximising the surface area of the cotton which allows for more consistent uptake of e liquid.

Special Note: The Vibe is a powerful device. When ordering nicotine e liquid, you should select a nicotine strength that is lower & ensure that you allow new coils to absorb e liquid for at least 10 min before use.


1 x Refillable Vibe Tank [4.5ml] with Advanced Dual Atomizer Coil
1 x Spare Dual Atomizer Coil


Every Vaper Empire product is designed with value and maximum quality in mind and the Vibe Tank is no exception.

The Vibe Tank has a beautiful cylindrical design that fits with bespoke precision onto the Vibe Battery unit producing a truly aesthetic result. The 4.5ml tank is twice the size of any other clearomiser in Vaper Empire’s range but is equally as simple to use. To refill you do not even have to remove the tank from the battery. All that is required is to unscrew the top of the tank along with the mouthpiece. Simply hold the device at a 45-degree angle and fill the tank by 2/3rds. Reattach the top of the tank and resume vaping. Having an additional Vibe Tank at hand is a great idea. Firstly, you can easily change your flavour profile by having 2 different e-liquids in each of your tanks. Secondly if you ever drop your tank and damage the internal chamber you will have a new tank close by.

Vibe Tank features:
Low resistance: 1.5ohm
Thread: M7*0.5mm
Bottom Coil
Tank Volume: 4.5ml
Weight: 49.2g

Vibe Tank e-liquid capacity:
4.5ml Equivalent to approximately 40 typical tobacco cigarettes

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