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V-Pack II Series Battery Stem Replacements

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A V-Pack II battery stem pack is perfect for those looking for spares or replacements. These batteries are exclusive to the V-Pack II Series, giving you a smooth and convenient vape wherever you may be. Each lasts for approximately 300 puffs on average before requiring a fresh charge from the portable charging case.
2 x V-Pack II Battery Stem (170mAh)

Vaper Empire battery stems make it easy to vape with your V-Pack II Series e cigarette. Each pack comes with two stems for maximum convenience.

It doesn’t matter if you lost your first set or just want some spares: our replacement sets offer great value for those looking to resupply. These stems contain 170mAh batteries with a total weight of just 12g each, allowing your V-Pack II e cigarette to retain its light weight and smooth style.

When one battery stem needs charging, pop it into the charging slot in the case and use the second stem to continue vaping. Most charges will last for around 300 puffs, which is roughly equivalent to the lifetime of each cartomiser.

You can keep switching them when required for a total of roughly 5 individual charges before your case will need to be recharged.

To use the V-Pack II e cig, simply screw the battery stem into a fresh cartomiser until securely in place. Then, all you need to do is inhale to activate the inner heating element and draw vapour from inside the device out through the mouthpiece. The tip of the device will glow white each time you inhale.

2 x Battery replacement stems. Weight: 12g each. Battery Life : 300 x 'puffs' Content of battery: 170mAh Charging Voltage: 3.4V-4.2V Charging time: Approx 2 hours. Expected Shelf Life of battery: Approx 380 'charges'.
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