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Disposable Vapes

Disposable Vapes

The best alternatives to disposable vapes.

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  1. HOT
    VIGGO Series Deluxe Vape Pod Starter Kit in Black
    Includes Complete Device + 9 Pods
  2. HOT
    VIGGO Series Vape Pod Starter Kit in Black
    Includes Complete Device + 3 Pods
  3. VIGGO Series Pod Vape Battery in Black
    Includes Series Replacement Battery
  4. HOT
    V-Pack II Series Deluxe Starter Kit in Black
    Includes Complete Device + 20 Cartomisers
  5. V-Pack II Series Starter Kit in Black
    Includes Complete Device + 5 Cartomisers
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Disposable Vapes

Vaper Empire's line of alternatives to disposable vapes take advantage of reusable batteries that are used in conjunction with vape pods and e-cig cartridges. While each battery can be recharged and reused numerous times, the e-liquid filled attachments that they are used with are designed to be replaced once the vape juice inside of them has been depleted. Below you will find an overview of the alternatives to disposables that we offer.


Our Viggo Series pod vape kits make vaping easy and convenient with replaceable pods. Each pod is prefilled with 1.8ml of our very own premium e-juice. Viggo Pods are available in a wide range of flavours and can be purchased with or without nicotine salts, as we offer both 3% strength and nicotine-free vape pods as an alternative to using a disposable vape.

To use the Viggo pod system, simply attach a prefilled pod to the device battery and begin vaping. Once the e-liquid inside the pod has been depleted, detach and discard the pod before replacing it with a fresh pod in order to continue vaping.

The Viggo's rechargeable 400mAh battery fully recharges in just one hour and is protected by a 90-day limited device warranty. With 3-mode variable voltage, vapers can choose the voltage setting that's best for them.

E-Cigarette Cartridges - V-PACK II SERIES

For vapers who prefer cig-a-like electronic cigarettes, our V-Pack II Series serves as a convenient solution that combines the power of rechargeable battery stems with cartridges that are prefilled with Vaper Empire e-juice. Replacement cartridges are available in a wide range of flavours and strengths, each designed to be replaced once the e-juice inside them has been used.

The V-Pack II's 1200mAh portable charging case holds up to three spare flavour cartridges and a battery that it can simultaneously recharge anywhere at any time. An LCD display on the front of the case shows real-time power and charging status when activated. With the V-Pack II Series, vapers can vape continuously throughout the day without worrying about interruptions.

Your Source For Alternatives to Disposable Vapes

At Vaper Empire, we take pride in our long history as a leading vape brand. Our line of premium vaping products, which include a wide array of flavoured vape juices, vape accessories, and e-cigarette kits, can all be purchased directly from our online vape shop. Order now and our team will work diligently to ship your order straight to your home in as little as 3-5 days.

Have questions, need answers? You can reach our customer support team by telephone at 1800 VAPERS (1800 827 377), by e-mail at [email protected], or by live chat by clicking the blue icon in the corner of the screen.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Which Alternative to disposable vape is best?

The best disposable vapes alternative for vapers in search of convenience are our VIGGO and V-PACK II, both of which offer the benefit of a rechargeable battery along with the convenience of pods (VIGGO) and cartomisers (V-PACK II). While the V-PACK II provides vapers with a portable charging case and slim e-cigarettes that resemble conventional tobacco cigarettes in both shape and size, the VIGGO pod system is similarly compact and portable while providing more powerful vapour production and the added benefits of nicotine salts. If you're not sure which disposable vape is best for you, ask our team!

Can I still buy disposable vapes?

Adult vapers can order disposable vaping devices in most countries, but you can order the best alternatives to disposables directly from our online store. We ship all orders straight to customers' doorsteps and we offer express shipping to ensure timely delivery in as little as 3-5 days.

Is a vape or disposable better?

Vapes that can be recharged and reused typically cut down on vaping costs while reducing the amount of e-waste produced. As a result, reusable devices are often less expensive to operate and better for the environment. The main benefit of disposables is that they are convenient to use and easy for new vapers to get started with, making them especially popular with beginners who just want something simple to use.

How long do disposable vapes last you?

Depending on the size of the battery, the amount of e-juice that the device holds, and how it is used, disposables can easily last multiple days. Some vapers may even find that their devices last weeks, if not months. On the other hand, with our VIGGO and V-PACK II, vapers can expect both device batteries to last for approximately 300 recharges or more. Each VIGGO Pod provides approximately 600 puffs, whereas each V-PACK II Clearomiser provides approximately 200 puffs. Exactly how long a pod or clearomiser will last for you depends on how often you use it.

Which disposable vape alternative lasts the longest?

When measuring based on the number of puffs, it is our VIGGO device that provides the most puffs per pod. A single pod contains enough e-juice for approximately 600 puffs, which is significantly more than the approximately 200 puffs that a single clearomiser for our V-PACK II provides. However, in terms of battery life, it is our V-PACK II that allows vapers to continuously vape without concerns, as it not only comes with two battery stems but it also includes a portable charging case that allows vapers to conveniently recharge their e-cigarettes while they are on the move.

How many cigarettes are in a disposable vape?

The amount of nicotine that a cigarette contains varies and is not always known to the user. In contrast, the amount of nicotine that a vaping product contains is almost always clearly depicted on the product's packaging or label. The amount of cigarettes in a vape depends on the amount of e-juice that it contains and the strength of the juice. For comparison, the strongest V-Pack II cartomisers that we offer contain 24mg/ml of nicotine, which means that for every 1-2 puffs you take, you are receiving roughly the same amount of nicotine that is found in a single cigarette. With approximately 200 puffs in each cartomiser, you are looking at anywhere from approximately 100 to 200 cigarettes per cartomiser.

Why do disposable vapes hit harder?

While not always the case, some disposables use higher-strength e-liquids and stronger e-liquids result in harder hits. Many disposables make use of nicotine salts like those found in VIGGO Pods, which allow for higher concentrations of nicotine to be used without causing the vapour to become too harsh. Another reason why disposables are sometimes harder-hitting is due to their lack of airflow and voltage controls, which can allow vapers to fine-tune their device's vapour production to better fit their preference for vapour. With the VIGGO pod system, vapers can easily adjust the device's voltage to fit their needs.

Are disposable vapes worse for you?

The New Zealand Ministry of Health says that "vaping is much less harmful than smoking". The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that e-cigarettes are less harmful than conventional cigarettes. The United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS) says that vapes are "far less harmful than cigarettes". Public Health England's independent e-cigarette evidence review estimates vaping to likely be 95% less harmful than smoking.

Why are disposable vapes worse than normal vapes?

Disposables have their benefits as well as their drawbacks. While they are often more convenient and easier to use than other types of vapes, they tend to cost more than reusable devices to use in the long term, often lack advanced features such as airflow and voltage controls, and they create more e-waste than their reusable counterparts.

Why are disposable vapes so much nicer?

The use of nicotine salts and primed coils help improve the hit and taste of disposables. Nicotine salts are commonly used in disposable devices and their benefits include improved flavour, better shelf life, and smoother hits. Exchange your disposable for our VIGGO Series vape pods, which are available with nicotine salts, allowing vapers to enjoy our proprietary nic salts that are specially formulated for superior absorption and improved throat hit.