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Accessories for the Viva Titanium Series Vapour Pipe

At Vaper Empire, our focus is on providing you with premium-quality products that provide you with an unsurpassed vaping experience. To help you use your Viva Titanium to its full potential, we offer a selection of accessories that allow you to vape with complete peace of mind. From essential supplies and replacements to optional extras, we have everything you need for hassle-free vaping with your trusted Viva device.


Our Viva clearomiser 3-packs can be ordered at any time to top up your supplies. The pioneering titanium coil boasts an impressive lifetime of 3-4 weeks for the typical vaper, meaning a 3-pack will keep you vaping smoothly for at least 2 more months. Simply detach the battery from the old clearomiser and connect it to a new one in a matter of seconds. Remember to choose your favourite finish between black and chrome.

Leather-bound accessories pouch

Style and convenience make this accessories pouch a must-have for vapers of any kind. There are enough pockets for two devices plus plenty of accessories, so pick one up and it’ll become as indispensable as your keys or wallet.


Spare batteries are a godsend if you lose your original set, but they are also handy to have just in case you want to continue vaping when your first two batteries run flat. Just keep them in the drawer and attach them when the other batteries are on charge to prevent any interruption. We stock replacements in black and chrome, so pick up as many as you need.


Whether you misplaced your cable or adapter or just want some spares, you can always order one here whenever you need. Consider having an extra for the office or the better half’s place, leaving more space in your pouch for other essentials.

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