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Browse Viva Titanium Series Clearomisers

With the support of the 360mAh battery, the Viva Titanium Series clearomiser is the driving force behind this impressive device. Stocking up on spare clearomisers is the best way to ensure you can enjoy simple, stress-free vaping for months to come. We have included guidelines on how often you should use a fresh clearomiser below, but keep in mind that an extra clearomiser can also give you more flexibility. With a spare on hand, you can switch flavours without waiting until you finish the tanks on your two devices.

Using fresh clearomisers in your Viva Titanium

Like most of our other devices, the Viva Titanium uses a battery-powered clearomiser to draw vapour from the eliquid and deliver it through to the mouthpiece. This is achieved by activating a heating element (or coil) that produces vapour from the e liquid stored in the clearomiser tank. These coils naturally degrade the more they are used, which can make vapour more difficult to inhale and compromise the flavour.

Vaper Empire products are designed with premium quality in mind, and the Viva Titanium clearomiser is no exception. The coil within the clearomiser is made with titanium for high durability, giving it an average lifetime of 3-4 weeks before requiring replacement. What’s more, they are super simple to change over: just detach the clearomiser from the battery, dispose of it and firmly snap in a new one.

Stock up and get maximum enjoyment of your device

Choose your preference of chrome or black and place your order online – we’ll dispatch it as soon as possible. With three spares on hand, you’ll be covered for the next 2 or so months! If you want to have enough replacements for even longer, just order as many packs as you need. Quick and simple.

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