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VIGGO Series Deluxe Vape Pod Starter Kit in Black


Vaper Empire's VIGGO Series deluxe starter kit in black comes with rechargeable device, USB charging cable, wall adapter, carry case and 90-day limited device warranty. Nine (9) VIGGOpods included.

Introducing VIGGO, the ultimate pocket-sized Pod Vaping Device. Powerful, yet simple to use, there are no buttons to push or hold to activate, simply inhale with our Breathe Easy Draw-Activation System. Large capacity, disposable 1-Click Connect VIGGOpods are long-lasting and leakage-free. No messy refills and easy switching between flavours. Each pod is pre-filled with our signature VIGGO Salts e-liquid for punchy, tastier flavours and a more satisfying vape.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Additional VIGGOpods available here

1 x Rechargeable Viggo Device
9 x Viggo Pods (3 x 3-Packs) - Choice of 3 Flavours
1 x Vaper Empire Classic PU Leather Bound Pouch
1 x Micro USB Power Cable
1 x Australian USB Wall Adapter [0.5 Amp]
1 x User Manual (English language)
Includes 90-Day Limited Device Warranty
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The perfect pod device for adult smokers seeking a satisfying alternative to cigarettes! The VIGGO Series deluxe starter kit in black is Vaper Empire's newest all-in-one redefined pod system. A no mess, no fuss device that packs a big punch. Huge 1.8ml VIGGOpods simply click-in to the high powered battery (400mAh) and is activated by the draw of your breath, providing you with the best, on-demand vape experience. The disposable pods come in amazing, bold new flavours to suit everyone's tastes. The deluxe kit is your complete vape pack and includes everything you'll need to begin your journey to a tobacco-less life. Includes your rechargeable battery, charging cord, wall plug, premium carrying case, as well as your choice of 3 packs of VIGGOpods in several delicious flavours and two nicotine strengths (3% or 0%). The no spill pods allow you to quickly and easily switch flavours.

Best Pod Vape System Kit: VIGGO Series Deluxe

The deluxe starter kit provides a draw-activated vaping experience that is both satisfying and convenient. The ultra portable VIGGO device, which fits easily into the palm of your hand, features a Soft-Touch ergonomic design that's engineered with comfort and performance in mind. Each VIGGO vape pod is filled with Vaper Empire premium e-liquid, which is available in various flavours and strengths. VIGGO pod juice is available with or without nicotine. Nicotine vape pods contain nicotine salt eLiquid, which is specially formulated to provide superior absorption and magnificent flavour. For the best vape pod system on the market, today, the VIGGO Series vape pod kit is the vape product to buy.

While the deluxe kit only comes with one vape battery, extra pod devices (VIGGO batteries) and other vape accessories are available for individual purchase from our online vape store.

How To Use The VIGGO Vape Pod Kit

To use the VIGGO starter kit, simply open the box and remove the VIGGO device. This sleek and highly portable vape battery should be fully charged before using. In order to charge the device, simply plug it in via the included micro USB charger. While charging, the indicator light on the device battery will glow red. This light will turn green once the battery is fully charged. Next, remove a VIGGO pod from its packaging, slide off the protective sleeve, and remove the protective contact strip before attaching it to the VIGGO device. When sliding the pod into place, you will find that it snaps easily into place as the magnet enclosure activates. In order to use, simply draw through the pod's mouthpiece; the easy-draw system will activate and begin producing vapour immediately. When the pod juice has been depleted, simply remove the pod and replace it with a fresh pod.

To change the voltage, simply click the button where the indicator light is located. With each click, the voltage is changed, as each click of the button cycles through the different voltage settings, of which there are three in total to choose from. Variable voltage, while not infrequently seen in vape mods and even the occasional vape pen, is a feature not often seen in pod devices. Some might even consider the VIGGO a "pod mod" for this reason, as it offers a level of temperature control that is not common in the world of pod vaping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Pod Vape System?

A pod system is a type of electronic cigarette in which the e-cigarette cartridge that contains e-liquid is replaced with a pod style cartridge. While e-cig cartridges typically hold a modest amount of e-liquid, vape pods often hold considerably more, as is the case with VIGGOpods which hold an impressive 1.8ml of vape juice in a single pod. Vape pods, like e-cig cartomizers and vape tanks, contain atomizers and coils used to heat the e-liquid contained within them to the point at which vapour is produced. The VIGGO device, a rechargeable pod vape battery, is what powers the VIGGO vape system. Together, the VIGGO device and VIGGO vape pods form the VIGGO Series pod vape system.

What Is The Best Vape Starter Kit?

The VIGGO Series deluxe kit is the best vape starter kit in Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. The VIGGO brilliantly delivers advanced pod vaping technology in a fashion that seamlessly delivers vapour in a hassle-free experience. Breathe-Easy Draw Activation automatically activates the vape when it's in use, allowing users to vape without pressing a button. Fast charging via the included micro USB charging cable means the high-capacity 400mAh battery can be fully recharged in just one hour. A variable voltage feature provides advanced temperature control not often found in pod vape systems. Combine all of this with proprietary VIGGO Salts e-liquid pods that are available in a range of different flavours and nicotine strengths and it's easy to see why the VIGGO Series pod starter kit is one of the most popular Vaper Empire vape kits available on the market today.

What Is The Best Vape Pod?

VIGGO vape pods are high-capacity (1.8ml) and snap right into place with the power of magnets. They're easy to use (simply discard and replace when e-liquid is depleted), leak-free, and contain 1.8ml of premium TPD-tested Vaper Empire e-liquid. VIGGO nicotine salt eLiquid pods come in two strengths (0% and 3%). Nicotine-free VIGGOpods do not contain nicotine. Both strengths are available in various vape juice flavours. Unlike with refillable pods, VIGGO disposable pods do not require their vape coils to be replaced, providing a convenient and hassle-free pod vaping experience.

How Much Does A Pod Vape Cost?

Pod vapes can vary greatly in cost. At Vaper Empire, our VIGGO pod vape systems range in price. While our customers can purchase each individual component of our VIGGO vape kits separately from our online vape store, our all-inclusive vape starter kits come with everything vapers need, including e-juice, at a discounted cost that can't be beaten.

What Is Included In A Vape Starter Kit?

Vape starter kits typically come with everything a vaper needs to get started. This generally includes a vaping device, vape liquid (e-juice), and a charger for the vape battery. With the VIGGO Series deluxe starter kit, customers receive the VIGGO Pod Vaping Device, three packs of VIGGO Vape Pods, a micro-USB charging cable, Australian USB wall adapter, and a classic leather-bound pouch for storing your devices and pods. With the VIGGO deluxe kit, everything you need to vape with pods is included.

Additional Information

Size No

[Battery] size: 79x25x12.5mm | capacity: 400mAh | duration: approx. 250 'puffs' | charging voltage: 4.8-5.2V | charging time: approx. 1 hour | expected life: approx. 300 'charges'

[Wall Adapter] type: Australian | voltage: 5V±0.2 | current: ≥0.5A | connection: usb

[USB Cord] length: 100cm | connection: micro-usb to usb

[Pods] size: 37.5x25x12.5mm | capacity: 1.8ml | coil: ceramic 1.2ohm | duration: approx. 600 'puffs' | expected life: single-use

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Customer Reviews

"Very Happy!!" Review by morgan
I had these recommended to me so I decided to buy them. so so good, and great value despite being classed as 'luxury'. amazing hit and looks sleek too! very happy with this purchase
I got the flat white coffee, apple and blueberry (Posted on 28/10/2020)
"Excellent value for the money" Review by Richard
New to vaping and if I'd seen this earlier would have skipped the other devices. Not that they are bad, but the Viggo is just much easier to use and nicer all round.
It's simple to use, gives good Direct To Lung Vapes as well as Mouth To Lung.
The pods are simple to use and both the flavour and draw are easy on the throat.
I tried 3 different flavours and must admit that Menthol is the best, at least for me.
It simply flows through the throat and adds an added dimension of cooling that makes it great.
Simply drawing air after using the Menthol pods is simply a delight. (Posted on 27/10/2020)
"Awesome Product" Review by Bash
I come from Kuwait where we have a huge (rated the best) vape market. Ive tried many vapes, pod systems, disposable e-cigs, hookah and recently went back to smoking cigarettes. I got the Viggo so I can quit. It is genuinely amazing and is also high quality. Safe to say I love it, and possibly the best I’ve tried. I got many flavours, but my favourites are apple (with nicotine) and blueberry (without nicotine). The apple tastes exactly like a “Two Apple” hookah. One tiny issue I faced is one of the apple pods seems to have leaked a tiny amount into the protective rubber, but is relatively full. Not fussed because it still works no problem. Other than that 10/10 product would recommend.
Thank you! (Posted on 27/07/2020)
"The Way To Go" Review by ROBERT
Had the Viggo for 5 days now and truly love it.
Good cloud and nice clean vape.
The adjustable voltage is handy with the different flavours and a feature not mentioned is the ability to vape while charging, a great addition.
Would highly recommend the VIGGO for both first time vapers and those looking for a convenient carry round device. (Posted on 3/07/2020)
"Easy! Easy! Easy!" Review by Finance Guru
I'd been smoking for over 45 years and due to the price of cigarettes thought I would give this a go.
I haven't had a cigarette since :). Still get all the pleasure out of smoking without the after smell or gigantic cost.
Thankyou Brother Dear for giving me this advice as he has also changed to Vaper Empire.
(Posted on 9/05/2020)
"Awesome" Review by Peter
I had it for 2 days and it's awesome haven't had a smoke it give me the fix I need tried many vapours but this one is one of the best (Posted on 15/02/2020)
"Great little device " Review by Carmela
I can say this would have to be the best of them all I have tried 2 other products from vaper empire but this is the best. The only down side is the cost considering there is only 1.8ml in each pod they don’t last more than a day and a half when you are not working if you’re lucky. In saying that I will be buying more and will see how long a supply will last me I received on the 21st afternoon had to change pod out on the 22nd night time, on average people vape 2-3ml a day so I think it’s written wrong how long they will last you.
All in all best product I have bought!! (Posted on 23/01/2020)
"waiting to trail and hoping it will get me off the smokes" Review by Nigel
(Posted on 15/01/2020)
"Very good first impression" Review by Jose
I received it today and I tried it straight away.
The build quality is very good. Very easy to operate, no buttons, pod changing couldn't be easier.
Now I was expecting it to be not strong enough, but I am very surprised to get the throat hit that I like.
I have been using the Vibe series for almost 2 years and I am very happy with it. Can't really compare, because it is two different systems, but the Viggo is surprisingly good!
I'll see how long the battery lasts and how it goes in general but, so far, I am very happy with it! (Posted on 16/12/2019)

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