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Cartomiser Refills for the V-Pack II Series

Running out of supplies for your vaping device? Vaper Empire makes it easy to keep yourself well-stocked with a diverse range of cartomiser packs that offer excellent value for money. Whether you just want some smaller samples to try out some new flavours or you’d prefer to stock up on a blend you already know and love, all the cartomisers you need are just a few clicks away.

Enjoy the flavours

V-Pack II cartomisers are available pre-filled with a selection of classic flavours that will satisfy any vaper. Stick with something familiar in traditional tobacco; keep it fresh with a menthol blend; boost your day with coffee flavour; add a bit of apple for some juicy goodness; bring a blueberry blast to every puff; keep it light and fruity with watermelon or mango; or take it up a notch with our whole leaf tobacco blend. Whether you stick with a favourite or try them all, you’ll find what you need right here.

Enjoy the convenience

V-Pack II cartomisers bring a completely unique vaping experience to your life. The key is that they are completely disposable: just vape until you run out of e-liquid and dispose of the cartomiser before attaching a new one. It makes life easy for you, particularly when on the go. What’s more, the portable charging case that comes in every V-Pack II Starter Kit contains 3 slots for spare cartomisers that you can easily access when away from your backup supply.

Once you start to get familiar with our flavours and know which ones you like best, we recommend picking up some 6-week or 3-month cartomiser kits. By ordering in bulk, you’re getting maximum savings in addition to the peace of mind that comes with having plenty to spare.

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