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Vibe Series Coil Replacement Set (5-pack)

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Product Information
The Vibe Series device is Vaper Empire’s next generation Vape Mod Device and takes our product offering to the next level. The Vibe Series Coils are special for 2 main reasons. Firstly, they have a Huge Coil Surface Area which allows for Greater Vape Juice Absorption and secondly the coil is made from Excellent Quality Organic Japanese Cotton. Both of these factors help create excellent flavour. The life span of each coils is around 2-3 weeks so a 5 pack will keep you vaping nicely for a couple of months uninterrupted.

Special Note: When using new Vibe coils, allow the e liquid to fully absorb for between 8 to 10 min prior to initial use.

5 x Vibe Series Dual Atomiser Stainless Steel Coils (Low Resistance: 1.5 ohm)

Excellent quality organic Japanese cotton combined with a huge coil surface area create an outstanding flavoursome vape with the Vibe series device.

Our coils are manufactured to the absolute highest standards and quality control is stringent throughout the production process. That is why the Vibe coils provide an extended life of 2-3 weeks per coil for the majority of vapers. With a Vibe coil replacement 5 pack vapers can expect 2-3 months of pure vaping bliss. Lifespan may vary between vapers based on how much you use your Vibe device but be sure that it will produce an outstanding, flavoursome vape every time. The Vibe coil is so easy to replace it takes a matter of seconds. First make sure you remove all of the e liquid from the tank to avoid spillage. Then remove the tank from the battery unit and unscrew the base of the tank. It is then very straight forward to simply pull out the coil and replace with a brand new coil. Put the components back together, fill the tank with premium Vaper Empire e liquid and you’re all set to start vaping.

Vibe Coil features:
Low resistance: 1.5ohm Coil
Stainless Steel Coil Construction
Full length wicking outlets for optimal e liquid intake
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