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Venture Series Coil Replacement Set (5 Pack)

These top-quality coils are designed specifically for the Venture and ensure you can enjoy an unparalleled vaping experience. The average lifetime of each coil is 3-4 weeks thanks to its position closer to the mouthpiece and the dual-wicking system used in the device. Each replacement pack comes with 5 coils, so you’ll be covered for months ahead!
5 x Venture Series Coils
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This 5-pack of Venture Series coils is a highly economical way to restock your supplies and continue vaping with your Venture Series device. 

The top-coil design used in the Venture Series is what gives it such consistent performance and impressive durability. By warming the e liquid closer to the mouthpiece, vapour travels a shorter distance and is thus produced at a higher volume. All you’ll need is a short, strong pull to get plenty of vapour and more efficient vaping experience overall.

Because the coils of the Venture Series are not constantly submerged in a tank full of e liquid, there is a far lower chance of flooding and each coil can be used for longer. The average vaper should see anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks of high-quality vaping with each coil, at which point it can be switched for a fresh one.

Replacing the coil is easy and won’t take much of your time. First, pull the clearomiser out of the battery and use the coil release medallion to unscrew the coil base in a counter clockwise direction. Once separated, pull the coil base from the tank and use a dry cloth or alcohol swab to unscrew the coil from the clearomiser base and replace with a new coil, screwing it clockwise back into the base. Once complete, insert the coil base back into the tank and use the medallion to screw it firmly back into place. Reconnect the battery and you’re ready to go!

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Specifications 5 x Venture Series coils. Coil Components: Advanced resistant cotton, high grade PP plastic seals.

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Customer Reviews

"Good, but short-lived" Review by Robert
I do love these coils, but the 4-6 week recommendation is more like 2 weeks if you vape a lot. (Posted on 2/10/2016)
"Expensive but good" Review by Jimi oz
Coils work well, with no gurgling or heat build up and give good vapour.
Down side is if you change flavours the old one remains for quite a while depending on the flavour change order. (Posted on 1/04/2016)

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