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Thornleigh Vape Shop: Electronic Cigarettes & Vaping Supplies

Vaper Empire provides vapers in Thornleigh with access to high-end vaping products, including e-cigarettes and e-liquids. We carry a wide selection of premium vapes and nicotine liquids, which customers can purchase directly from our online vape shop through which we serve adult vapers in Sydney and the rest of New South Wales. To start shopping with Vaper Empire, visit our online store.

Thornleigh's Best Vape Shop

At Vaper Empire, we sell only the best vape kits and e-liquids. All of our products are designed to be easy to use, making it easy for smokers to make the switch over to vaping. For seasoned vapers, we provide a wide range of premium e-liquid flavours, all of which are available in varying nicotine strengths, including 0mg (nicotine-free) blends.

E-Juice Flavours

Choose between classic e-liquid flavours like Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry, and Strawberry with our Classic Collection or take a ride on the wild side with our Artisan Collection flavours, which include exotic e-juice flavours like Virginia Gold and Salvador's Siesta. Below you'll find a short list of just some of the exotic e-juice flavours that we offer:

  • Velvet Elvis
  • Twice on Sundae
  • Spring in Siberia
  • Ragtime Raconteur
  • Berry Chill
  • Freudian Slipper
  • Rhubarb & Custard
  • Virginia Gold
  • Old Port Royal
  • Red Lemonade
  • The Amazonian

You can browse our complete range of e-juice flavours here.

E-Cigarette Kits

For the best vape starter kits in Thornleigh, choose Vaper Empire. We carry top of the line vape kits that are well made and easy to use. Each kit is designed with a specific type of vaper in mind. For vapers that prefer large vape tanks and high-power batteries, we offer our Vibe Series, which touts a 4.5ml tank and a 2000mAh lithium battery. For the vaper that wants an e-cigarette that's reminiscent of a conventional cigarette, we offer our V-Pack II Series, which boasts a cigalike design and a portable charging case. And for the vapers that prefer to use vape pens, we offer a variety of models, including our adjustable V-Twist Series and our easy to use Vantage Series. You can browse all of our vape pens and e-cigarette kits on our vape store.

Vaping In Thornleigh

When it comes to vaping nicotine e-liquids in Thornleigh, there's only one name you need to remember: Vaper Empire. Since 2012, Vaper Empire has been serving customers in Thornleigh, New South Wales and across Sydney and the rest of Australia. Our wide range of premium vaping products, Australia-based customer service, expert advice, and fast shipping are just a few of the reasons why vapers across Australia turn to Vaper Empire for all their vaping needs.

Fast Shipping

At Vaper Empire, we understand that it's important for vapers in Australia to get their vaping products as fast as possible, which is why we partnered with DHL Express to express deliver all of our customers' orders.

Convenient Access

Our online vape store is open 24/7, making it easy for vapers in Sydney's Upper North Shore and Northern Suburbs to shop for vape supplies at any time of day or night. We're always open and we're always available to answer any questions that our customers might have.

Australia Customer Service

To reach our customer service department, call 1800 VAPERS (1800 827 377), use our live chat feature, or send us an e-mail at [email protected]. Our experts are ready to help you find the best vapes, vape juices, and vape accessories. So give us a call, send us an e-mail, or start chatting with us today to get started on your journey to finding the best vaping supplies in Thornleigh. Start shopping now. Click here to visit our store.

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