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VIGGO Series Vape Accessories

VIGGO Series accessories have arrived at Vaper Empire and are now available for purchase from our online vape store. Keep your VIGGO pod vape system up and running with the latest accessories.

We stock replacement vape batteries (VIGGO vaping devices), micro USB power cords, Australian USB wall adapters, and leather bound carry cases to hold all of your VIGGO vaping supplies and accessories.

The VIGGO Battery Charger For Fast USB Charging

The VIGGO pod vape system is powered by a rechargeable vape battery. The battery can be recharged using the micro USB power cable. In order to charge the battery through an electrical outlet, simply attach the power cable to the wall adapter. USB charging is fast and simple. Once plugged into the USB charger, the VIGGO battery recharges to full in just one hour.

Spare VIGGO Vaping Devices (Batteries)

With a spare battery, vapers can continue vaping without having to first recharge their device with the battery charger. Vaper Empire recommends purchasing at least one spare battery from our vaping store for added convenience when using VIGGO pod systems.

Leather Vape Cases

Our leather bound pouches are designed to carry all of your VIGGO pod vape supplies and accessories, making it easy to transport your pod vape system while keeping everything intact.

The VIGGO Series Pod Vape System

VIGGO is a pod vaping system made by Vaper Empire that's available in Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. With VIGGO, there's ever need to install a replacement coil or refill vape juice because the coil and the e-liquid are both contained within the vape pods that the VIGGO is designed to work with. VIGGOpods are available in multiple pod flavours and different nicotine strengths, including 3% and nicotine-free. Pods with nicotine contain nicotine salt eLiquid, which is specially formulated for superior absorption and improved throat hit.

Pod kits are available for customers who wish to buy their vape pods in bulk. We also sell VIGGO vape kits that include everything a vaper needs to vape with pods.

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