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Vibe Series

Vibe Series

Power & Performance

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  1. Vibe Series Deluxe Starter Kit in Black
    Includes Complete Device + 4 Bottles
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The Vibe: Power and Performance.

Let us introduce you to the Vaper Empire Vibe Series Device. You’ll marvel at the incredible all-round balance and performance of this beautifully engineered device, straight out of the box. The absolute ease of use, coupled with the ideally pre-set specifications makes the Vibe Series a truly impressive vaping device for beginners and experienced vapers, alike.

The perfect blend between simplistic use and highly generous output.

Any level of Vaper from first-time users to experienced aficionado’s will be suitably impressed by the big spec’s and beautiful balance of the Vibe Device. Check out some of standout features here:

  • Exquisitely balanced power and performance, designed for perfect, no-fuss vape delivery.
  • Mammoth 2000mAh battery – the largest in the Vaper Empire range.
  • Clearomiser Tank – includes replaceable coils and a huge 4.5ml tank.
  • Stylish and sturdy casing, built to take significant wear and tear.


Browse all Vibe starter kits and accessories right here.

At VE, we stock everything you’ll require to get going with your Vibe device and everything to keep you going as you enjoy your Vibe vaping journey. All our kits come stocked with the main device and required components (battery unit, clearomiser tank & charging cable), while the Deluxe Starter Kits also include 3 Classic Collection e-Liquids, 1 Artisan Collection e-Liquid, an elegant, PU leather carry case and USB wall adapter. When you’re ready to re-stock or add accessories, you’ll find replacement coils, replacement clearomiser tank, charger cables, USB adapters and a PU leather pouch close-at-hand here in our online store – Also choose from over 30 unique flavour experiences within our E-liquid collections. Find your favourite and stick to it or take your time to explore our broad range.

How to use your Vibe device

The Vibe Series Device literally could not be easier to use! As soon as you take the device from the box, it’s ready to go. Everyday use is as simple as activating the power button and inhaling to enjoy the myriad of Vaper Empire flavours. We recommend following the provided instructions for optimal use and upkeep though, once you receive your device, just fill your tank with your VE E-liquid, make sure the child-lock is off by pushing the power button (You can repeat the process to lock your device again) and off you go. The Vibe is compatible with all Classic Collection and Artisan Collection e-Liquids, to give you a massive range of flavours to enjoy. To fill your tank, unscrew the tank cap and remove, hold the device at a 45-degree and fill the tank, approximately ¾ full, replace the tank cap and your device is ready to vape. For average users, we suggest replacing the coils every four weeks for your ideal vaping experience. If you have any questions or suggestions, you’re welcome to contact our friendly customer service team through our contact page or by calling 1800 VAPERS (1800 827 377).