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Vibe Series accessories to cater for all of your Vaping needs

Here at Vaper Empire we always focus on providing the very best in quality e-cigarette products and e liquids. To make sure you have everything you need to get the very best out of your Vibe device we have a variety of accessories. Our online store contains everything from coils, tanks, batteries, charging cables and plug adapters as well as a carry case to hold all of your components. Get everything you need here at Vaper Empire.

The Vibe Tank

The huge 4.5ml tank and premium high-quality comes with all our Vibe starter kits. The outstanding vape production and flavour profile produced makes the Vibe tank a consistent performer. With its easy to use design and convenient large capacity the Tank is a fabulous choice.


The Vibe coil replacement set comes with 5 coils which allow for 2-3 months of high-quality vaping. The coil design with its large surface area and premium Japanese organic cotton means that each coil will last 2-3 weeks producing exceptional flavour. They are also very easy to insert and it takes only a matter of seconds to replace them.

Leather-bound carry case

The stylish leather-style carry case has been specifically designed to fit each and every Vaper Empire product. That means that its highly versatile and allows for not only the device but e liquids and cables. That means that it’s even easier to keep all your vape gear in one place.

USB adapter and charger cable

Need a spare adapter or charger? Keep your devices fully charged by ordering your spares online today. Chargers and cables come with all our Starter Kits, but if you need to get an extra then rest easy because here at Vaper Empire we have all the accessories you need.

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