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The Venture Series vapour pipe is a premium device, and proper maintenance is crucial for a consistently high standard of vaping. The intelligent design of the Venture Series clearomiser delivers top-notch performance, while the quality materials used help maximise the durability of each part. Spare clearomisers can be ordered to replace a lost one or to keep as an extra so that you can vape a second flavour before finishing your first tank. We have included guidelines below as to how often you should replace the coils in your device with a fresh one from our replacement packs.

Best practice for Venture Series devices

All Vaper Empire coils are manufactured to a high standard for maximum durability, and the Venture Series device uses an innovative design to further prolong the life of each coil. Coil degradation varies based on volume and frequency of use, but the average lifetime is usually between 3 and 4 weeks. To replace: remove the battery from the clearomiser, use the provided medallion to unscrew the clearomiser base from the clearomiser tank, unscrew the exposed coil using an alcohol swab or dry cloth, screw in a new coil, use the medallion to screw the base back into the tank and reattach the battery. Easy!

Before vaping, we recommend swirling or tilting the device a few times to help saturate the wicks and prevent a dry hit. When you use the device, we suggest holding it horizontally or upwards at a 45-degree angle to assist with wicking. You should also avoid letting the tank run dry while you use it – keep tabs on your e liquid and keep topping it up when possible for optimal maintenance.

Resupply whenever you need

Order spare clearomisers and replacement coils online at any time through Vaper Empire. We deliver anywhere in Australia!

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