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Coils and Clearomisers for the Vantage Series

The Vantage Series is renowned for reliable performance, and much of this reputation is pinned on the top-quality clearomisers it uses – in addition to the internal heating coil. If you normally use the V5 Series clearomiser and have lost or damaged your first one, simply order a replacement and we’ll ship it to your doorstep as soon as we can. It’s even a good idea to have one as a spare: not only because you’ll have a backup to use straight away if you lose the first one, but also because it means you can vape an extra flavour without waiting until your first two tanks have run out.

Replacing the coils in your Vantage

To ensure you are using your Vantage to its full potential, it’s important to replace the heating element when it begins to suffer from natural degradation. When using CE4 clearomisers, you will need to replace the entire clearomiser after 2-3 weeks or when you notice increased difficulty when inhaling or a minor degradation in the taste of the vapour produced when you use the device.

V5 clearomisers contain removable coils, which means you can replace the coil individually without needing to replace the entire component. These removable coils have a similar lifespan as the CE4 clearomisers, meaning they are best replaced every 2-3 weeks or when you notice degradation.

We manufacture only high-quality products, which allows our coils to deliver better vapour for longer. Order replacements online in packs that offer increased value for money and peace of mind for months ahead. 

Trust the experts in all things vaping

All our clearomisers and coils are available either in replacement packs or in our high-value Starter Packs, so it’s never been easier to enjoy hassle-free vaping without spending a fortune. We deliver our products all over Australia, so order today and let us take care of the rest.

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