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Experience Exceptional Vaping with the Vantage Series

The Vantage Series e-cig from Vaper Empire is a jack of all trades. It offers the perfect balance of style, simplicity and functionality within the one device, making it a fine choice for beginners and seasoned vapers alike. By choosing the Vantage, you are choosing a best-selling vapour pipe manufactured by a market leader.

A triumph in e-cigarette design

The beauty of the Vantage is its ability to combine the performance of high-end models with the discreet design of smaller devices. The 650mAh battery is the first of two major components in this device, offering plenty of power packed into a compact body. The Clearomiser comes in a black or chrome finish and contains a 1.6ml tank and replaceable coil for ample eliquid delivery and simple disassembly.

The Vantage has become a trusted e-cig design with a focus on ease of use, effortless style and genuine quality. We use durable materials to manufacture each device and subject each design to rigorous quality checks before its made available to you.

Select a Starter Kit or pick your accessories

Whether you are yet to buy your first e-cigarette or want to expand your existing collection of devices, Vaper Empire is the place to be.

Our Starter Kits and Deluxe Starter Kits offer high value for money by bundling all the essentials into one cost-effective package. Both kits include two devices, meaning you can easily switch between flavours at any time and continue to vape on one device when the other battery goes flat.

Our full range of Vantage products also includes clearomisers, batteries, coils, USB adapter, charger cable and a timeless pouch bound in leather. Remember to replace your coils every 2-3 weeks for the best possible vaping experience, and check out our blog for interesting tips!

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