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V-Twist Series

V-Twist Series

Slender & Sophisticated

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The V-Twist: Slender and Sophisticated

When it comes to class and control, it’s hard to beat the V-Twist. With variable voltage and intake adjustment packed into a sleek design, the V-Twist is all about individualising your vaping experience wherever your travels may take you. Discover distinction by browsing our range of V-Twist series starter kits and accessories today.

The most feature-rich design we offer

The added customisation of the V-Twist vaporiser makes it an excellent choice for intermediate vapers or beginners looking to jump straight into the high end of vaping. The device itself comprises:

  • 900mAh battery – the second largest in our range
  • Clearomiser (black or chrome) – includes replaceable coils and 1.7ml tank

To complement these major features, the V-Twist also includes:

  • Glass-tipped mouthpiece – as classy as it is comfortable
  • Air intake valve – more control every time you vape
  • Variable voltage – Adjust vapour production

Browse starter kits, accessories and spare components

At Vaper Empire, we stock everything you need to get started with the V-Twist and restock as needed. Our Starter Kits come packed with an e-cigarette device (battery and clearomiser), charger cable and USB adapter, while our Deluxe Starter Kits also include 3 Classic e-Liquids, 1 Artisan e-Liquid and an elegant, PU leather-bound pouch.

With V-Twist e-cigarettes available in chrome and black, it’s easy to choose a device that suits your style. We also stock spare 900mAh batteries in both colours, replacement coils, clearomisers, charger cables, USB adapters and a PU leather pouch – everything you need to continue getting the most out of your new V-Twist. Having a spare battery on hand is great for when the first one runs flat, and an extra clearomiser means you can change flavours more freely – no need to finish one off first.

How to use the V-Twist

The beauty of the V-Twist, along with all the other vapourisers available from Vaper Empire, is its simplicity. Despite the added customisation of this model, it’s a breeze to use. Hold down the main button to activate the heating element and start vaping, or press it five times to lock and unlock the battery from the device. Adjust airflow by twisting the external ring of the valve located at the base of the clearomiser, and vary the voltage between 3.2 and 4.8 using the dial at the base of the battery.

The V-Twist is compatible with all Classic and Artisan e-Liquids, giving you a huge range of flavours to try. To fill the tank, hold the device at a 45-degree angle with the clearomiser at the bottom and unscrew it from the base in an anti-clockwise direction. Keep it held at a 45-degree angle and use the e-Liquid dripper to fill the tank until it reaches two thirds full; screw the base back in and you are ready to start vaping again.

For the average vaper, we recommend replacing the coils every four weeks for the optimum vaping experience. If you need any help choosing a product, don’t hesitate to contact our team online or by calling 1800 VAPERS (1800 827 377).